Why we need Emergent Solutions: Life in the Unprecedented Zone

We set out to have a better life, a more spiritual world. To get there we have to go through …. the unprecedented zone! We are officially going to places we’ve never been before. How do we survive and even perhaps flourish in this new world? For that, we need emergent solutions.

Go get yourself a cool drink or warm cup of tea, this is a long story. If you are in Canada, France, Japan or New Zealand, please feel free to follow along. You know we are all in this together.

We all grew up in an authoritarian world

Imagine you live in a prosperous well-governed country. You can relax and enjoy life. It’s all la dolce vita. Your biggest problem is what movie to see on the weekend.  You trust the people in charge to do the right thing. After all, they’re just like you right? Our leaders are good people, we wouldn’t have put them in charge if they weren’t.

Most of us grew up like that, with a safe home and good parents, in a world that seemed to be looking out for our best interests.

And while we might not imagine we lived in an authoritarian world, we were all taught to respect authority. We were taught not to question our teachers, to do what the nice policeman told us. Even those of us raised in permissive homes lived within an authoritarian culture. All the solutions to our problems came from the top down, rather than being ’emergent. Those top-down solutions kept us in what’s called  a limit cycle – we were always limited or bound by our culture.

Right now, we are facing the extreme edge of that culture.

Neptune is in the Gate of Already Across (Gate 63) – we have made the transition, set an intention to move on even if we were not conscious of it. We have stepped into the unprecedented zone. Now we must move with great care through Neptune’s veils of confusion as we traverse this new territory. With Neptune we can’t make sense of anything unless we move up to a higher resonance, a purer potential.

Saturn (which represents culture) is in the Gate of Opening (Gate 58). In our new paradigm you don’t need to struggle to find supportive relationships. In the past we have attracted those who touched our wounds, and put our energy into defending against them. Now we are dropping the weapons and opening to the subtle power of mutual influence and creation.


Sliding into evil

The past two years have been a slide into an unknown world of evil for many. Of course, we’ve watched it happening in other ‘foreign’ countries. Places like Syria and Egypt. Places on a map. Not here. Not in our home. (please excuse my anglo origins here). And we’ve seen it before in isolated pockets, but never on a global scale. Till now. That’s how systems shift, change becomes inevitable as the instability spreads.

People watched the Brexit debacle, and Trump’s election and most wondered how this could happen. In Australia we have witnessed our previously ‘good’ government enacting horrific and shameful law on our behalf.

It’s as if a strange kind of inexplicable and unprecedented madness has suddenly come upon our world.

A minor planet called Nessus has been transiting in the tribal circuitry (Gate 37) since the beginning of 2017. Nessus calls out the ugly family patterning, the dark skeletons in the human closet. Last year, when Saturn transited through Gate 11 (Heaven on Earth) we passed through a portal to the creation of a new Golden Age. Now we are living in the backlash, clearing out the last recesses of the old Iron Age tribal energies of hatred and punishment.

Along with Nessus, dwarf planet Orcus is there as well (in Gate 40). Orcus calls us to a greater soul mission. A doorway to galactic purpose, Orcus is bringing us an opportunity to realise we are all in this together. We are not so much a part of a human hierarchy, subject to the cruel treatment of authority, as we are a living web of consciousness. We are learning this through difficult experience.

We are all family

The best way to view this shift is through the lens of family. There are people who grew up in authoritarian families. They were taught father knows best and don’t question authority. If their emotions, thoughts, experiences clashed with ‘father’, they adapted by numbing out. One of the primary parenting tools used in authoritarian families is control through punishment.

This parenting style is based on blind obedience, and research shows it creates shame and fear. Authoritarian parents often control their children by creating an enemy outside the family group, those outside their faith for example.

If you believe authoritarianism hasn’t touched you in some personal way, read Alice Miller’s seminal book The Drama of the Gifted Child. 

More collaborative parenting styles allow for personal mistakes and bad luck. Parents explain the reason for rules and help kids understand the common benefit of complying with them, promoting compassion, responsibility and personal morality.

One big mistake many ‘collaborative’ people have been making as they try to understand authoritarian behaviour, is to evaluate others behaviour through their own collaborative lens. (They obviously don’t understand the harm they are doing, let me explain it one more time).

Authoritarians were never ‘going wrong’. They just have different motivations and goals. They were never stupid, just holding to a different value set.

