It’s time to imagine – Jupiter in the Channel of Transformation

This week’s Sun and Earth activations are paving the way for a major breakthrough, and it’s nearly upon us.

On 27th July, the planet of good fortune, Jupiter, will complete a journey it began with Pluto back in 2015, when they were activating the Channel of Transformation. It’s all about transforming the darker side of humanity, through discovering a new superpower – the power to create outcomes when we don’t have direct influence in events.

Jupiter will move into the Channel of Transformation on 27th July 2020

Jupiter will be in Gate 54 from 27th July till 30th October 2020, when it will rejoin Pluto and Saturn in Gate 61, bringing a whole new reality to humanity.

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Jupiter brings new opportunity. You can probably already feel the energy building, a sense of purpose arising. This is a time when many people will get a new mission, will meet the people, have the ideas, get the breakthroughs.

The Channel of Transformation

This channel has a symbiotic relationship with the Channel of Maturation. Together they create an Incarnation Cross of Cycles and Ambition. These two energies have been quietly transforming your own life, and the consciousness of humanity, since 2015. And now Jupiter will bring that part of our cycle to a close.

These two channels are about breaking through the existing limits of growth and creating a new culture that supports and sustains us. We are gradually becoming people who can create a new kind of home, something more caring and sustainable. This is not a direct journey, but a circling, where our daily life carries us through the change in an active creative process that is more feminine that what we have been accustomed to.

These few months – July to October 2020 – are likely to be chaotic. You may feel overwhelmed at times by the darkness. But there is purpose to this time. And it is all about reconnecting you to your conscious use of creative power.

The main energetic structure shifting during this time is the core wound of religion – the unrelenting nature of original sin.

Original Sin

Christian religion has a belief that children are born evil and must be corrected. I mean, seriously. That’s a thing. It’s called original sin. It means we are inherently bad BECAUSE we won’t do what god wants us to do. Original sin is basically calling out your disobedience to a higher power.

This notion is deep within our cultural DNA, making us always wrong unless we are doing as we are told. There is a deeply embedded fear that we have evil within us that will wreak havoc if we cut lose from doing as we are told.

Which suits those who want to keep us doing for them, rather than ourselves. And those who want to use their power for evil without contest from all the nice people. This is a capture of human creative vitality that is about to break wide open. On the other side is the clear and conscious knowing that YOU are the higher power, and you can never be disobedient to yourself.

There is a fundamental realisation dawning upon humanity. The old gods, based on the Greek and Roman pantheon, do not have humanity’s best interests at heart. They are out for themselves and don’t want us to know – without us they would be nothing. And not just GOD, but those who use the mostly invisible doctrine of headship to trigger our DNA around human hierarchies – I am closer to god (being man, being white, being rich) than you and so you must do my bidding because I will take care of you.

This is an important thread in the shifting weave of humanity’s journey out of the old tribal consciousness and into the Matrix of Brilliance. Our relationships of caring are shifting.

Let’s look at some minor planets that are playing out in this dynamic.

When evil becomes visible

When Pluto and Jupiter were in the Channel of Transformation I wrote about how all the evils of humanity – dark power, dark money, dark religion – were about to come bubbling up to the surface. Since then we’ve seen more than our share of evil, as it becomes increasingly visible.

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I’ll start with the darker energies and work up to the light.

Ixion and Pholus are two very slow moving minor planets that have been hovering around the Galactic Centre for a few years now. Right now they are sitting with the South Node in Gate 10, where they are teaching us about the power of personal integrity. Not just a kind of moral integrity, but a coherence of form with substance, of soul purpose with lived experience. This is a dangerous place to live from, as we challenge the status quo, and this is where Ixion and Pholus come in.

Ixion – the unforgiven

Ixion is an outsider who becomes an outcast because of the projection of all the other’s evil onto him. He is the unforgiven aspect of humanity, what we do not want to see. He represents the notion of original sin.

We can be manipulated if we believe we are inherently bad or wrong. Because it’s not that we are evil, but that we have been taught we have evil within us, and the suppression of that makes us susceptible to the evil of others.

Just a quick note about Makemake here. A dwarf planet transiting in Gate 18 – correcting DNA patterning – Makemake is about how the dominant story always comes from the victors. The suppressed story belongs to the marginal, the unseen, the most vulnerable.

Makemake is in a synergy with Chiron in Gate 17 just now, so we are seeing things like #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo, as well as the toppling of statues.

Pholus – the unstoppable

Pholus is the poster child for fractals – small cause, big effect! He has a kind of sliding door effect: that moment that changes everything. The first person to enter the country with covid-19, the election of Donald Trump, the day you first set eyes on your beloved. After that moment you have no control over circumstances, they are unpredictable, cannot be stopped and they choose their own trajectory. All you can do is flow with them.

Pholus is about rapid transformation, he brings things to the surface that would have stayed hidden in an alternative reality. Pholus lets the cat out of the bag and in the ensuing chaos truth comes to the surface.

