Neptune in Gate 37

There’s something very significant about Neptune for anyone born between 1944 and August 1963.  During that period, Neptune was in the Spleen Centre.  Consider the influence of people born during those years on the way we think about health and wellbeing.  Neptune in the Spleen Centre brings a sensitivity to the physical body, a divine connection that is physically felt.  It also shows up as vague systemic illness that avoids clear diagnosis – things like auto-immune disorders.  Consider the move towards purifying diets, colonics and detoxing, superfoods.  And then there’s the more gentle and subtle techniques for healing like cranio-sacral therapy.

In 2007, Neptune turned up in the Solar Plexus Centre, refining our emotional response to a higher vibration.  On 15th March 2014 it shifts into Gate 37, which is all about family.


Neptune Motifs

neptuneLet’s take a closer look at the essential nature of Neptune.

Neptune activates within us an urge towards ultimate, transcendental freedom, where we become free from the boundaries and limitations of both the intellect and ego self.  With Neptune in our corner we yearn to experience oneness with all life and merge with the whole of existence.  We want to dissolve all boundaries and shy away from any feelings of separateness.

If we are finding this energy difficult to embody we can experience self deception, pseudo spiritual egotism, destructive escapism and avoidance of responsibility.  Be Here Now becomes more like It Looks Like I’m Here Now, But I’m Actually Completely Spaced Out And Not Present In Any Way.   These negative expressions of Neptune are usually the result of being overwhelmed and confused by our desire for higher states of awareness.  After all, it’s not something we find on the curriculum of our local schools and often not an acceptable topic around the dinner table either.  When we don’t recognise that the real source of this yearning is for something more uplifting in our lives, we usually seek it in the outer world.  Enter the advertising industry!  Or your local drug dealer.

In those places where we are lifting off rather than tuning in, we can make a different choice.  Instead of ramping up our addictions or withdrawing in overwhelm, we can make a conscious choice to search empathetically for our underlying spiritual sensitivity.

Another issue we find with Neptune is a sense of confusion and an inability to make clear decisions and commitments.  This is because Neptune brings a sense that our knowledge is limited – there is always a higher perspective.  Perhaps our current perspective is too selfish?  Not in everyone’s highest good?  It doesn’t matter, what’s important is that you accept your limitations as a human and make the best choice you can from that limited viewpoint.  We can always course correct as we go along.  Saturn, who is Neptune’s arch nemesis, would have us believe that once we ‘lock it in’ we lose our choices and Neptune can’t survive in that rigid and isolated place.  Instead, remember the story of Apollo 13 – it was only on it’s correct path 3% of the time.  Or so the myth goes, but the story is a good one and a useful one.


Developing Spiritual Maturity 

On 15th March 2014, Neptune moves into Gate 37.   The last time Neptune visited Gate 37 was back in 1853,  just 7 years after it was discovered in 1846.  Pluto was in Gate 3 and Uranus was in Gate 24.

In the I Ching, Gate 37 represents the place we come home to.  What represents home to you?  How are your boundaries? Do you have a safe hearth stone within you that is grounding and supportive regardless of circumstances?  Hilary Barrett describes it as a constant living awareness that pervades your structure and makes it’s presence felt in everything you say and do.  It is both a refuge and a place of security.  It holds you in fellowship with those who share your vision.  Outside are others who see differently and do not belong in this home. 

Without these healthy boundaries we do not feel safe in ourselves, and are constantly renegotiating.  As we build our internal partitions we may interupt old patterns of behaviour and find that we feel more nurtured and secure in our sense of who we are.  We don’t have to allow the walls to tumble and fall if our family calls on us (either actually, or as an internalised voice).

One major impact of Neptune’s time in this gate will be the shift in consciousness that comes from projecting God/Goddess onto our parents, well into our adult lives.  This shift in consciousness will also begin to infiltrate our government – another place where we are conditioned to project divinity.

What happens when we draw back our own inspiration and ‘god ness’ from those figures who have been holding it on our behalf?  The gurus, the presidents, the kings and queens, teachers, our mothers and fathers ….  What happens when we reclaim our right to express our own personal desires, regardless of the rules and regulations that are supposed to maintain order?  Well, we shall see.  One thing I have complete faith in – that you and I are well and truly ready to step into this level of spiritually maturity.


Global Family 

communityAnother aspect of Neptune’s stay in Gate 37 is the refinement of the concept of the global family.  We will begin to really grasp the interconnectedness of everyone, on a heart level.

