Joining Nature’s Dance

mother nature's dancebyadelaidaJust as Pluto tips himself over into the Gate of Opposition tomorrow (6th January 2013),  he meets up exactly with Mercury.  That seems quite friendly, and not particularly oppositional to me!  Also, the Moon is there as well, in the Spleen Centre and completing the channel, in the Gate of The Great Exceeding (28).  When we react and rush, we lose the plot.  And not just any plot, but the precious thread of our own story.

This is a channel that calls us to adventure and challenge, not hard ongoing struggle.  If you find yourself struggling, you may have confused someone else’s challenge for your own!

Hds Chart

The Spleen represents the body’s intelligence in Human Design, and to find the Moon with such planetary company indicates a moment in time when we open up to some deep and transformative truth about what’s really going on with our bodies.  The Moon also represents the body and it’s cycles.  What hidden life is your body living, right under your nose?   It may be happening under your conscious awareness, but tomorrow Mercury and Pluto want you to really feel it.  Where might you be overwhelmed and out of balance? Where might you have shut down the joy and held on instead to the struggle?

Just across the Root Centre, in the Gate of Obstruction (39), is the centaur Cyllarus.  He represents a loss of our ability to act on our own behalf.  At the core of this inability is our disconnection from the sensual and aesthetic pleasures of life.  Why be in a body if its pleasures are forbidden?  (I’m sure that question has arisen before!)  What are your five senses telling about your experiences?  How can this bring your body back to life?  And, very importantly, how has this forbidden life prevented you from truly connecting with your loved ones, family, friends, partners.  What repression might it have caused?

PanSaturn is also in the Spleen Centre and there is an aspect of his demeanor that says … don’t go letting yourself get out of hand! Who knows what terrible things might come of dancing in the moonlight, singing lustily into the wind, making love at noon?  In the Gate of Coming to Meet (44), Saturn’s home just now, the bold feminine aspect of our being might get out of hand …. but, out of who’s hand?  The old version of Saturn may not like it, but his other face, Pan, peeks out from behind a tree and decides to join in the fun!

Both Pan and Vesta will join Jupiter in the Gate of Enthusiasm during January.  Pan is a nature god, known for his lusty ways.  It’s thought that he was the prototype for the christian devil.  Vesta originates from the Vestal Virgins, those who kept the sacred alive in everyday life.  If the Vestal flame splutters out in our lives we have no passion to guide us.  During January and February, Jupiter asks us to explore what our bodies might be enthusiastic for.  What sacred engagement do we crave with nature?

If we are alive to each moment and the natural connection that brings, how may that change our lives?   Birdsong, a breeze on the skin, the smell of dinner cooking.  How often do we really bring our attention to these simple yet powerful aspects of our lives?  This is the world our body lives in.

Back to Pluto in the Root Centre.  Carolyn Myss talks about the Root or Base Chakra as a place where we are conditioned into the ways of our tribe – our family or community.  The fear of being thrust out into the darkness alone is so great that many of us are unaware of how deeply we have internalised this conditioning.  It puts us to work for the good of all,  but who that all might be is not really clear.  And yet, despite everything, here we all stand at the gate, looking out at the fields beyond, yearning to be free of old constructs.  Together, we now feel supported enough to trust to the journey.

Pluto gives us the courage to move right on past those old forms of being.  To strip back culture and find ourselves naked and true.   We can begin to see that what we were taught to fear as a threat was simply something new, something to be tasted, touched, enjoyed in it’s novelty.  Our survival instincts can step down a notch as we realise we are safer than we ever believed we could be.  We are no longer children, and can make our own mature choices.  Not foolish choices, but joyful ones.  We are healing our earth matrix, and returning to our natural selves.

For more on Pluto in the Gate of Opposition – Gate 38.

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3 thoughts on “Joining Nature’s Dance

  1. i got to ‘live through’ what you have ‘oracled’ here – just hours back.

    i have written about it on FB.
    here it is:

    it was one of those moments… where a truth escapes our lips and takes us by surprise.

    i was sitting and having bits of non-conversational conversation with a friend (Bhavesh)

    what surprised me – and left me delighted – as it slipped out of my mouth was:
    “my deepest aspiration is to live an utterly ordinary life, where i am cooking the evening meal totally engrossed, and enjoying it for simple and total joy of cooking a meal. and welcoming my son as he comes home from school, talking, sharing and spending time with him, because that’s the most meaningful and only thing i want to be doing.
    and i can see that i am not able to ‘do my delight’ because i am trapped in this ‘higher aspirations’ of being of service to people, supporting people in their striving, bringing beauty and value in lives of people…
    but i am also seeing that this hooks of higher aspirations are getting thinner and weaker, and i am sensing, i am not far away from getting free of their clutches…”

    what a conversation i had with my self. i got to listen to myself.

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