I’ve watched the media and people on twitter struggle to understand what Trump is doing, to fit his behaviour into a narrative that makes sense to them. I’ve watched so many commentators looking bemused and saying ‘this is unprecedented!’

Then there was that period where it began to dawn on everyone – they are actually TRYING to hurt people! And now, in the last week or so, the emphasis of coverage has shifted.  It’s more factual, less confused. More direct in it’s assessment. Trump took aid from Russia to get elected illegally by both hacking voting machines and stealing data to target and influence voters. He has willfully breached all norms, broken down the checks and balances, ignored the rule of law. Trump’s family have used the presidency as the ultimate way to enrich themselves, on the road to oligarchy. There is solid evidence that Putin had a significant role, in conjunction with people like the Mercers and the Koch brothers, in fudging the Brexit result as well. So much that I used to think of as wild conspiracy theory turns out to be our current reality. If you want to read more, try Jane Mayer’s excellent book Dark Money. 

Today’s New Moon is in the Gate of Heaven and Earth, where everything is connected and great things are possible. Right now, that energy feels blocked.

That’s because in the limited world of our culture we are accustomed to looking to our leaders for solutions. Heaven (our leaders) are not in a harmonious flow with the change that is upon us. They are trying to block this shift because their idea of power comes from ruling over and controlling others, rather than from connecting to the flood of creative energy that is moving through humanity. It’s time we ditched the Godhead and found our own version of Heaven.

You can access the interactive version of this chart at Taraka.io

In the second half of June, your own personal power comes from paying attention to each small everyday detail of your life. Everything is connected to everything else. You are designed to pay attention to particular things. Don’t distract yourself (this is what authoritarianism tries to convince you to do). Don’t convince yourself that the solutions are ‘out there’.  This is your entry into the unlimited power of Creative Flow.

This is you, creating Heaven on Earth through conscious awareness to your everyday.

Our leaders are untrustworthy

It has been a slow and confusing journey to this place, where we realise the shocking truth that our leaders are untrustworthy. And perhaps even more shocking – that there are many people who seem to like what that they are doing. All that pent up hatred for ‘the other’ can be expressed, what a relief for them! This is the case of the abused being thrilled that they are free to become the abuser. Again, read Alice Miller’s book (see link above) to understand this more fully.

The motivations of our current leaders are not for the common good. There is no point in explaining how people are hurting, because that argument carries no weight for the authoritarian leader, who believes people are the architects of their own doom, even as they rain doom down upon them.

Ceres is currently in Gate 4, making a channel with Neptune (in Gate 63) . Ceres represents where we have needed nourishment and probably not received it. But there is another important role played by Ceres in our Design.

While mostly we think of Pluto when we consider transformation and rebirth, it was actually his sister Ceres who brought the Eleusinian Mysteries to humanity. This mystery teaching says that we can only live if we are unafraid of death. We can only transform if we are unafraid of walking through the underworld to get to the other side. If we allow fear as our driver, rather than joy and eros, we are choosing death. Psyche has been travelling with Jupiter for about 2 months now, and Eros is in the Gate of Control (Gate 21). They are resurrecting our capacity for pleasure, for living in alignment with the joy of personal desire.

Neptune in gate 63 is showing us a new kind of transformation. We have made a decision to change, it may not have been conscious but the intention was set and the universe responded. Neptune always walks us through a veil of confusion before revealing a higher reality. This is where we are now. Transformation, at this level of consciousness, requires us to go against our existing psychological immune system, which is telling us we are in danger. It requires us to step away from the hypnotic effect of our ‘lizard brain’ and into our ‘executive brain’ which has the capacity to take in and integrate all our multiple awareness, including multidimensional awareness, karmic past, bio-genetic stories, etc.

While Saturn is transiting in Gate 58 – opening to the joy of life, and this could cause a depressive heaviness, Neptune can also cause depression stemming from feelings of confusing, overwhelm and hopelessness.

Consider how this might be playing out for you on a personal level. Can you feel the new energies coming in? How are you doing with stepping away from the old survival patterns and into a more integrated whole self?

The end of tribalism

Our current version of the authoritarian leader has its roots in Abrahamic religion, based on the one god who you must obey! The root of our main religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – are all based on the original God of Abraham.