In the I Ching, Gate 37 represents the role of family as the moral compass for the community and government.  Our own inner integration – our deeper understanding of the correct role of our inner masculine, feminine and child – creates a foundation that flows out into our actually families, into our friendships, our communities and our governments.  We can expect an increased sense of the practical applications of Oneness.

I would also expect the work we’ve done on our relationships to begin bearing fruit.  People will begin to show up in our lives and create new friendships based on ‘spiritual family’.

One warning about Neptune in the Gate of Family.  Watch for a tendency to idealise friends – to create an angel/devil dichotomy.  Remember we don’t want to merge with others and lose our individuality.  Or separate out when our need for a saviour or god figure isn’t met.  We are looking to bring the best of ourselves into relationship with the best of someone else.

When Neptune met Jupiter 

In September 2015, Jupiter will spend a month in Gate 40, meeting Neptune in Gate 37. This is a time of accentuated global consciousness. Expect world events to bring attention to the global family, to the idea that we are all one. Expect unconditional love and a dropping of old stories based on religious or national influences.

With Jupiter in the Gate that relates to coming home after being wounded, we can see the shifting of a story about oppressors and victims. There is likely to be political or religious victims who need a place to come home to. There will be discussions around the world about who is right and who is wrong.

There is also, on a more personal level, potential for quite profound family healing. I would expect to see this particularly in areas where the rifts were caused by religious or other beliefs.

And at quite a profound level, with the activity in Gates 26 and 11 (relationship fractals and attuning to the bigger picture offered by an alignment to the Galactic Centre) AND the activation of the G Centre, expect to see a realignment of our concept of home – who we consider family, where we live, how our contribution is valued. More here.

When Neptune met Saturn

I mentioned that Saturn is Neptune’s arch nemesis, and s/he is.  Neptune likes to flow and dissolve.  Saturn loves nothing better than a nice solid structure.  But the relationship goes deeper than that.  Neptune and Saturn really need each other to function in a healthy way.  Neptune refines everything to a higher vibration, bringing the benefits of a lighter more flexible approach to Saturn.  And in return Saturn provides the stability and substance that Neptune needs to stay grounded and realistic.

So Saturn’s positions tell us a lot about how to work with Neptune transits.

During 2014 Saturn will be in Gate 43 and then Gate 1.  This is particularly significant for those born between 1962 and 1967, because during those years Neptune was in Gates 43 and 1 – so Saturn will be passing over your Neptune this year.

The energy of Saturn that we all need to take on board in 2104 is of standing firm for what we believe in, even if it doesn’t make sense to everyone.  We need to trust the divine creative spark within us, whether it comes from the mental realm (Gate 43) or the heart realm (Gate 1).  We need to make clear distinctions and decisions about what we want to be part of our life and what we would be better staying away from. And we need to make DECISIONS from that place of divinely inspired knowing.

Loyalty and service and needing to be valued by a certain group of people is NOT on the agenda for that kind of decision making.  We are absolutely moving away from sacrificing ourselves to group needs.

Notice Saturn is in the Individual circuitry in 43 and 1 – so here we are mutating into something new and unique through our decision making and creative expression.  Neptune is the Gate of Family may try to call us back to the old ways, but we shouldn’t be enchanted by that spell.  We are attuning ourselves to our own internal family – we know how to access our internal masculine, our internal feminine and our inner child.  We begin to understand the divine role these relationships play in our lives.  And as we live with these clear cut aspects and deeper our reliance on them, we are less likely to collapse and sacrifice ourselves.


Developing personal power and freedom

One group of people who will feel the impact of Neptune in 37 more than most is those born between November 1959 and September 1964.  At various stages during those years both Uranus and Pluto were in Gate 40 meeting Chiron in Gate 37.  This group has a soul mission to find the personal freedom and power to break down the old family structures that kept us from innovation and spiritual transformation.  Our understanding of Family Systems comes from this configuration.

One significant effect of this Uranus/Pluto/Chiron mix is a wound to the feelings and emotions that prevents us from feeling anything that threatens to separate us from the family zeitgeist.  Those threatening emotions are simply stuffed down, numbed out and ignored. Neptune shines a light on this wound – however the first step in the process is that the emotions may feel quite threatening.  They won’t meet Neptune’s desire for spiritual purity. Should I really be feeling this hatred?  Or rage?  How about the grief or resentment?  Shouldn’t I be able to control myself and feel only love?

