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There is a struggle going on in the world, and the players are deep forces of culture. What do we find if we look into it’s heart? God The Father and his hero myth of being the sole creator. “God” is in the process of learning that when he denies true relationship and connection, he creates only death and destruction.

There are two forces at play here.

On the one hand we have a belief in the individual hero’s journey above all else. This part of our collective cultural psyche believes that if we continue to take things apart and fix the bits that don’t work, everything will come good. It believes this is rational because it’s still living in the 19th century, when scientists and philosophers alike believed the world was just like a gigantic clock and we humans just cogs in the machine.

This part of the collective cultural psyche is the modern offspring of the marauding tribes who came down from the steppes to overcome the more peaceful people in old Europe, using individual power and force. We find it in those who took Darwin’s subtle and complex theories and came up with the meme Survival of the Fittest. We find it in the constant stream of war metaphors used to describe our world. You can find this part of our current struggle in the left part of your brain. It believes it is rational. It is isolated, alone and frightened. It is also deeply deluded.

We can see the effects of this delusion in the attempts to dismantle the existing healthcare system in the US. There’s no good reason to do so, it was working despite not being perfect and despite needing improvement. The dismantling is based on 19th century philosophical grounds – that each person should be responsible for their own health and not expect others to contribute financially if they fail to keep themselves healthy. It’s a tragic fact that in one of the richest countries in the world people will die for lack of available health care. This is a ‘cog in the machine’ mentality which has to deny humanity in order to survive. This is the ultimate outcome of the economic ‘trickle down’ theory, where God holds all the cards and only hands them out to the most deserving and obedient.

On the other hand we have the future. This part of our psyche believes that everything is connected. It sees the humanity in people, the sacred in life. It understands that no one person stands alone and that if we help each other, everyone benefits.

In the past we could only manage this feet of connectedness on a tribal scale. Now we are stretching our capacity to a global level. Some might equate this version of the sacred to a more gnostic set of beliefs, where you and I are emanations of the divine. Rather than a trickle down effect, this version of reality is networked. No one has to deserve anything, because what happens to one affects all. So it makes sense to take care of each other.

We stand in a liminal space between these two versions of the sacred.


Something Old and Something New

In March, we come face to face with something old and something new. How do we reconcile the past when we don’t yet understand the future? How do we let go of this comforting story of the god/hero who saves us, when we don’t yet know how we can survive without him? How do we accept we are all connected when we don’t yet trust each other?

The Full Moon on 12th March (14:53 UT) brings this dilemma to a head.


Full Moon on 12th March 2017

Full Moon on 12th March 2017

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The Earth and Moon are in the Gate of Exhaustion and Oppression, which is not too cheery! But, as I’ve been telling people all week, this Gate 47 is actually a blessing in disguise. It’s what happens when we have outgrown our current version of reality. If we press on, trying to make our old world work, we just get exhausted. Oh, and oppressed. It’s not too much fun. But how do we let go of something that is comfortable because it is so very familiar? We have to commit to take a risk. Any transition brings the possibility of death. We may not make the crossing. This is the liminal space when everything is in flux. We dissolve our old lives without any guarantee we can replace them.

I want to assure you – what you are doing now is not easy. It takes courage.

Life has a tendency to growth. It wants to experience more and more of itself. That’s why it created itself. It could have stayed quietly in a state of oneness and stillness. But no. Life wanted an adventure, and so it created our universe, and us to fill it. We are the vehicle of life’s adventure.

But when life can’t figure out how to move forward, it naturally turns around and retraces it’s steps to see if it can find another way around. And that’s part of what’s happening right now. Those people who are clinging to the idea of the rugged individual solely responsible for making their own life what it is, those people can’t find a way forward. They are exhausted. They are beset by chaos. And so, in a desperate attempt to reconnect with the good times, they are retracing their steps back to a time when things were GREAT!

This is where we find the version of the sacred called God The Father. At the centre of this version of the sacred is the idea that the man – pope, president, father/husband – is closer to God than others and has a direct line to some kind of divine authority to rule. It’s why International Women’s Day provoked such furore. Women who don’t know their place are heretical to God The Father!

Lilith is a big player in this Full Moon. She is currently transiting in Gate 22, with the Sun. Lilith refused to play out her allotted role in the God The Father version of the sacred. She held her own shape, and was banished into the night, cursed as the personification of evil.

This is the gate of beauty. Not high heels and lipstick and the latest fashion, but the simple essence of you, which you experience in every cell of your body that has you relaxing into something sacred and wonderful. Your own unique aesthetic sense of what is beautiful. This is how you hold your own shape, how you find your connections at a global and universal level.


Ariadne is also a big player in this Full Moon. She is in Gate 64, dropping her inspiration into the Earth and Moon in Gate 47. Ariadne is mistress of the labyrinth, a very different version of the sacred. Her way is to walk, slowly and with sacred intent, through the labyrinth of life, to find her very core. Once there, she turns and walks out again. In doing so she lives her sacred intent, integrating it through the messy day to day experience of her life. But Ariadne has one wound, and we are facing it now. Ariadne believes she is in love with her warrior hero. Her own heroic nature goes unseen as she projects all her capacity for creation and agency onto the busy, bold, blustering hero.

Consider the Christian creation myth. The mother was an empty vessel for the creative energy of God, she had no capacity for and no active part in the creation. It was God all the way! Christianity stole women’s creative power by making it invisible. We were written out of the script. We were sidelined and told we were the weaker sex and could not survive without our hero.

This is the basis for this week’s Full Moon. Women have an innate ability to walk through life, making everything sacred as they pass. As we recognise our capacity to experience beauty and weave it into our daily lives we reconnect with something lost. We realise that we have been here all along, able to thrive in relationship and beauty.  Able to take risks because that is why life is happening within us. That is what this Full Moon is telling us.