Matrix of Brilliance

Somewhere deep down we all still believe we have to sacrifice ourselves to maintain some kind of stability in our societies. But chaos is upon us, and that means we need to leap into a new kind of society arising from the expression and sharing of our unique gifts within the Matrix of Brilliance.

We are shifting to a new collective consciousness

Back in the 1990’s we believed we were creating a new golden age. It seems like we’ve wandered off this glorious path and stumbled into some kind of weird hell. But no, we are simply doing some final housecleaning before we move on.

Why do you have to deal with the ugly baggage of others?

In the olden days, you know, a few years back, we all lived in an object-based reality. You were you. I was me. We were separate individuals.

That’s not how reality is structured anymore. And when I say reality, I mean human consciousness and what we are aware of. We have shifted to a new reality now, where everything is relationship based. We are feeling it but haven’t quite got the hang of it. More

What is a relation-based reality?

What is a relation-based reality?

We know from quantum theory that life is actually a brilliant web of interconnected fields and all the hubs of energy in the web (you are one of those hubs, so is your kitchen table) are simply excitations of that field which take a certain shape – a human shape, a table shape, a zebra shape.

completely gratuitous picture of zebras

The beauty of this web is that each excitation is unique and magnificent, and is constantly changing because it is always interacting with the rest of the field. There are no stand-alone objects. This is an open flowing process, completely different to the kind of stability and control (personal and collective) we have till now taken for granted.

I call this the Matrix of Brilliance. It is a web of consciousness holding limitless hubs of object-like processes. You are one of those processes.

The Matrix of Brilliance is the structure of an entirely new kind of human society

Before we were consciously plugged into this web we could do our own personal spiritual work and create our own individual reality. Remember the protective bubbles we use to put ourselves in?

But now, now! We are in the first steps of conscious creation and this means we have to become aware of our connection to the fields. How they affect us, how we affect them.

Our process is now collective.

From Tribal to Collective

It used to be that you were less important than the survival of the tribe. If we lost one or two people but the tribe survived, well it was worth it! Our individual desires, experiences, gifts were sacrificed to the greater good. We gave up our dreams to get a real job (or three) and support our families. We tamed our wildness, stopped playing and experimenting, and got a house in the suburbs.

We relied on the structures of the tribe – schools, hospitals, roads – to give us a sense of stability and safety. We knew if we played by the rules we would be taken care of.

That kind of stability was important to the tribe. But now, we are entering a different kind of genetic continuity. In this new world, your brilliance catalyses a kind of chaos that shakes the old stability to its core. As the tribal structure breaks down we can no longer trust it to care for us. The bargain seems irrevocably broken. All that sacrifice and no quid pro quo??

From the broken ruins of tribal consciousness, a new structure of society is arising.

Matrix of Brilliance

The Matrix of Brilliance arises out of the shift from tribal to global, from individual to universal.

The Matrix of Brilliance does not need you to contribute to its stability. It thrives on your unique contribution, and how you draw from the zero point field. It is open, flowing, coherent and constantly evolving. There is no waste, no sacrifice, no single point of control.

As you shine more brightly, connect more widely, the matrix becomes richer, and more complex. Rather than submitting to a greater authority, you become one point in the creation of life’s ongoing story. The consciousness of humanity shifts up to whole new levels.

You have so many gifts you're not even aware of yet
Image Tamara Laporte

Collective Housekeeping

Because life is all about fields and relationships, and because we have to tidy up before we all move on, we are doing some collective housekeeping.

We have to deal with the dark pockets within our collective human consciousness. We are in the process of creating a new emergent humanity.

So, brave new world. But still, housecleaning. But get ready to leap into the void and experiment with being brilliant.

Human Design Transits

In February 2016 Neptune shifted into the Gate of completion. Neptune has deep roots in the lived reality of our cultural evolution, and in Gate 63 we reached a watershed, a new pathway.

In January 2020 Neptune shifted into Gate 22, cracking open the cultural niceties and the ways in which we abide by them at the expense of our own soulful authenticity.

In June 2022 Neptune will shift into Gate 36 – the Gate of Wounded Brilliance. Between then and 2025, when Neptune passes over the Aries point (Gate 25.3) we will be in a kind of turmoil of reality, feeling our way as if blind, discovering a myriad of gifts we barely knew we had within us and the courage to share them.

And then, in April 2027, Neptune returns to the polarity of it’s position at the discovery of Uranus, the trigger point for our current transitional evolutionary stage – Gate 17 line 1.

Neptune in 2027
In April 2027 Neptune returns to the polarity of the position it was when Uranus was discovered in 1781.

Hillary Barrett describes it this way:

Have more allegiance to your fellow humans, and to truth, than to your official roles. It is good to leave your familiar corner and go all the way out the gates, where you can participate in the whole group and be guided by it’s larger story.

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  1. Kim,
    Would love a video on Matrix of Brilliance. I feel like it is a concept that could be so helpful to folks who are awakening to new way of being. This is such a brilliant explanation for us to live “follow your bliss” that spiritual masters have been sharing.
    Much gratitude for your service,
    Kim Jones

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