Inner Authority in Human Design

The Human Design System brings a major shift in self-awareness. This is not about becoming more aware, it’s about recognising aspects of self that have lain dormant waiting for this moment to awaken and shift the direction of human evolution.

We call this your Inner Authority. In a time when society and culture is breaking down, we need to anchor into something that can guide us towards new sustainable ways for humanity to live. This means you have to make a different kind of decision. Instead of looking out there to figure out what to do, you can learn to recognise what is reliable within you.

In the original Human Design revelation there were no specific types of Inner Authority. Like Type, the so-called ‘Hierarchy of Authority’ is a teaching tool that was developed to try to make Human Design easier to understand. When you are looking at your chart, it’s best to remember that you have a unique way to make decisions, and that there are ‘shortcuts’ to help you understand them. These shortcuts – like gate keywords, Type and Authority – are useful but not the complete picture.

How do you work out your own Inner Authority?

There are three Awareness Centres in Human Design that give a constant and reliable source of decision-making when they are defined.

Emotional Authority – if your Solar Plexus Centre is defined you are someone who can always take more time to make even the most minor of decisions. Experiment with how it feels when you have ’emotional clarity’ – when you feel clear about your decision rather than over-excited or avoidant.

Sacral Authority – if your Sacral Centre is defined you have a powerful motor – your ‘gut instinct’ – that is always telling you where your energy wants to flow. If you are not operating ‘in response’ you cannot know what is correct for you. Take a moment to think about how profound that is – you are here to live a life in response. More here: What’s Wrong with Waiting

Splenic Authority – if you have a defined Spleen Centre you are designed to be spontaneous. Your first instantaneous response is the most reliable and if you wait to ‘think things over’ you are over-riding your own instinctive truth. More here: How Susan Got Her Wires Crossed

There are four more less common Authority Types. These only apply if you don’t have definition in any of the three centres I mentioned above.

Ego Authority – if you have a defined Heart/Will Centre (the small red triangle), you are designed to speak and act from your willfulness. This is a tribal energy, and your voice carries the energy of both the community you care about, and your own need to be a leader of that community. If you have trouble connecting to this willfulness, imagine you are 2 years old, stamping your foot and demanding to have your own way! You have the will to do or say, or you don’t.

Self-Projected Authority – the G Centre connecting to the Throat, this is a projected authority. The strategy is to talk things over with others, not to get their advice, but simply to be able to hear what you say from your ‘heart’. When asked for advice you are a source of profound loving wisdom.

Mental Projected Authority – you are so open to the energies and can be so easily overwhelmed! Your mind can be best used to pay attention to what your body is sensitive to, what you feel from the environment in all it’s forms. Like those with Self-Projected Authority, you need to talk things over, not to get advice but to hear your own thoughts out loud.

Lunar Authority – you are a Reflector, someone with no Centres defined. You can be healthy by recognising your own capacity to amplify any environment you are in. Learn to pay attention to when you feel uncomfortable, and validate that knowing even when it may be difficult to articulate. Because only 1% of people are Reflectors, your experience of life is not readily apparent to others! You need to allow yourself a lot of time to make decisions.

It’s important to experiment with these new ways of decision-making. Your mind tends to think it has everything under control and isn’t too excited to do things differently. It can take a while for you to really crack open your old patterns and discover that there is a whole different person sitting inside who you thought you were. Be patient, and get to know this new way of being you.

I'm Kim Gould, founder of Love Your Design. I have been innovating and taking Human Design to the next level since 2003.

Beyond Type and Strategy, beyond the keywords and rigid rules, there are Asteroids, Dwarf Planets, Multidimensional Human Design and Holographic Human Design to explore. Come join me!

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4 thoughts on “Inner Authority in Human Design

  1. I’ve found that as a splenic person there is a difference between being spontaneous versus being impulsive (or compulsive). If you are responding from pressure from an open root, might act impulsively to get rid of that pressure. I think most of the time when we worry about making a decision to fast, and it is a decision that wasn’t correct for us splenically, it was from a the not-self theme of an open center.

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