If not this, then what?

Ceres, Pallas, Vesta and Persephone turn up powerfully this week to change the very nature of the global narrative. ​

We sit in a moment of bifurcation, where HOW we do change is just as important as the change itself.

We have to see WHAT we want to change – if not this, then what? And then we have to find new ways to engage with that change. We have to start turning up on our own behalf, not waiting for the messiah, who really has turned out to be just a naughty boy, to save us.

Much of the first steps of change involve personal inner work, becoming the person who will create the new. There’s always beautiful interplay between outer events triggering personal change and inner intention creating external shift. We are seeing that happening right now. You are likely experiencing an intention for change within yourself triggered by the external imperatives.

Watching the Wall of Moms in Portland made me cry. One quote in particular – what else could we do? – really moved me. What indeed.

Norma Lewis holds a flower while forming a “wall of moms” during a Black Lives Matter protest on Monday, July 20, 2020, in Portland, Ore. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

Overcoming the mythology of despair

Our entire western democratic culture is based on the end -times, on the idea that we are winding down towards some inevitable cataclysmic completion point. We are all just waiting to be rescued, by the messiah, or our government, or some kind of white man/hero. It’s a particularly patriarchal view of life. That life is a straight line and death is the end. The struggle is more noble because of the heroic effort to overcome doom.

Every other mythological narrative is based on cycles of time, on the ongoing spiral of creating a greater sense of order out of the chaos of the old and complete.

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This type of thinking keeps us from noticing what’s important, because it all seems to be evidence of the end times and best avoided lest we are overcome by despair. When really, its just that something in our world is out of balance and needs a minor tweak.

I’ve been reading these 2 sobering reports on Surviving and Thriving in 21st Century and ProPublica’s Where Will Everyone Go?

It’s tempting not to read these things. But, if we don’t know what’s going on we can’t create something better. This next few months is all about seeing the problems and finding solutions.

You are part of a Global Immune System

We are all part of a Global Immune System. Which means we have a natural alertness to threats, but as individuals we don’t have to take on every woe and foe by ourselves.

global immune system

Each of us has a natural environment of lived experience and it’s really all we need to pay attention to. I suspect many of us are in overwhelm at all that seems to be going wrong in our world right now. By avoiding evidence of the end-times we have brought ourselves here. But we can’t use the mythology of despair to guide us forward.

The global immune system tells us one simple thing – pay attention to your unique individual field. That is what you naturally care about, authentically engage with, effortlessly transform. What if you could relax into your own experience of life and not have to be constantly vigilant about danger elsewhere, because you had complete trust that others were looking after their local patch, just as you are?

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The global immune system doesn’t mean you pretend nothing bad is happening, but that you only have to watch out for your patch of heaven-on-earth. Which may be collecting food for refugees, or building earth frequency grids, or drinking cups of tea and watching the sunset. Or using leaf blowers to push back tear gas on the streets of Portland.

What the global immune system isn’t – avoiding the news out of fear and then pretending everything is okay while being overwhelmed by existential dread.

Just nourish your own patch!

On 27th July 2020, Jupiter will shift into the Gate of the Marrying Maiden. I’ve written about it here. This is a new (old) way to do change, a step by step collective effort that sees clearly and doesn’t seek to be rescued.

As we shift into that powerful activation, the Goddess Planets – Ceres, Vesta and Pallas – are bringing us home to a new world. And Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, is turning up because, who wants to miss a party!

Ceres – bringing the shift

Ceres is a powerhouse, and she’s doing some very heavy lifting at the moment. In the Gate of Transition, called Almost Across (64), Ceres joins with the nasty Nessus and the “unnatural woman” Medea to shift us into a more powerful aspect of the feminine that doesn’t define itself through its wounds at the hands of the patriarchy.

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This is a gate of intention. We have made a choice that things will be different. We know why, but not yet how. And that’s okay. We’ll explore the new terrain and find our way. One thing that has to happen – we have to clear out any old patterns that threaten to pull us back. This is about getting mentally clear, sorting out the old from the new, looking around for inspiration about what’s to come.


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Rather than keeping us locked in the old cycles of keeping the gods happy, Ceres brings us into a deeper relationship with our own cycle of divine growth. She brings us into relationship with something beyond culture and religion, the hidden dimensions of creation opening via the new dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt beyond Pluto.

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These outer planets shift the way we do change. If we keep letting things get to crisis point before we act we will be extinct soon enough. As we become more sensitive to what doesn’t feel right, within our own patch of the global immune system, we are able to respond to each moment as a blessing of growth – we know what to release and what to create moment-by-moment.

Change is happening, and will continue to happen, faster than our old systems can manage. The Matrix of Brilliance was built for this – rapid deployment of change in each hub of the system. If you’re holding onto old patterns because you are overwhelmed by what’s happening elsewhere, where’s the good in that?