Why was Abraham so important? Because God tested his obedience, Abraham blindly did as he was bid, and God rewarded him with the title ‘Father of The People’. But not all people, only God’s people. There were a lot of heathens out there, and with the help of God they would be overcome. Yahweh, Abraham’s god, subsumed ALL the qualities and powers of ALL previous deities (well, that’s the self-promoting version of his story at least!).

We are facing a huge sweep of history, where a culture that arose in the Iron Age (that’s about 3,000 years ago) is collapsing in front of our eyes. Because we are inside it, context is difficult. It’s hard to be objective.

The evolutionary purpose of a tribe is survival, and Yahweh promised that to his people. The price was utter obedience, and we have paid that price for millennia. As we come blinking into the light of a new reality, we are no longer prepared to live by those old rules and see The Godhead destroy humanity.


While our leaders attempt to distract us with chaos and busy-ness, Mercury is about to move into Gate 52, with Hades and Isis bringing our attention to a more subtle emanation. Hades draws on the rich hidden energy of our first 2 years of life, making us aware of our blindspots and vulnerabilities. It can trigger feelings of hopelessness and despair as the young version of you believes there is no way out. But Isis holds the missing key. There is something frozen in us that is coming alive again, a power and connectedness. It can hurt, like the pins and needles we feel when our arm or leg has ‘gone to sleep’. Instead of twisting and turning to escape, still your attention.

The Child asteroid (gate 52) is sitting opposite Pluto (gate 54- personal power, soul transformation) right now, and even more, they are both activating a huge new birth of consciousness (Eris in 42 opposite Haumea in 32, more on that here). If you have to create discord and disruption to get free, that’s fine. Do it. But not in reaction. Do it slowly and carefully and with full compassion for each person involved. We must put aside the tribal Iron Age responses and put ourselves into the power of universal flow, drawing our actions from a higher place of creation rather than from the old energies of control and punishment.



A new kind of leader

We have reached a moment that is much more than a tipping point and more of an epochal shift. We are leaving behind the old mythic structures and beginning to create a new trans-personal and collective reality.

There is a stark difference between where we have been, and where we are going.

The tribe is interested in the survival of the group, and you as an individual have no real importance. It’s a very bio-genetic kind of thing. Just have kids and work to contribute to the material comfort of others. There’s nothing special about you, just do your duty.

The new collective is a web of brilliant consciousness. The more you shine as your beautiful individual self, the more the collective as a whole flourishes.

In the west we tend to think of leadership as something people have – a kind of charisma that can sell the message and inspire others to action. There’s no doubt this is one kind of leadership. But we shouldn’t have all our leadership eggs in one basket. In the newly emerging matrix of collective brilliance each one of us is a leader. In academic terms, this is known as Emergent Leadership.


Emergent Leadership

As more and more of us connect to the living field of consciousness – known in quantum theory as the quantum vacuum or unified field – we become aware of a flow of personal meaning and purpose. We experience moments that call us out, openings for our unique brand of genius. We feel a space that invites us in, a way of relating to the whole that makes us feel even more of who we are.

This is a new kind of leadership, not concentrated in one Godhead, unquestioned and unrelentingly cruel. This is a leadership arising from the relationship of one person to another, and of humanity to nature and the cosmos.

Where to now?

There are two things we need to do now.

Firstly, we need to allow ourselves to see the evil that is happening, to recognise with clear eyes the corruption and cruelty. We have to stop thinking this behaviour comes from a lack of understanding of it’s effects, or from having insufficient information about the problem. We will go down under this old energy if we fail to see that its intention is to do harm. 

Secondly, we must learn a new skill. I’ll explain how it works. We are accustomed to figuring things out by looking at the past. Got a problem? Our brains naturally reach into our memory and ask -when has something like this happened before? That’s a great tool. But it’s only half of what we need right now. We are in the midst of unprecedented change. The past cannot guide us.

So, that new skill? It’s calling forth solutions from the future, or more correctly, from the unified field.

Solutions from the future

I call these solutions from the future Emergent Solutions. They are our way forward, now we are in the unprecedented zone. We don’t find them by thinking. Our usual ways of thinking simply give us solutions from the past. We  can only find emergent solutions by slowing down, observing our own perceptions and responses, sitting in the discomfort of not knowing, waiting for a new kind of clarity to arise. As we make a sustained effort in small things, always aligned with a higher possibility, we create synergy and movement. THIS is how we create real lasting change in the world. It might look like getting out to vote or joining a protest march. It might look like setting up a new business, or having a child. It might look like avoiding the news, gardening, writing in your journal and having a cup of tea. Only you truly know, because you are designed to pay attention to what is most important for you – your role in the greater story of consciousness.

