The Sudden Shifts of May 2013


During the whole month of May, Jupiter and Uranus will be together in the only Ego Manifesting channel in the Human Design bodygraph, a channel that relates to our communal resources and how we choose to use and share them.

When Jupiter and Uranus get together you can expect to be surprised.  Jupiter is expansive and Uranus is erratic.  That means things that swing, like the stock market, are likely to swing a little more than usual.  Remember the fake tweet that sent the Dow Jones tumbling on 23rd April?   And while this transit can’t help but play out in the external world, and particularly the economy, there’s also the possibility for deep personal transformation at it’s core.  The good news is that Jupiter moved in with Uranus on 29th April, and Jupiter always tends towards good outcomes.  During May, while these two powerful change agents are joining forces, we have some large leaps in consciousness headed our way.  We’re also likely to see some weird things that just don’t seem possible, like the hearing on the existence of aliens about to begin in the US.

It’s important to stay grounded throughout May and not use the energy to get ‘off on life’ rather than to settle more deeply into life.  Expect a lot of doom and gloom forecasts from those who can’t see beyond the current limits of our existing reality.


The Good Ego and a Healthy Will

Heart CentreAdult-TantrumIn May, Jupiter and Uranus are connecting the Heart Centre to the Throat.  This Centre is about our ego selves, how we manage our ego container to maintain a healthy sense of our individual self in the world.

The Heart Centre has only three gates, and two of those gates are in Aries – Gates 21 and 51.  Aries is the  first sign of the zodiac representing how we give birth to our individual self.  This tells us something about the function of the Heart Centre – it relates to our capacity for giving birth to something unique and new in ourselves.

Another quality of the Heart Centre is willfulness.  Our willfulness arises at around age two, when we begin to want to take some personal control of our world.  On a biological level it’s often played out during so called ‘toilet training’.  Handled badly, it can cause deeply buried infantile rage and an inability to know, as an adult, how to express our anger cleanly and without hurting ourselves or those we love.  As anger is key to knowing where our healthy boundaries are, and how we can go about making a life we feel passionate about, this is a huge deal.  It effectively leaves our boundaries unprotected and our resources (Gate 21) open for plunder, because hey, we’re not using them and we can’t protect them.  In effect, and this is at the core of Gate 21, we have no control over our own lives.  I couldn’t count the number of people I’ve worked with on the suppression of their natural willfulness, and how they were able to recover an ability to take control of their adult lives.  This is especially so for those born between 1961 and 1964, who have Pluto and/or Uranus (power and freedom)  in Gate 40.  It’s also important for the generation who have dwarf planet Eris in Gate 21, those born between 1955 and 1982.

The third important quality of the Heart Centre is generosity.  When I have full and complete access to my own resources and can take action to protect my own personal boundaries, my cup floweth over and I can’t help but share some of that nectar with those around me – the people who make up my community.  If I don’t have control over my own life, then it’s difficult to be generous.  These three issues – control, personal boundaries and the sharing of personal/communal resources – form the essence of this transit event, and they arise from having a healthy ‘ego self’.

Beyond Rebellion

So when Uranus, planet of freedom and individuality turns up in the Heart Centre, we can expect some radical behaviour that’s headed in the general direction of setting appropriate adult boundaries, and reclaiming control.  Uranus teaches us to distinguish between our true authentic self, and our rebellion against who we believe our society and family want us to be.  Uranus helps us find our own way, free of conformity and convention.   Sometimes we can get so caught up in rebelling against what we feel is controlling us that we lose touch with just being ourselves.

Uranus will create it’s third square to Pluto on 21st May 2013, when Uranus is in 21.2 and Pluto in 38.2, followed by a New Moon and Lunar Eclipse on 25th May.  I’ll write more about that specific event later, and there’s a list of significant transits coming up during May at the bottom oft this post. For now we need to know there are deep underlying issues of repressed personal power arising this month, and that can feel as if we are being prevented from taking control of our lives.   Last week’s Full Moon was an initial trigger point.


Investing In Community

heart_handsJupiter is transiting in the adjoining Gate 45, in the Throat Centre, until 28th May.  This is a window of grace, due to Jupiter’s beneficial influence on the Uranus/Pluto situation.

This gate – Gate 45 – speaks to us of what we invest into our community.   It calls us to gather together with those with whom we have a shared identity and sense of purpose, to strengthen our shared roots and make something wonderful of our shared lives.   Jupiter brings an expansion to everything he touches, and joined with Uranus there is a sense of excitement at the possibilities and potentials.  The important lesson that Jupiter brings is the need to take action on those potentials. We have to reach out and grasp the positive developments coming our way in May.  This is an energy of beginnings, not completions.  We’re unlikely to bring any of our ideas to maturity during this time, but we can reach out to others and together plant the seeds.

