New Moon – 10 January 2016

It can feel right now as if we have landed in a strange new place. There’s a sense of unfamiliarity.  Our efforts to get control may feel thwarted.  You might feel as if you should be doing something. It might even feel as if something bad will happen if you don’t take action … but what action will be most effective?

This might sound weird but …

My private clients are always turning up on their first session and sharing this one terrible secret:

this might sound weird but

and then they tell me something about their mystical experiences, multidimensional experiences, intuitive capacities. All the wonderful powerful feminine magic that we have suppressed forever. It wants to come out to play.

Be aware of trying to push down these ancient spiritual talents. We are birthing them into a new world, creating it as we go.

This week’s New Moon is happening right on top of Pluto in his new position in the Gate of the Marrying Maiden.

New Moon 10 January at 1:30am UT

This week’s New Moon is sitting right on Pluto. You can read more about Pluto in Gate 54 here.

Let’s just be clear about this – that means the Sun, Moon and Pluto are all in the one gate. The Gate is called The Marrying Maiden. It’s the story of a young woman finding herself in a situation that requires her to grow into her new role. She has little power and must be attuned to the commands and direction of the ‘first wife’. For me, that means recognising we are untried in this new situation. We have no familiarity, no experience to draw on. We don’t know the territory and shouldn’t pretend that we can draw on our knowledge from ‘before’ to navigate now. We are learners, looking around and building our understanding. The ‘first wife’ who is guiding us is our subtle knowing. Describe it how you will. It could be described as feminine intuition. In conventional HD terms it could be inner authority.  However you want to categorise or describe it, the key feature is that it is an INNER KNOWING rather than taking cues from the external world.


Here’s the line 5 instruction:

You have reached a place where you can grow into your potential and eventually be of greater service.

And Pluto in line 1 adds:

You start out at a disadvantage, labouring under a handicap. But the important thing is that you do start out. There may be some things you can’t fix or heal, and some things that will never come easily, but when you are aware of your limitations and understand how hard this will be, then it is good to take charge and set to work. As you do what you can, those disadvantages and handicaps lose their power to trap you in “I can’t”. You find the freedom to move and create change. (Hilary Barrett)

There are two very important dwarf planets anchoring this New Moon. That shouldn’t be surprising, given how influential Pluto is right now, operating in his role as galactic doorway. Eris in Gate 42 has a powerful effect on how we can work together to create sustainable growth. Our mantra must become relationships not things.

Hawaiian Goddess Haumea is in Gate 32, making a channel with the Sun, Moon and Pluto. The theme with many of the dwarf planets is sustainability. Haumea brings an unshakable confidence in our own abilities, particularly as women acting autonomously in the world. This means – we no longer need approval or permission!

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