Humanity’s Broken Heart

Almost everything disturbing that we see on our news right now comes back to colonisation. We have lived for thousands of years with the lie that the best civilisations are those built from a hierarchy with white men at the apex.

This week, the broken heart of humanity has the chance for healing.

Mars and Neptune in the Gate of Innocence

This week we have Mars lining up with Neptune in the Gate of Innocence (25), which will have a truly profound effect on humanity. Mars lines up with Neptune every year, but this time we have Mercury, the North Node and Chiron in the adjoining gate – the Gate of Shock (51). This is a massive wake up call, and shift in perception, to a number of important foundations of patriarchy and the colonising culture.

Original sin is a core belief of the Catholic Church and woven deep into western culture. You have to prove your deservability, ‘earn a living’. The Gate of Innocence (25) turns the idea of original sin on its head. Rather than being tainted by evil and in need of correcting, Gate 25 tells us we are born naturally good, kind and loving. 

Between now and 2026, when Saturn joins Neptune in Gate 25 we will see a lifting of a veil on the confected story that humans are naturally evil. The transition back to kindness and love has already begun, bringing with it another quite profound shift – the end of normalising ‘transactional’ relating. Imagine if each of the interactions you have with others every day was sincere, kind, authentic!

Mars Is Confused

You’ve probably heard the saying – when all you have is a hammer, everything is a nail. Mars is the warrior, and everywhere a warrior looks he sees an enemy to be conquered. But warrior Mars gets very confused by watery Neptune. It’s as if he has wandered into a hall of mirrors. His enemy shape-shifts, sometimes reflecting his own image back to him. Is he a victim or perpetrator? Is he a lover or fighter? 

When Mars and Neptune are hanging out together they can be impatient with weakness. But lurking underneath is a fear of the dissolution of our own strength. Warrior Mars does his best, but Neptune is always there, threatening to dissolve all his efforts. Unable to express anger, unable to protect himself, there are two ways to go. 

The first is to turn and courageously face his own insecurity, not-knowing, hurt and sensitivity. This opens the way for a more sensitive capacity for compassion, and a more imagination ability to find new solutions.

The second option can create a cosplay version of Mars, who believes that in order to protect the innocent, we must draw on our warrior nature. Nothing wrong with that idea. However, where it goes horribly wrong is in its inability to feel the innocence within. In this confused state it projects its own pain onto others, and dehumanises those who it believes are the perpetrators. This is our hall of mirrors, and it’s why it is so difficult to cut through, when the need to protect that inner wounded part is so strong.

Victims, Perpetrators and the Loss of Paradise

We can see the way this plays out through generations by looking at the horror of how Israel has turned around the Holocaust, recreating it with themselves as victim in both the original and this ghastly new version in Gaza. Hall of mirrors! We can see it in the UK, in a certain group who feel victimised by the loss of empire and the importance it brought them.

Last week we had Jupiter (higher learning) meet up with Uranus (rebellion), and we saw students standing against continued support for the genocide in Palestine. I was just watching students being removed from campus by NYPD. This planetary conjunction came close on the heels of an eclipse that passed right over the USA, and the protests are likely to have a long term influence. Next week I’ll be writing about the Nodes shifting into Gates 21 and 48, and what they tell us about the issue of safety. Who’s safety is most important? What priorities do those in authority have? Where does the money flow? Where does the power flow?

The conflict in Palestine is only one of many examples of transgenerational trauma from colonisation, and recognising this is also part of our decolonisation process. There were 110 million refugees in 2023. Most came from Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Latin America and the Caribbean nations, Myanmar, Somalia, Sudan and Ukraine. 30 million people are in imminent danger of starvation, most of them in Yemen, South Sudan, Burkina Faso and Mali. The reasons are mostly war, inequality and climate change. All three are symptoms of colonisation.

How do we protect the innocent? Either out there, or within ourselves? It’s as if Neptune turns off our ability to use our own anger in effective ways. We cry out – look there, someone do something!

Demons and Angels: Neptune’s Duality

Neptune comes closer to duality than any other planet – demons and angels, heaven and hell. You are pure enough to be saved, or you live in damnation. Neptune is our longing for paradise, but right at this moment he has the pathway mapped out all wrong. We have traded love of this world for a pocket full of coins and a messiah. As Neptune moves into Aries, through Gate 25, the nature of spirituality will change on this planet.

These situations cannot be solved by dividing the players into Neptune’s triangle of perpetrator, victim and rescuer. Without knowing it, we have also split ourselves in the same ways – angel or demon? Perpetrator, victim or rescuer?

Neptune raises the vibration of anything it touches. This week it shifts our perception – the perpetrator is almost always also an innocent. We can’t rescue innocence if we only see half of the picture, and miss the brutality that is part of the system, busy creating even more perpetrators.

We can’t make our way to paradise by trying to control the evil in ourselves (clue, it’s confected) or by thinking we can control the evil out there by using more control. Right now, it’s about opening to compassion, recognising that humanity’s heart is broken and it’s time to take action to heal it.

Just on a personal level, I’ve been talking over the past few days to people who are feeling strangely confused. They can’t quite identify what’s wrong. It’s this Mars-Neptune thing. It is triggering the places where we have been unable to take effective and principled action to protect the most sensitive and innocent parts of ourselves. The best thing to do right now is to notice our sensitivity, the beautiful subtle feelings of innocence. And to also notice how we feel incapable of even imagining how that part can be in the world.