We are living in the end times of linear thinking, returning to the cycles Ceres taught us about, the natural divine cycles. If we live in straight lines we can never come to the harvest, there’s never a time to stop and celebrate life along the way. We see nature as resource rather than source and our bodies trudge rather than dance.

Image: alma de melana cox

Vesta – managing the sacred household

Vesta is in Gate 62 with Chiron, and is also in a complementary position with Pluto and Jupiter, so, very busy!

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Vesta represents the vital force at the root of the life of the community, the place where everyday life touches the sacred. This gate is about making transitions by paying attention to what’s around you, always responding and adjusting, being down to earth.

The word ecology is from the Greek oikos, and means proper management of the household. Our household is clearly in disarray and Vesta calls us to find what’s really important, and to tend it. We have to make changes to the way our ‘common-wealth’ is managed, our resources allocated, our input valued.

Vesta in Gate 62 is about making each of your steps on Earth sacred. Not in a way that removes you from earthly reality, quite the opposite. The Vestal Virgins were pragmatists, realists. We must be that too.


Pallas is in Gate 54, where she will be joined on 27th July by Jupiter. But even now, she is making a channel with dwarf planet Haumea. This is a gate about making preparations for a major shift. The shift happens suddenly, but we know it’s coming and we have time to get ready.

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One of the interesting things about the coronavirus is that the experts knew it was coming. We see the same with climate change. Eris is part of this dynamic as well, and she informs us about hidden motivations and machinations. Those who believe they are benefiting from this crisis are opportunists, cunning rather than intelligent, with no long-term goals and little humanity. They have one profound skill, to convince us that they alone can save us. That time in human history is ending.

We are about to save ourselves, and Pallas – the strategist, the warrior, the daughter-mascot of the patriarchy – is returned to her senses and using her gifts for the greater good.

Pallas will be exactly conjunct Pluto on 13th November 2020. This is just days after the next US election and is likely to be tumultuous, a kind of scrambling time. This shift is what we are preparing for now.

If you are a member of Taraka you can view the chart here. Or click the link and sign up for your free account to have access.

Pallas is all about the delusion of the patriarchy, wanting to be seen as doing good, while paradoxically having so much compulsion for casual but deadly selfishness. The daughters of the patriarchy are awakening now.

As I write this, the asteroid Metis is conjunct the Sun in the Gate of Influence. Metis was the unnamed mother of the supposedly motherless Pallas Athene. We do have our roots in the ancient wisdom and power of the creatrix, and we are waking up to just how powerful she is. Today, Metis brings us a new kind of destination for humanity.

An evolutionary initiation

Mars has just shifted into the Gate of Shock as I write this. Birthplace of dwarf planet Eris, this gate wakes us up to what is important, and what we can leave behind us.

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Persephone is in the adjoining Gate 25, with wise words. Don’t try to treat the problem directly, you will only make it worse. Interfering with nature is what got us here. We need to learn to work with her, to learn from her rather than try to get control.

Choose well-being, happiness, engagement with life. Your body holds a solution that you don’t yet know about, allow the natural processes to resolve the problem. Your part is to allow the shock of Mars in Gate 51 to guide you to the natural process of recovery and not get caught up in futile groundless and delusional thinking (that’s not a judgement on you, but a quote from the I Ching!).

We must begin to see what we have been blinded to. Because that is our pathway to the new, to solutions that arise from life repairing herself.

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10 thoughts on “If not this, then what?

  1. ”We must begin to see what we have been blind(ed) to.

    What if this is the only change required, and already being worked on by nature/life?

    That would mean that – borrowing something you mentioned here – because of our linear thinking, we THOUGHT we were living in straight lines… never able to see the curved and creatrix lives we lived (and live) in, and as nature… that the reality of ‘problem-infested’ world we see is a function of our discrete, broken seeing (which is changing), and… the problem-world is a partial, discontinuous broken-in-between, view of true reality…

    your article opened up… lighted up… gaps… and in a way healed-sealed them (for me) with alternate possibilities.

    many things are coming up thanks to this post, and am feeling a desperation to talk with you. 😝

  2. Hi Kim, I have only just discovered you via Richard Rudd, thank you for this newsletter it is full of interesting content..I have Ceres conjunct my Leo Ascendant so I’m now understanding this placement more ❤️

    1. Hi Britt, welcome! Did you get to read the Ceres article? She is an absolutely powerful ally at the moment. On your ascendant, very significant.

  3. Hi Kim, thank you so much for this. I woke feeling a little bereft and somehow understand why now. Even though I’m letting go of all the colonized habits of thought and being, sometimes I just can’t see them… then life brings your words and breath and my body and caring for my patch once more. And the old gods’ doubts dissolve from my heart!

    I’ve been exploring my curiosity about Global Immunity and didn’t know you’d written something. Putting a coffee on and off to explore your insights.

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