Kleopatra in your Human Design

In the spiritual community, when talking about past lives, it seems everyone wants to have been Cleopatra. Of course they do! Her image radiated power, glamour, and seductiveness. But just like Human Design, there are more layers to explore beyond the surface-level image.

First, I want to explain the different spellings. The common name spelling is Cleopatra (as in our popular queen), but the asteroid is Kleopatra with a K. The “C” or “K” will depend on whether I’m talking about the person or asteroid in this post.

Queen Cleopatra was a real person

She ruled Egypt from 51 to 30 BC. After her death, the Roman Empire conquered Ancient Egypt and tried to eradicate Egyptian culture and religion(s); it was the end of an era. The significant shift is presumably why the asteroid Kleopatra signifies transition (as well as rulership and cosmic alchemy) in Human Design.

For a more in-depth read about the historical Cleopatra, click here.

When God was a Woman

During Cleopatra’s reign as the final Queen of Egypt (a title bestowed on African queens Isis and Ishtar before her), queens represented the Goddess, and kings were chosen for their ability to fertilise her. Ancient hieroglyphics even describe the selection process: potential kings lined up before the Queen-Goddess, and the first royal to get an erection won the job!

There was a nasty habit of killing the Kings after they had completed their duty. In fact, ceremonial killing of kings was an ancient Latin custom. Assasination was seen not as a criminal act, but rather a revered annual ritual. I sometimes wonder if patriarchy was founded as an agressive backlash against regicide.

Kleopatra’s Discovery

Moving from the queen to the asteroid, Kleopatra was discovered in 1880 while in the Gate of The Gentle (Gate 57). It suggests the ability to change when things aren’t going your way. The end of an era can signal us to broaden our perspective and scope to see newly emerging possibilities. Instead of fearing or dreading change, we enter into the process positively and gain all we need.

You can view the discovery chart in Taraka: https://taraka.io/transit_charts/54144

Other Celestial Bodies Right Now

The asteroid Isis currently shares the Gate of Increase (42) with the sun, which means there is no need to feel restricted by the apparent lack of possibilities; identify your current blessings and get underway.

Mercury and Jupiter are both in the Gate of Innocence (25). Disentangle yourself from external influences, find some independence, and allow your gifts to flow without interference.

Saturn joins these planets in the Gate of Shock (51), completing the 25-51 channel. Saturn can represent where we need to shift what we are taking responsibility for, and here he tells us that shock shows us a new way forwardand opens up new possibilities so that our heart’s desire speaks even more clearly. There is work to be done, and we can safely get started.

Cleopatra the Alchemist (aka The Other Cleopatra)

Shifting back to people now, there was another famous Cleopatra in 3rd century AD who was known as an alchemist, philosopher, and author. Confusingly, she was also occasionally called Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. She was one of four female alchemists who could produce the philosopher’s stone (a mythic alchemical substance that could turn base metals into gold or silver, as well as supposedly help people achieve immortality).

Cleopatra the Alchemist described the philosopher alchemist as someone who contemplates their work, much like a loving mother who thinks about her child and feeds it. Her drawings show the pathway to eternal return, and the unity of the cosmos.

Images from Wikimedia Commons

What does the asteroid Kleopatra mean in your Human Design?

Back to the asteroid…There are some common themes emerging for the asteroid Kleopatra. The first is rulership during transitional times. The second is about the way we give divine attribution to the feminine and masculine. And I think the third theme is more generally about living our lives as cosmic beings.

We find Kleopatra in our Human Design where we have the capacity to move with great change: to find the fertilising power of the king, to renew the sacred virginity of the queen, and to nourish the potential of the divine child. We can find positive potential and progress from situations that seem somewhat dire to others (no possibilities).

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