Finding Each Other in This World

On 3 May, Jupiter will shift from the Gate of Splitting Apart (23) and into the Gate of Holding Together – Contribution (8). Uranus will shift to Gate 8 on 7 June, and although Jupiter will have moved on by then, the energy of both planets in this gate is profound.

Many of you will know this gate – The Gate of Holding Together (8) – as being the marketing manager who recognises the creative work of others. Or as the unique contribution of the expression of individuality.

For me, author Jeanette Winterson describes this gate perfectly in her book Lighthousekeepingthe world was made so that we could find each other in it.

Like the Gate of Innocence (25), the Gate of Holding Together (8) is about the ways in which we love each other. But while Gate 25 is content to bask in the love, Gate 8 uses it to create allies, networks, communities – all based on the common good. It is about the ways in which these connections support everyone to thrive. There’s another aspect of the Gate of Holding Together that brings some hope, and why I believe the student protests will have a real and lasting impact. It comes from the unstoppable power of a group who’s sole purpose is the common good, loving and caring for others, and compassionately standing for innocence.

On 3 May the Sun will move into Gate 2, and the Earth will be in Gate 1. Which means Jupiter in 8 and the Earth in 1 will create a channel connecting the G Centre and the Throat.

These two Centres correspond to the Heart Chakra, and the channel between them reawakens us to the experience of spirit infusing our physical world, and how love guides us on our own unique journey.

With the Sun passing over the Magnetic Monopole in Gate 2 – which it does every year about this time – we feel a shift in how we anchor our individuality into our space-time reality. In other words, our soul geometry gets an upgrade. We have to come back to the quality of infinite love to find our way. Jupiter is making sure we get an expanded sense of what creative activity (gate 1) we are here to contribute. And it’s likely to bring a sense of – get on with it!!

It’s Time For Some Blessings!!

Here’s some big news. Chiron shifts out of the Gate of Shock this week! Hurrah! It moves into Gate 42, which is the Gate of Increase – what would you do if you knew you were blessed? Mercury will join Chiron in that gate on 7 May. This is a potent time to make the greatest possible use of your gifts. Think big, Jupiter’s here to help! This is just the starting point, but you can probably see the emerging shape of what’s to come.

These blessings come from a higher version of yourself, released into the world via that Mars-Neptune conjunction I talked about. You can’t carry the burdens of the past with you. There is a lot of baggage that needs to be left behind. It might be possessions, people, jobs, homes. It might be ideas about your own limitations. It might be responsibilities you’ve taken on, most likely based on family conditioning.

This week’s a great time to do a stocktake of anything that’s past its use by date.

Venus is in the Gate of Nourishment (27) and making a channel with the lovely and powerful Haumea.

One important aspect of Haumea is her ability to completely remake herself. Pluto reminds us that we can’t have change without leaving something behind. Venus reminds us (in gate 27) that we can’t flourish without nourishment. So pay attention to your personal ecosystem. Nourishment is more than what you eat. It includes everything in your life that sustains you, physical, social, emotional, intellectual spiritual. These things not only sustain you, but they also shape you, they enter into the circulation of your daily life. They form part of your giving and receiving. Pay attention this week to what you are trying to digest, and what feels like it is no longer appetising.

Safety, sensitivity, and inclusion are all on the agenda this week. Recognising the parts of you that you may have been demonising and fighting against. Recognising the things in your life that are no longer nourishing and no longer need to be included. It’s a lot and if you feel overwhelmed, confused, tired, then rest. On the other hand, Jupiter brings so much energy to create. So maybe a creative retreat would do the trick!

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14 thoughts on “Humanity’s Broken Heart

    1. This addresses SO much of what I have been experiencing, even elucidating my observations of life at present. I get sighs of truth through my heart, tears of grief, and recognition of my deepest beliefs long hidden. Thank you Kim 🙏🏽❣️💫

  1. deeply touching – reaching parts that have been frozen and infusing them with healing flow. love to you dear Kim and everyone

  2. Thank you so much Kim. This is so soothing and explaining for what I am going through at the moment 💜

  3. Thank you Kim for the deep insights.. I really like the way you put things into perspective and how you infuse all this with your unique and optimistic view…

    1. Someone once told me I’m the most optimistic person they know. Maybe not so much these days!! But I always feel there must be a positive purpose to everything.

  4. Opening to compassion, resonates.

    I ordered her book in the library, can’t wait.

    There is so much information I cannot process it al at once, I will come back to read it again and find new insights.

    Love Maaike

    1. Maaike you are in for a treat! I find Jeanette Winterson’s writing so wonderful, when I’m reading I keep jumping up and pacing around trying to take it in! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

  5. Thank you Kim – as always, so eloquent, so accessible, and so very relevant! Recent transits have really slammed so many people – I have found myself supporting several people who are navigating really major life challenges at the moment. It is so helpful to have these perspectives about what is happening in the programme. Often your words help me to find the right words to offer in support of the people around me when they are struggling to make sense of what they are experiencing. (I guess it has helped that I have the 59-6 channel in my design, too!). Thank you so much again – you are such a treasure! <3

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