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So here we are!  Rapidly approaching the much anticipated end of the Mayan Calendar.  Tomorrow we have a New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse.  The Sun and Moon will be in Scorpio.  In Human Design, they are in the Ajna Centre, in the Gate of Breakthrough. Are you feeling dizzy?


New Moon Exact time: 13th Nov 22:08pm UT, US Pacific: 14:08pm, US Eastern: 17:08pm.  Australian EDST: Wed 14th Nov at 9:08am, NZ: Wed 14th 11.08am.  The Solar Eclipse is 3 minutes later. 


Mind Body Alignment


New Moon November 2012 Human Design TransitsIts clear from the chart that there are two distinct areas being activated by this New Moon – the mind and the body.

They both connect to the Nodes – the mental energy to the South Node (what we are leaving behind) and the physical energy to the North Node (what we are moving towards).  Together these two areas of activation represent a profound shift in our mind body connection.  We are moving away from a mental overview, the mind as master of reality.  We are replacing that way of being with something more gentle, more attuned to our own natural rhythms.

We are making a massive descent into our physical bodies.  After this we won’t be needing to keep that last resort – beam me up Scotty!  – at the ready.  Our bodies will be clear enough to be the temple of our souls.


Frequency Shifts


The Sun and Moon, in the mental gate of Breakthrough (43), are bringing us into alignment with new frequencies.  This is shifting our brain waves, opening us up to new ways of experiencing life.

There is a harmonic environment in which all biology on this planet is bathed.  Nick Anthony Fiorenza calls it the Grand Evolutionary Symphony.  Although we are constantly bathing in this cosmic symphony, our own personal frequency is influenced by what we are ‘tuned’ into.  Like a radio, we can be tuned to lower or higher vibrations.    When we are tuned into the lower vibrations we are trapped in survival, and in a herd mentality.  As we allow our inner ear to open to higher vibrations, we find that we become attuned to a natural cosmic geometry that frees us from fear and the desire to struggle.  We are, in a sense, held within the hand of the divine.

As this new space opens up within us we discover the heart of the cosmos – the meeting place of space and time, matter and energy. This is the true incarnation cross!  This is like a cracking open of the cosmic egg, a break in the space time continuum where we develop new relationships to the four pillars of our world – space, time, matter, energy.   This is the place from which heaven and earth emerged.

These frequencies not only affect our brain wave patterning, but our entire biological matrix.  This New Moon brings an opening to a new purer frequency.  It’s a mental and physical detox.

The mental projector Channel of Structuring is, I believe, representative of the Plank Level in quantum physics.  I will write more about this as the Emergent Human Design material continues to take shape.


Tempo and Harmony


Tempo is crucial here.  Like music, without the correct tempo, life loses it’s harmony and descends into incoherent noise.  With Ceres in the Gate of Humility (15), we are being drawn ever so gently into a new relationship with the universal harmonic.   This is a gate of cosmic timing, pulling us beyond our earthly cycles and into the stories of life itself, stretching over millions of years.


To support our greatest well being, and to make possible our evolution and spiritual awakening, we must allow ourselves (and our brainwave patterns) to breath in concert with mother Earth and with her natural cycles moment-to-moment. The Earth is a spherical receiver of cosmic energy (evolutionary intelligence) which directs our biological process and spiritual evolutionary unfoldment.

The Earth re-radiates the cosmic information it receives from its core outward in complex long-wave signals. We receive these signals via our spinal columns and cranial structures (a vertical antenna system). The cranial cavity, the capstone to this antenna captures this information and re-focuses it to the pineal gland, a neuro-endocrine transducer in the center of the brain, where it is then transmitted (via the hypothalamus) as signals that direct the pituitary gland, the master control center of the brain. These signals are further distributed via the rest of the neurological sytem.


For many years I have been waiting for the right time to explain how tempo is a key to enlightenment.  Human Design shows us the immense power of timing in our personal alignment to the flow of  universal creation.  When we speak and act at the right time, we create a more harmonic fractal.

