New Moon 20 March 2015

New Moon Friday 20 March 2015 at 9.36am UT.

joy williamsWhile the actual Pluto-Uranus Square happened a few days ago, we will most feel it’s effect over the next 48 hours.

Today’s New Moon sits right on top of Uranus, activating all the power of that life changing transit.  It also comes complete with it’s own solar eclipse and equinox, and it’s right on the Aries Point just to make things really interesting.

The New Moon is working deeply to shock us out of ancient wounds that have been holding us apart from living fully as spiritual beings in a physical body.

I woke up very early this morning, just before dawn, and immediately started thinking.  Because that’s what we do in our culture.  We think.  We think about what time to get up, and what we need to do and what we said and what we didn’t say and and and on it goes.  We think so much about so many things that we don’t even know we are thinking.  It’s very common when I ask my private clients ‘how do you feel about that’ for them to begin their answer with ‘I think … ‘.  This thinking binds us up in keeping safe, in controlling our bodies and our lives, in staying clear from the power of the creative flow of universal energy because, well who knows where it may take us!

This week’s New Moon is in the G Centre, the antithesis of thinking.  The place where we find our highest heart based potential. In the gate where our innocence and trust can get entangled in deluded beliefs and other futile and groundless things.

We do all we can to control our lives, while reality careens in a different direction entirely!

We have arrived at a time when our internal self and our external experiences are reaching out to grasp hands.  It involves some unwinding of old hard edges and struggle. It means we need to bring some courage to dropping into our deepest most vulnerable place of longing and sensitivity.

While the Sun and Moon today trigger the Pluto-Uranus square and this is making waves in the astrology community, the Human Design transit chart shows just how incredibly connected these two events truly are.  In the HD chart, the Sun, Moon and Uranus are in the same channel today.


New Moon March 2015
New Moon March 2015


If you experience any shocking events, not matter how inconsequential, I suggest these steps:

1.  Put your hand over your heart

2. Take some slow deep breaths and imagine your breath going in and out of your heart

3. Imagine someone or something that makes you feel love and appreciation and care

4. Bathe in those feelings for a minute or two.


This process will create a greater heart coherence and allows you the space to choose a love based response rather than a fear based response. This coherent state will support you to untangle from your habitual thoughts, and from old beliefs and pains and compulsions.  It will allow another higher destiny to open up before you.

One of the benefits of using this technique just now is to prevent you getting caught up in a blur of effort without any clarity about what it will all achieve.  There is a blind constrictive patterning, almost like a web, which is being pulled off us.  Our fear can have us clutching at this web, trying to create some kind of physical anchor.

Instead, the love coherence technique allows you to shift out of that old pattern, quell your thinking and drop more deeply into your own reality, your own body.

The G Centre is the home of the Magnetic Monopole, which holds our life geometry. Asteroid Arachne is in that gate, which indicates our tendency to make things more complicated than they are in order to make ourselves seem more important.  In this way we get ‘entangled’ in a web where we can feel victimised.  Gate 2 line 3, where Arachne is sitting on the New Moon says:

There is an inner treasure here, already whole and complete in itself, needing nothing added.  You can stay true to it without concerning yourself with immediate personal achievement.

So even as you work, perhaps to realise your inner potential, you know that winning something to show for your efforts now is not so important.  It’s sufficient that the work be completed in the end.

Hilary Barrett

This is a message I am seeing repeatedly just now. The outcomes are not so important as us staying present to each step in the journey.  Pushing for outcomes we have ‘thought up’ simple keeps us enmeshed, trapped in ridiculous complications that have nothing to do with reality.  Reality is here on the ground.  Reality requires us to be present to as much as we can possibly be conscious of.

This is the returning feminine, filling space and creating form.  This is the returning feminine creating structure from the invisible, using the magical power of nature and her bounty, leading us to a perfection as certainly as the planets know their orbits and the waves land on the shore.

The G Centre indicates love, identity and direction at the highest level of our being.  It is the place where we set out on our life long search to understand and experience love, both giving and receiving.  It is the place where, free of the web of our own complex thinking, we open to our natural ability to attract people, places and events that we are here to live authentically.

You may be feeling very sensitive just now.  That is because we are all in recovery from being treated as an object – an employee, a consumer, a student, a customer, a tax file number!  Over the next few days, keep returning to your heart space and feeling the tenderness there.  Bathe yourself in it for a moment or two.  This is how we change our world.


Image: Joy Williams

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3 thoughts on “New Moon 20 March 2015

  1. Awwww..yes…thanks Kim…I can sense that coming…we are just so stuck in this pattern…treated to be an object…and accepting it. It is really time to move on and feel more and think less…thanks again for the words!

  2. Beautiful, Kim. Thank you for the valuable reminders and insights about flowing well with the current energy streams. And yes, in Western culture at leas, we would be in recovery (assuming that we’ve recognized it) from being treated as commodities in a sea of commodities. Lovely that these big energies might help to activate the Big G! 🙂 Thanks as every for sharing your unique perspective. xoxo Jamie

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