This emergent knowledge is coming from the unified field, from the living consciousness of the cosmos. And you always have access to that field, because you are part of it.

If possible, spend some quiet time over the next few weeks tuning into a subtle sense of your own future, of something calling you forward. You may not feel it the first time, but as you gradually attune it will be there for you. This is your pathway of emergent leadership.

Emergent Leadership bypasses the need for a tribal leader. It has dropped the baggage of Iron Age survival fears. It operates from an integrated multiple awareness field. And you are on the cusp of living from this place.

I'm Kim Gould, founder of Love Your Design. I have been innovating and taking Human Design to the next level since 2003.

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14 thoughts on “Why we need Emergent Solutions: Life in the Unprecedented Zone

  1. Great stuff, Kim. Thank you.
    The future is constantly emerging through our actions. The quality of our listening to its callings, our ability to slow down, let go of the old fears and judgements, stay with our not-knowing, listen some more, let things come, stand delicately in service of what comes through us, crystallise it, then try it out in the world and learn from our prototype actions to adjust them before scaling them up… all this is key to build ftom the emerging future.
    Inner work, shedding the old, building and nourishing curiosity, compassion and courage. We’re in this together.
    Thank you, Kim, for giving us the cosmic point of view, the amazing dance of the universe helping us grow.

    1. I love the difference between finding solutions from the past and calling them from the future, as you say Agathe – it requires a quality of listening and this is not something that’s been valued in our culture. Thank you for sharing your own words.

  2. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!…..thank you so much for posting this article….it is the clearest article I have read in relation to this time on the planet :)…..many blessings…Jeanne xx

  3. Hi Kim,
    Incredibly powerful post. For me it’s timely as I’ve been falling inward in recent months feeling the fears of my childhood and about the future. I’ve been struggling particularly with issues of toxic masculinity. Feelings of weakness. Not being strong enough. Cowardice. I’m in a new place in my life as a middle aged man in America and contending with my past. I used to have what I thought was a strong relationship to spirit and even though I knew that relationship was a small awareness of a much bigger enchilada I had to fight hard for that awareness. Now it feels almost empty of resonance. I’m angry and I’m scared. We’re all dealing with the changes in our world and I see people reacting to it all the time. Your post doesn’t offer much comfort but I do understand, at least I think I do, about emergent leadership. It feels like it will be about willingly stepping into the crucible to get there. Thanks for your work.

    1. Jason you write so clearly and directly, and your struggles with toxic masculinity do you credit. I can’t imagine what that must be like, to be included in a group of people doing such harm, when your intention and actions are so good. I’m sorry I didn’t offer much comfort :), I have more to share and in the meantime, try reading something by Peter Senge or Otto Scharmer.

  4. It is always a red letter day to see a new post from you Kim. After being in health challenges have kept me from working with my women clients for the past two years – all pelvic issues, two surgeries, lots of energetic clearing, I love the concept of Emergent Solutions. I’m still sitting in the place of receiving and asking, though I keep hearing,”First you heal, then you’ll be shown.” Maybe this is my Emergent Solution, to simply sit in the not knowing and be mostly peaceful with that. Your posts always enlighten and inform and I’m very grateful for you.

    1. Hi Ashi, that sounds like a wise voice, and very Chironic. If you follow Human Design, have a look at your Chiron activation – its all about teaching others what you learnt from your own healing journey. I do believe you’ve hit the nail on the head – that is your emergent solution!!

      I’m so glad you enjoy my posts, and thank you for sharing some of your journey.

  5. i am struck by how much parallelism i always find between what you write, and what i am going through in my life and work.

    i have been developing a framework for a work with companies/organisations that reeks 🙂 of what you say in the last paragraphs.

    in short, it is about the difference between being ‘future ready’ and being ‘future-proof’. Most organisations that ‘plan’ for the future are trying to be future proof..

    so then, what is future ready? what does it mean to be future ready? and how to do it?

    the answer is almost in line with what you say under ’emergent and/or future solutions’.

    when i read your articles, i have almost always found it as a sign – and reassurance – that i am tuned in to the right radio station.

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