In 2012, we are opening to a new sense of personal and planetary meaning and the mechanics of this shift is in our own response to life – in our personal tempo.  This tempo pervades our heart, mind and soul, but the primary information is held at the cellular level.  The complex interactions of our hormones, electrical impulses and chemical messages are at the core of our relationship with something greater than ourselves.  This New Moon is anchoring a new frequency, a more harmonic fractal within our cells.  As we release our addiction to owning, controlling and forcing events we can relax into this new way of being.

When you live in this place the details don’t matter.  Because in a harmonic fractal reality, all is hologram.  The shape of your life is reflected out endlessly.  When you are kind, your world is kind.  When you are relaxed, your world is relaxed.  There is a huge upside to this geometry.  Life becomes simple.  You don’t have to control anything, worry about things, hoard or even achieve.  You can simply be, at the centre of your own universe where everything … everything ..  has personal meaning and value.

This is the place we are now entering.

The Illusion of Trickle Down

One of the biggest issues we are facing on this planet right now is control of communal resources.  The meme of the 1% has entered our consciousness, largely through the Occupy Movement.  Like a greedy gobbling monster, the 1% will never find contentment, even as they destroy the planet in their fear fuelled greed.  Since Neptune entered the Gate of Abundance in February 2012, it’s become clear that this hoarding of money, resources, power and control is unsustainable.  And yet our entire culture is based on working at a job so we can own things.

That 1% is the part of us that is still holding on, out of fear that we will lose everything.

The Earth in the Gate of Splitting Apart (23) tugs at anything in our life that has become unsustainable.  The heavy falls away, the old dies.   Sitting at the top of the mountain hoarding piles of wealth is not a sustainable place to be, and this Gate speaks of the nature of moral decline that occurs when this instability endures for too long.

One of the images of the Gate of Splitting Apart is the landslide, where all the goodies locked up at the top of the mountain tumble down and act to stabilise the base.   After this, things become simpler, more meaningful.  And a new cycle of abundance begins.

The latest idea of the Occupy Movement is to create a Rolling Jubilee that will eliminate existing consumer debt.  It has the potential to strip away the legitimacy of debt.  We have to borrow large sums to have things that should belong to any member of the community by right – housing, education, childcare.  Debt can remove our choices, our freedom to respond to life.  This is not about socialism, but the privatisation of communal commons.  Read Charles Eisenstein for a full explanation.

On the New Moon, the Earth is conjunct Sedna in Gate 23.  Sedna tells us to let go, to drop down to our own deep self, to drown in our ocean.  She is particularly concerned with our notion of what roles we play – are we attached to being mother, wife, daughter, doctor, lawyer, carpenter?  How do we hold so tightly to our roles that something more true disappears from view?  When we succumb to Sedna we are stripped back to our bones.  From the decay arises new life.

On a personal level, what do you have too much of in your life that’s making you unbalanced?  What feels heavy and unsustainable, as if it will topple?  Where is there a possibility that you can simply allow something in your life to decay, and wait to see what seeds emerge?


A New Concept of Beauty


The Earth in the Gate of Splitting Apart tells us that lasting perfection is not as important as the cycling of life.  In a world addicted to youthful good looks and planned obsolescence, seeds still sprout from the rotting fruit rather than the freshly polished GMO modified perfectly red apple.  What happens when we can’t even see the life in the seed anymore?  Mostly we just throw them in the bin.  There’s something here about losing our belief in the potential to even begin.

See my last post about the influx of death energy and how we can use it to shift.

Venus is conjunct Haumea in the Gate of The Gentle (57).  Haumea is the powerful Hawaiian creator goddess who ensured that all her people took good care of themselves, each other and their home.  Haumea says that when we are exhausted, we turn to community to replenish ourselves. When we have no fear of our needs being met, we can stay with our natural rhythm, dipping deeply and being nourished.  When the communal resources are privatised we have to work for a living.  No time for rest unless we want to be homeless.