This channel holds the key to how we manage our joint resources on this planet.  It’s also about the serendipity of discovering a whole lot of resources within that we didn’t know we had.  Or we knew we had them, but didn’t realise others could see them.

I spent this morning at our local business mastergroup meeting, and it was so exciting to watch as we were all reflecting back what we value about each other.  It wasn’t quite what we planned to do today, but Uranus and Jupiter demanded we acknowledge the gifts (resources – gate 21) that each person had to invest (gate 45)  in our individual lives, and into the group.

This is very different from the trickle down effect we know and (don’t?) love, with it’s rationale that if I enter into a commercial relationship with completely selfish motivations it will eventually benefit everyone because I will maximise my own benefits.  This worked well enough when we all lived and worked in small communities, and everyone knew if I dumped toxic waste into the river or ripped off the grocer, but the global economy doesn’t  allow for that level of personal accountability.   The complexity of our global financial system, the military industrial complex and multi-tiered government means we often don’t see what’s really going on. We’d like to think everyone operates on a triple bottom line, but the truth is the vast majority of government and business on this planet still only looks at the economic bottom line.   Expect further revelations in June, as Neptune is brought into the picture and lifts the veil on what’s happening to the earth’s abundant resources.

This month – May 2013 – we are stepping away from conventional expectations about ourselves and our place in the world. Jupiter and Uranus together bring forth radical views, a desire to shake up society’s conventions, and a rethink on religious views.   For some it will bring unexpected good fortune, and unexpected trips to interesting places. At the level where we are shifting business on this planet, Uranus, planet of networking, is busy finding us new people to reflect skills, talents and resources we didn’t even know we had.There are new grassroots movements that will arise suddenly from the ground this transit creates and Neptune in the Gate of Abundance brings a higher level sensitivity to how we do business.


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Important Dates

Human Design Transit Chart 1 May 20131st May – Sun (24.2) and Mars (24.1) opposite Saturn (44.1) and trine Pluto (38.1)~  our mind wants to understand what’s going on, but the incoming energies are not so accessible in that way.   Around this period we must balance our fear of the unknown with our intuitive knowing that something wonderful is happening.  We also need to honour it’s power.

The Sun and Pluto accentuate the power struggle and desire for personal freedom and self actualisation.  The Root Centre brings a pressure to do things the way you’ve been taught by your ‘tribe’, so breaking free from this conditioning rather than rebelling is a powerful choice.  The Saturn activation in Gate 44 – Coming to Meet – tips us into a new relationship with the feminine, opens us to the power of creating directly from the void rather than from the ‘traditional’ patriarchal sources.

I also expect some peak in the US gun lobby situation with this transit.


6th May – Saturn moves to Gate 28, creating a channel with Pluto ~ I’ll be writing more on this later.  Saturn will be in a channel with Pluto between 6th May and 4th August, when Pluto retrogrades back into the Gate of Joy (58).  Saturn represents authoritarian control and Pluto represents power.  This is a channel that allows us a choice of life or death.  Life can be an adventure or a struggle against death.

It’s likely that this transit will trigger backlash against perceived overpowering authority figures.  For us personally,  it represents a profound period for watching where fear has prevented us stepping into a greater maturity in our own lives through the projection of childhood authority figures into our adult life.  Remember Uranus is active in this transit, because of the ongoing square with Pluto, so rebellion is always on the cards. Choose authenticity over struggle.   Remember too, that during May, Jupiter’s beneficial energy will prevent this playing out in negative ways in most cases.


7th May – Moon conjunct Uranus in 21.2 – a deep and compulsive need to break free, to find more space to grow into our full selves. A strong resistance to any perceived interference in how we run our own lives.


Human Design Transit chart for 9th May 20139th May – Sun, Mercury and Mars in the Gate of the Receptive (2) while Venus is in the Gate of Nourishment.  Here we see further movement in our capacity to open to the feminine.  Whilst the I Ching starts with Gate 1, the masculine active Yang principle, indigenous creation myths invariably begin with the feminine.  The I Ching (and Human Design) positions that yin creative power in Gate 2.

Like our own culture, the Chinese culture that gave birth to the I Ching was deeply patriarchal and invested in the idea of the masculine as the prime creative force, with the feminine holding a passive allowing role.  This transit shifts that belief, allowing us to experience the truly breathtaking expansion in our creative capacities when we connect first with the yin, the feminine, the creative void from which all matter arises into form.


