Are you noticing your relationship to reality is changing? As if you and the Universe had a breakup millenium ago and now you’re getting back together?

Jupiter and Venus are teaming up to help you rest and recuperate from thousands of years of trying to prove your worthiness for the blessings life has always been willing to bestow upon you.

Jupiter is having a powerful influence in 2017, teaching us that expansion doesn’t always mean forcing things to happen. Until 5th May Jupiter is in the Gate of Subtle Penetration and soon the Sun joins him when it goes into programming partner Gate 51. These are the two brightest most expansionary energies in our solar system, so we can expect whatever happens this week to seem larger than life.


April 2017 HD Transits


Jupiter transits tend to be times when we seed new developments in our lives. Life seems to flow more easily during a Jupiter transit. Problems seem to resolve easily and success rolls your way. Jupiter also represents a kind of generous high-mindedness which sees the best in situations and people. An interesting Jupiter trait, in the news right now, is his refined attention to the rule of law as a way of holding our communities together for the good of all.  The law is in focus because it is being used to rip the goodness away from the life of most people for the benefit of the few. Jupiter doesn’t like that approach!

Jupiter’s natural expansion is always tempered by the realism of Saturn. Right now, Saturn is sitting in Gate 11 – Heaven and Earth – and hovering over our Galactic Centre, creative heartland of our galaxy. We need Saturn’s stable influence. Jupiter is giving us the faith to go through a cultural rift of massive proportions. Everything we have relied upon to feel safe is being removed.

Did you ever play pick-up-sticks when you were a kid? We are now in the middle of a giant game of subtly removing our old supports without collapsing our entire reality. We can see it in the careful way the investigation is proceeding into the Trump/Russia thing. There is no precedent, no established legal avenue. We must move slowly and carefully so we find the shadowy motivations and reveal our new shining pathway. Patterns of living we create now will be with us for a very long time, this is a new epoch.



The Gate of Subtle Penetration – Gate 57 – helps us expand our relationship with our own higher creative power. When God created the earth he didn’t just head out one day and decide on a whim to see what happened. He had an inkling of a plan, to experience himself through creating a new world. But talking about creation, even when we leave the Bible behind and head back to the Big Bang, there is much evidence to suggest that life was conscious from the first, had a plan, and has been gradually creating the conditions for itself to flourish ever since. (Although, very important point: that plan is constantly changing).

There is no reason for you to wander aimlessly about your own life, hoping for something interesting or fun to happen. Neither is there any good reason for you to push forward with a set idea, determined to make it happen. You must know where you are now, and where you want to go next.

Jupiter in Gate 57 is giving us a lesson in creation.

“The path of power doesn’t simply blunder forward. It makes some allowance for how much greater reality is, before presuming to change it. The real and the ideal need to be rubbed together … ”

Bradford Hatcher, The Book of Changes

We are growing into our capacity for creation. This is a big deal and we can’t make the transition from child of the universe to powerful creator in one gigantic leap. If we did that, we would still be children when we arrived. The journey makes us the person who lives in our desired outcome. We don’t get there, we become it. We must proceed in the creative way of the universe, step by step, gently feeling our way forward.

There are two essentials.

Firstly, you must have a vision or goal. Each step must be heading in the same general direction. I’m not talking about the old SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Trackable. That’s an old world creation. This is about you being aligned with your higher purpose. You might have SMART goals, or you might have a subtle feeling for where your path is leading you. But you MUST have something to guide you. No-one else is going to do this for you now, not the universe or spirit or your higher self or guardian angel. YOU must begin to come into conscious awareness and acceptance of your own goals and visions and purpose.

Secondly, you must submit to the order of things. We have elastic and plastic brains for a reason – to learn from experience. Anchored in your sense of where you are heading, you feel your way into each situation and allow it to shape you. You turn up authentically, open to what life has to offer you, not as an antagonist determined to wrangle it into place. And as you enter into life, you receive the gift of knowing your place in it.

Creating like this, you are coherent and have a penetrating influence which works imperceptibly in tiny increments. Because you go softly, you never violate life’s greater purpose, or your own. You don’t heedlessly push past any dark hidden motives you might still harbour. In this way you are sure you have completed the old ways at the same time as you create the new.

Are you feeling this new expansive energy? Do you have any questions about how it is playing out in your life?

Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.