Well actually, no.  Because love is a transpersonal energy, and you are a human being with a very important piece of information technology called an emotional body.  Recent research shows that the higher level of emotional intelligence we have – ie, the more in contact we are with our own personal emotions – the more effective we are.  The emotional part of our brain – the limbic system – is wired for connection, for friendship, for sharing.

You know that thing that happens, when you are meditating and always asking to come from the highest good and still your life seems to be off key?  That’s because you need your emotions – those messy annoying emotions – to inform you of your personal soul mission.  This is important DATA about you and your life and the best decisions you can make, not just for yourself but for everyone.  It short cuts that notion that everything has to be run past our angels or spirit guide – because our emotions are what the Universe gave us so that we didn’t have to keep phoning HOME every time we have to make a decision.

Neptune in the Solar Plexus Centre can be very uncomfortable, but if we loosen up on the judgement around what sort of people we are if we have certain kinds of feelings, that makes things much easier.  I highly recommend Karla McLaren’s amazing book The Language of Emotions for anyone who is struggling with this issue.


Neptune in 2014 & 2015

  • 12th April – Neptune moves into Gate 37 line 2
  • Neptune is retrograde from 12 June till 16 November
  • 12 August Neptune shifts back into Gate 37 line 1
  • 14 September Neptune moves back into Gate 55
  • 16 November Neptune goes direct
  • 15 January 2015 Neptune moves back into Gate 37 where it remains until 25 April 2016.

Neptune in 2016 

  •  25th April – Neptune moves into Gate 63
  • 15th June – Neptune goes retrograde in 63 line 1
  • 4th August  – Neptune shifts back into Gate 37
  • 21st November – Neptune does direct in 37 line 4
  • 22nd February 2017 Neptune shifts into Gate 63 and remains there until 30 March 2019, when it moves to Gate 22.


This is an earlier post for Uranus in 21 and Neptune in 37


Neptune and Uranus are about to light up the Tribal circuitry in your design.  This is all about how we relate to each other to get our material and emotional needs met at the level of family and community.


Tribal circuitry differs from the Collective energy of unconditional love and the transpersonal.  It also differs from the Individual energy of going it alone so as not to compromise your unique expression of self.  In the Tribal or Communal circuitry we discover we are social beings who need to be hugged and fed and loved for who we are, with all our imperfections.  We find the places within us that seek validation from those closest to home.  We crave their acceptance, their approval and their recognition.

The Tribal or Communal circuitry is also the place where we struggle to emerge from the amorphous mass of humanity, to be seen as an individual who exists independently of the tribe, where we need the space to be able to transform and ‘value add’ to the community through our special and unique gifts.  And it’s where we choose to invest in communal ideas, beliefs and projects.


Let’s Get Personal

freedomNeptune and Uranus are the FREEDOM planets, although they have the desire for very different kinds of freedom.  Uranus  represents the individual will for freedom of expression.  Neptune activates our desire for freedom from the limitations of the ego based human realm.  At it’s lower vibration, Neptune likes nothing better than to merge with whatever feels good in the moment.  At it’s highest vibration Neptune inspires us to move beyond the illusion of separation and self deception into embodied spiritual fulfillment.

Both Uranus and Neptune reveal to us the interconnectedness of all things.   Again, they have different functions.  Uranus carries the energy of Light – the mental realm.  Neptune carries the energy of Love – the heart realm.  They are both transpersonal planets with huge universal themes.  And yet, in our design they demand that we find a personal way to express them.

Uranus and Neptune transits show places where we can resist incarnation and prefer to stay in the big impersonal version of our lives.  We can live in rebellion and reaction rather than stand for our own ideas and beliefs (Uranus). We can live in the diffuse field of unconditional love rather than feel the very human experience of our own heart (Neptune).

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  1. Thank you for that, it was very useful for me as I am in the middle of a Pluto square neptune transit feeling rudderless! Also neptune opp mars!

    1. Goodness Barbra … you could have written the post, you must know everything there is to know about Neptune right now! It does take some inner steel to move through a Neptune transit without losing our rudder!

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    In Loving Freedom!
    Chef Jem

  3. Holy you know what !! Born in November 1963 my p. Neptune sits there in gate 1 – so many transits firing up right now and yet paradoxically I am awash in the water – deep water waves of my solar plexus and Chiron is treading water – ? Or perhaps the centaur had dived deep into the internal abyss and just hasn’t surfaced yet – hope he didn’t drown with Ophelia in my design moon in 55 – maybe he’s actually at WORK rescuing her .. ????

  4. gosh!
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  5. kim…
    was neptune in spleen centre (as you mentioned in para 6) till august 63?
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