Neptune in the Gate of Abundance

On 4th February 2012, Neptune shifted into Pisces and at 3.30am on 7th February (UT)  Neptune moved into the Gate of Abundance (gate 55).  It will stay there till 14 January 2015.

We are becoming more conscious of our boundaries as individuals and expanding our visionary creative capacity to open ourselves to embodied bliss

Neptune in the Solar Plexus Centre

Neptune in the Solar Plexus Centre challenges us to find the sacred in experiences that affect our emotions, and to restore us to a state of true humanity.  It’s  been lifting the veil of mesmeric confusion that has had us trapped in the destructive individualism of a culture where money, and little else, talks.

Neptune has been in the Solar Plexus Centre since it went into the Aquarian gate of Revolution (49) in March 2006, where it stayed until December 2009.  Since 2009 we have been learning that our feelings, our raw and beautiful emotions, are divinely inspired and very, very personal.  It’s become well accepted now that pushing our emotions down does not bring clarity, but pain.

The deaths of Sadaam Hussein, Benazir Bhutto and Slobodan Milosevic give some indication of the rise of terrorist activity during that period, as Neptune  in the Gate of Revolution began to lift a veil on the archetype of the tyrant.  Another wave of ‘tyranny’ came to light when Lehmann brothers filed for bankruptcy in September 2008.

In December 2009, Neptune shifted into the Gate of Illumination (30) and we entered an intense period of relinquishing our old paternalistic world view.  As Pluto moved through the Gate of Treading (10), the behaviour of the stern father figure became more and more out of touch with the sort of benevolence we sought in our ‘authority’ figures – government, banks, etc.

We haven’t yet reached Neptune’s ideal of oneness – haven’t reached 100% , but have gotten stuck at the 99% + 1%.  It’s time for a change in the maths.   And there was plenty of maths about when BP spilled some oil in the Gulf of Mexico after an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon in April 2010.  It had us all trying to figure out what was most valuable –  oil and industry or the oceans and environment.

As Jupiter, Chiron and the minor planet Snow White all joined Neptune at various times in 2009 and 2010, we were forced to wake up, to visit our own wounds and to build our own world view, rather than continue to rely on what had been passed down to us from the 1%.

In 2009 to 2011, Neptune in the Gate of Illumination (30) has supported us to keep our own inner spiritual flame alight, even if sometimes it is only a flicker, and to keep moving steadily through danger and dread without feeling the need for quick fixes or damaging reactions.  We are much more emotionally stable and much less likely to dissolve or disappear in the fog than we were in 2006.

Neptune’s Journey since 2010

Neptune in Gate 55

What happens after you get what you want?  Where do you go once you succeed?  These are Gate 55 questions.  The Sun shines full at midday, but there is inevitably a decline of abundance.

Neptune is about to challenge the idea that we can live unlimited lives of continual growth – at least in the linear plane.  If we are to continue to grow, to learn, to expand, then we need to shift dimensions. We must always be asking ourselves .. when I reach that goal, what’s next for me?  Not in the way we push against the flow, but to step into our roles as creators.

If we limit ourselves to an endpoint we lose the game.  The Universe is happy for you to have your dream home, but why do you want it? What will do create once you have it?

Take advantage of the good fortune coming your way, make use of the abundance you have.   There’s no need to push, or to move into disharmony by over-doing anything.  Abundance is natural. And it’s FOR something, you have abundance for a higher purpose – be clear about what that purpose is and abundance will flow.

In a linear or dualistic reality we are constantly on the alert out of fear of the inevitable decline.  Aging, loss of customers, the end of a love affair.  But the decline is simply a sign to move to the next level of your existence.  It’s as full of potential, of life, as the abundance.

There is a profound shift in our relationships going on just now, and this is our key to shifting into the newly emergent reality.  It doesn’t matter what the relationship is, who or what it’s with – a person, a rock, yourself –  the quality of your relationships is leading you into a new abundant dimension of life.

When we recognise connection we transcend.  We don’t just move beyond our individual struggle, but past our mechanistic imprint as individual cogs in the machine.  We are massively connected to the universe, every thought we think affects everything.  Neptune in the Gate of Abundance will prove this to us in very real ways.

Expect transformational movies that shift mass consciousness. Also expect to see the beginning of the end of that massive dinosaur – the global corporation. It’s had it’s time in the sun and will begin a decline. We’ll see it replaced by collaborative projects globally networked.  It’s the age of the connected individual, each one holding accountability rather than hiding behind a corporate banner.

Between now and January 2015, Neptune will bring shocks to your ego,  dissolving frozen emotional blocks to intimate connection with life.  It will allow clarity to break through the mists of your delusion of separation from natural abundance.   Allow any times of decline to lead you into a greater and more abundant understanding of the multiverse you share with us all.  You’ve got nothing to lose.

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17 thoughts on “Neptune in the Gate of Abundance

    1. Hi Janice, hard to say without seeing your chart, but generally it could bring a chance for gradual clarity to arise in how you relate to others – to be able to see a higher sense of common ground with others and less need to react to protect your emotional vulnerability. Initially it may feel confusing and overwhelming, but stay with the process and I think you’ll find it will be incredibly beneficial.

  1. This is a wonderful post Kim, thank you for tracking back through Neptune’s influences over the last few years – it really helps to get the full flavour of the seismic power of the shifts that are happening, and though that energy can feel threatening, disastrous even, the effects on collective consciousness are just just wonderful. What you have written is so resonant with my experience just now it touches me deeply: the transcendent sacredness of connection, of relationship – sacred in that each conscious connection becomes a beautiful fractal of our emergent Universal patterning – so we finally consciously experience ourselves as a seamless part of an ever-unfolding whole. Seamless but not homogenised, or colonised or subjugated – ‘it’s the age of the connected individual…’ where different is beautiful – and still connected. You are a pioneer – Thank you!

    1. Anna, thank you. It really does show us the immense trajectory of change we are on, and how much each one of us is doing to bring it about. Love to you as always.

  2. I came to this page because of a dream that I had. In my dream, I was flying around an area of plains, trees, and people, I saw two groups of people at what looked like a circular portal ontop of a wooden platform, one group was trying to get through the portal, but one man in particular was preventing them by physical means. When the man had beaten the three individuals trying to get into the portal, the man turned to me and said “This is the gate of abundance, they were trying to get through, but I am the guardian” I nodded in acknowledgement, then woke up from the dream. This dream was very recent as well (about 2/13/12). What would you take from this? I believe in astral projection, and I have connected with lost loved ones in dreams as well, so it is entirely possible for me to believe that I saw some physical manifestation of the “gate of abundance,” which I have never heard of prior to the dream. Can you guide me toward more knowledge about this gate? Your article was wonderful by the way, it definitely pertains to my current situation.

    1. Wes that is a really wonderful dream! I would be intrigued to find out what you have in this gate in your chart. If you want to email me ~ kim – at – ~ with your birth details, date, time and place, I will email your chart to you with some ideas about the dream.


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