Eris – chaos and crisis

Eris is in a long-term transit in Gate 42, which means she will be very active whilst Jupiter is in Gate 54 from July through October 2020. Eris is the thunder that shakes your world, bringing to light the hidden causes of chaos and crisis. Whilst she is often blamed for these outcomes, she is only the catalyst, revealing what some seek to keep invisible for their own purposes. Eris is the nemesis of fake news, she will bring the truth to the surface.

Eris is so very important to us just now. In the Gate of Increase and Blessings, she shows us how to break out of the old limit cycle and into a new era of prosperity. Not more of the same, but a higher dimensional version. She brings the power to work with true chaos and not the manufactured fear of chaos, to create an entirely new system that sustains and supports us all.

Eris rules hacking. Julian Assange has Eris conjunct his Personality Sun. Expect information to be released that will cause a crisis. Eris and Pholus working as a team have the capacity to make things very uncomfortable for those who are not accustomed to being held to account.

Haumea – we are nature

Haumea is the creator goddess of Hawaii, and represents a whole new system of culture and society. She has spent years moving back and forward between Gates 32 and 50. Both gates are about transforming the old into the new in gradual ways. By weaving more and more of what you value into your daily life, you create permanent and lasting change.

Haumea is the midwife of a new universal culture which recognises that nature and human consciousness are the same thing. If we are not embedded in nature we are, by definition, unconscious.

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Arrokath – the hopeful

Minor planet Arrokath is in Gate 54 line 3 during this period, so will be working with Jupiter. According to Philip Sedgwick, Arrokath says: go for awe and inspiration. Go for hopefulness. Go for unlimited vision and perceptions that provide progress and evolution.

What do you want to create?

The key to this time is to notice what’s not right, and use that as what Abraham Hicks would call contrast. Ask yourself – if not this, then what? What would I prefer?

This is a time of flowering of human imagination. You can’t create a new world without imagining things that don’t currently exist. So start dreaming!

You don’t have to go out and make things happen. You don’t have to create change. Change is the currency of these times and already exists in abundance. Your role is to channel the flow of change. And you do that by weaving into your life, day by day, the changes YOU want, the new ways only YOU can imagine.

It’s time for us to create a new kind of home.

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Dreaming of 2027

In 2027 Pluto will shift into Gate 41 – the Gate of Fantasy. It’s only a fantasy if we can’t make it real, otherwise its a dream that becomes a lived experience. 2027 is opening a portal to a new kind of imagination. It’s time to let yourself dream of an amazing new world.


27 July 2020 – Jupiter enters the Channel of Transformation in Gate 54. Mercury is there too, from 27th to 30th July. They make a channel with Haumea in Gate 32.

7th August 2020 – Mars enters the Gate of Increase, Gate 42, joining Eris. Mars will be retrograde from 10th September till 13th November. It spends the entire retrograde period with Eris in the Gate of Increase, and in the Gate of Shock. Expect chaos and crisis.

23rd August 2020 – Venus is in Gate 53, making a channel with Mars and Eris. Venus settles things down and attracts new circumstances and people. This will be a powerful time of new connections, like threads weaving together within the matrix of brilliance.

24th August 2020 – Saturn goes into Gate 61.

10th September 2020 – Mars retrograde in Gate 42 with Eris.

20th September 2020 – Mercury shifts into Gate 32, with Haumea, making a channel with Jupiter in the 54. Jupiter will be conjunct Arrokath in line 3 during this time. Expect miracles, hope, expansion, a doorway through to the other side.

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12 thoughts on “It’s time to imagine – Jupiter in the Channel of Transformation

  1. This was a much needed reminder and a double shot of HOPE at a time when the world needs it – thank you Kim – keeping mindful of what we want to create personally & globally as a way to naviagte through the coming year is an easy way to come out of all this change as better person & open the doors to a better WORLD for all of us. It a small thing, and yet its always the small things we can easily overlook when times get chaotic. I’ll be holding that phrase in mind: “Ask yourself – if not this, then what? What would I prefer?” and use that as my spring board into my meditations as well as throughout my day to re-set my mental theromstat as needed.

    1. Adrienne, I am so looking forward to your series of small imaginings weaving into a big picture that shows a lot of people *if not this, then what?* ♡♡♡

  2. If not this, then what like Abraham Hicks “ What would I rather have instead”. Been living this since the 1980s.

  3. I had a realisation about original sin the other week. My feeling is that the concept was based on a truth – one that had been hijacked and distorted so horribly by the church. Distorted not only to ensure power over us, but to all so ensure that we did not seek the real potential for growth laying there. I believe that original sin is based on the fact that we carry the trauma of our ancestors in our DNA. What the concept of original sin does, is take away our innate ability (and responsibility) to recognise this trauma we carry, to sit with the pain and grief in our bodies, transforming and integrating it into growth – our evolution. So the church turned a great gift and potential we had on its head, to keep us down. Until now! `of course this is only my feeling, what do others feel 😊

    1. Like so much else, they created the false paradox rather than the true one! I’ve been wondering if its just our western culture that lays down trauma generation after generation, getting more and more insane. Most indigenous cultures lived tens of thousands of years without that kind of trauma, till the colonisers turned up. Perhaps that’s what Haumea is trying to return us to, the culture re-embedded in nature that doesn’t store and pass on trauma.


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