Mercury bridges the Uranus Pluto Square

In two days time, on 19th September 2012, Uranus and Pluto square off again.  Almost exactly on the conjunction, Mercury shifts into the Gate of Correction, creating a powerful bridge between the two planets.

It’s late and I’ll write with more detail about this, but for now, just let me say that anything you have previously believed to be true is up for grabs.  Mercury and Pluto will create a channel from 19th (4.22am UT) till 22nd (11.24am UT).

Not only is Mercury creating a channel with Pluto, but it’s also astrologically opposite Uranus.  Mercury, trickster, teacher, communicator and the planet most likely to bring subconscious material to the surface, is playing a staring role here.

Astrologer Jeff Green says about Mercury contacts with Pluto- they promote necessary intellectual confrontations with others so rigid and fixed ideas can be reformulated and expanded.  They shake up our attachment to intellectually organising our reality so that it feels stable and secure.  And they blow apart our tendency to obsessively maintain our beliefs and values as a boundary against potentially disruptive ideas.

The point of mastery here is to let go of ideals (Uranus) that keep us locked out of actual reality (Mercury).  Watch for conventions that are so well accepted that we have come to mistake them for truth.  During this period I expect many of us may experience deep anxiety as we try to hold strong against the dissolution of our ego (Pluto), rather than resting in the unknown.   If you don’t have an agenda, and don’t require a resolution, you should be fine.

Part of this process is simply to trust that, no matter how things look on the surface, all is well in your world.  No need to fix anything (Mercury), just do what feels joyful (Pluto).

Both Uranus and Pluto are sitting in a circuit that is part of a survival mechanism called pattern recognition.   When bits of our lives don’t fit in with the pattern we’ve laid down, things can feel a bit hairy.  I expect these 4 days will be a massive global pattern disruption.  Uranus, planet of revolution, is in the Gate of Following, that teaches this – there is no leading that is not based in following.  Leaders who are not operating on a full mandate can expect trouble.   The very notion of leadership is likely to shift.

How can you interact with others in a way that’s meaningful for you, but isn’t hooked into their dramas, their controls?  This is a key question.


Uranus Pluto square September 2012

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10 thoughts on “Mercury bridges the Uranus Pluto Square

  1. my second driving test will be on 19th 🙂 how to interact with the good inspector that is meaningful for me and is free from his dramas and controls, that truly is a huge question for me, lol!

    1. Gunta on the 19th Mercury will be in line 1 of Gate 18, suggesting you take responsibility for your own faults. So I’d suggest you front up with the idea that you’ve done everything you can to pass and surrender the outcome. Because … Pluto in line 4 says that trying to know the outcome of anything is not what this transit is about, and only causes deep anxiety.

      Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

  2. very interesting! Thanks! I was depress, sure.. and to day 19 all day in the bed with strong head paining…Just now 10,10 pm In SrI lanka, I read your pag. I am interesting to know more!thanks

    1. It would bring the conscious attention to the energy of the other planet in the channel, and connect it with the energy of the Centre it’s in. In this case, it also triggers the Pluto Uranus square, and makes us more conscious of old patterns of thought that we have been unconsciously holding onto.

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