13th May – Moon conjunct Jupiter in the Gate of Gathering (45).  Potentially an intensely emotional day (Jupiter expands on the moon’s emotional nature), where we are relieved to realise that we are not alone in the world, and not solely responsible for creating positive outcomes globally or in our own lives.


16 May 201316th May 2013 –  The individual circuitry gets a run during May as our sense of who we are and our life direction gets a major tweek. The Sun in Gate 8 and Jupiter in Gate 45 both indicate a huge opening to new creative connections.  With the support of others in our lives, and the positive oomph of Jupiter/Uranus, we get a blast out of mediocrity and take a leap of faith into something vibrant and new.

There is a lot of activation to the Throat during May as the Sun, Mercury and Venus move through Gemini.  The Throat Centre is the portal between our inner world and the outer world.  It’s the place where we share what we alone know as us, and make it visible to the world at large.   The outer planets – Saturn and Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus – are supporting us to move out of the terrible fear held at the Throat that prevents us sharing freely from the heart.



21st May  – Time for mutation, as if you haven’t done enough already!  The big event on 21st May is the connection between the Jupiter/Uranus connection at the Throat and the Saturn/Pluto connection in the Root.  My suggestion?  Don’t make any particular plans for this day.  Literally, anything could happen. The Moon and Mercury give good indications of the focus for such a huge event.  The Moon moves over Haumea in Gate 57 – the Goddess of Volcanoes and the creator of new land, Haumea is very interested in the proper use of our resources.  She was (is?) the Creator Goddess of Hawaii and if her people did not respect their environment she cut off their food supply.  Mars is conjunct Sedna in 23, another Goddess who protects the earth’s resources (in Sedna’s case it’s the oceans’ resources).  Mercury is in the Gate of Progress with Venus.   Richard Rudd refers to this gate as The Hunger of the Species, a gate that taps into our deepest emotional reserves to find what we truly hunger for.  As we are heading into some time with spiritual Neptune in the emotional gate of Abundance (55), this is a time to really tune into the finer and more subtle levels of what you hunger for.


23rd May – Moon conjunct Saturn (28.5), not a great combination of planets because the Moon always seeks warmth and Saturn can be quite cold.  One thing they do have in common is the desire for stability and security.  This lunar transit is likely to trigger deep and compulsive fears around abandonment and isolation, and to bring us a renewed sense of our capacity to connect as individuals to the larger fractal picture that chaos demands we come to know in order to prosper in the new world we are creating.  I expect this period will feel very intense, and a good day to do relaxing things that include lots of deep breathing and feeling the earth under our feet.


25th May 2013 25th May – Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.  We are learning the skills of living in a larger cosmos, one based on the seeming paradox of orderly chaos and endlessly repeating patterns, a world that can’t decide if it’s matter, light or energy and doesn’t even believe it has to choose between the three in any given moment but might just be all of them at the same time.  How do you and I, raised in a world where things were real only if you could touch, taste or smell them, how do we manage our lives in this new reality?

The Full Moon gives us a taste of the new skills we are learning, and one of them is dynamical balance.  How to find your own powerful point of shift (creation) in each moment and feel the substance of your choices even though everything keeps moving, apparently chaotically, around you.  How to release what is no longer of use without feeling overcome by loss and regret, and how to move forward by aligning with the creative powers of the universe and trust that love is the unifying force of your own life and life at large.

7th June 2013 Human Design transit chart7th June 2013 – Mercury and Venus will move through the Gate of Opposition (39) between 7th and 15th June 2013.  This puts Neptune into direct contact with Pluto and Saturn on the other side of the Root Centre.

Neptune and Pluto are bringing us the power to wait, to tune into our own personal information / awareness and make a clear choice about our responses. This is a powerful way for us to unravel complexity arising from ancient fears, to step out of dramas arising from collective emotionally based goals, to become natural in our responses, rather than culturally influenced.  The emotional clarity Neptune has been teasing out for us over the past few years will come into it’s own in June, as we gaze clear eyed at corruption and stagnation and say No Thanks!   More on Pluto and Neptune’s connection in the Root Centre here. 


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  1. wow Kim- well worth the wait.!!!! Thank you for mapping this all out….now I need to really examine it..xoxo C

  2. Thank you Kim for generously laying this out. Must read over and over. This is an important month for me and my tribe. My entire family (including grandparents and In-laws) has either the 21, the 45, or this whole channel. Change is a comin’ around here. 😉

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