Venus and Haumea bring our attention to the normalising of  theft of our vitality.  Eros – vitality – is with Pluto in the Gate of Joy adding to this picture.  Mercury retrograde in the Gate of Power also speaks of drawing back our own energy and vitality.   We are not designed to struggle to survive, and the false story of lack is no longer compelling.

We are here to create beauty according to our own intuitive genius, and to do it slowly, gradually and with absolute respect, gratitude and love for the community and the global being.  Haumea brings the confidence to trust to our body and soul’s knowing.


Mother, Father and Child



As Madonna and Child pass over the Aries Point (in the Gate of Innocence, Gate 25), Cyllarus and Pan are in the Root Centre shifting our perspective on the value of the masculine.

Cyllarus is the warrior lost in battle, giving up his life for the needs of government.  With him is Pan, the randy old nature god.  They are in the Gate of Obstruction (39), meeting Neptune, Chiron and Snow White in the Gate of Abundance (55).

This is a channel that seeks emotional security.  There is pressure from the Root to express the whole range of emotions about what is lost.  And what is lost is immense – a space within the patriarchy for men to mature into, a meaningful life role, the need to step away from sacrifice as a way to prove masculinity, and a reconnection with nature, sexuality and joy.

There is an aspect of the feminine (Snow White) that is slumbering, lost in her grief at the non-action of the masculine.  (Also Hylonome and Juno in 26 – constantly releasing energy before something worthwhile has built up, demanding that everything looks good and ignoring the processes required to create, which kills off the feminine aspect).

This New Moon speaks of being prepared to sacrifice our lives on the basis of ideology (Gate 43 in the Ajna/mind).  We are removed – enculturated away from (Pan = Satan) – our life force energy, our flow of emotional responses, our natural abundance.

Venus in the Spleen speaks of the return of the divine feminine (also Eris in 42, Metis in 53; Madonna in 25 with Child).  This gives us a chance to rest and recuperate.  The masculine energy impulsing the Solar Plexus takes the chance to wait out the emotional wave, to wait for clarity.


The Prison of Ideas Unhinged


Our minds can enslave us with worry, anxiety, pressure.   But it’s just that we’re not doing it right!  When our minds work in concert with our bodies and our emotions they transform to something personal.  They anchor in reality.   Most people are unable to recognise that thoughts are different from reality and that thoughts require action.

Uranus is opposite Sisyphus, which means Sisyphus is creating a channel with Pluto, connecting him into the Venus/Haumea activation.

This is the echo of the machine, the Luddites reborn.  We are freeing ourselves from ideas implanted in our DNA that we have to make our energy available, even if it makes us miserable.  That there’s something wrong with us if we can’t fit the dominant paradigm.  The Occupy Movement’s Rolling Jubilee is a great example of turning our ideas on their head, challenging us to stop complaining and take action ……. on our own behalf …  as a community!   Here is the true power of the mind!

Uranus challenges us to maturity, to stop trying to gain brownie points for compliance, and instead to get very clear about what we want and what action we will take to achieve our desires.  Pandora in the Gate of the Creative and various activations to Eris in the Gate of Increase call to us ….  what we have been ashamed of, what we have worried about, suppressed and denied in ourselves …. these are our gifts to each other.  We are entering a new fractal and it will bring all the connections you need to thrive.


The New Moon is in the Gate of Breakthrough.  It’s a mental gate.  Mars in the Gate of Ideas (11) is conjunct the Galactic Centre, Uranus is in the Gate of Leading (17) – both mental gates.  This New Moon speaks to us of the way our minds operate.

The way we have been thinking is too small, too boxed in.  We are about to experience a monumental shift in how we think about things – in the way we think and what we think.  The things we have been afraid of have become so much less. We’ve grown up, are standing at the dawn of a spiritual maturity.   It’s not the decay that requires our attention now, but the seed.




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