New Moon May 2015 – Giving Birth to Your Creative Spirit

New Moon – 18 May 2015 at 4:13am UT – Gate 8 line 3 – 13 Taurus 22’42”

This week’s New Moon calls you to ditch the safe road and find those who help you reclaim your wild and creative soul nature. 


My mother often marvels at her grandchildren’s creativity. She’s blessed with a family that’s chock full of young artists and musicians. Where does it come from?  she often ponders.  Not from me!  

And yet, really, who would know.  Creativity and imagination weren’t at the top of the list of important qualities when Mum was being raised post-depression. They were frivolous and a risk to the responsible erstwhile task of creating financial security.  How would she know where her creative imagination is hiding?

Our economically biased society (and our education system) has no need for quirky individuality, it’s too pesky and unpredictable.  But this week’s New Moon calls you to ditch the safe road and go gently in the direction of your dreams.

There’s an underlying process here, slowly dissolving anything in your dna that holds you back – fear of being different, standing out, being humiliated, isolated, broke and hungry. Those fears calcified in our dna over millenium of hunkering down and working on keeping ourselves and our loved ones secure. But security looks a lot different these days, and we have to move with the times.

We are being birthed into a new kind of human – soul aware, cosmically creative, and naturally aligned with the good of all.

The scary thing about this, like any birthing process, is we don’t ever know how it’s going to turn out. We are letting go of one reality and leaping into another.  We have no guarantees.  And yet our old way of being doesn’t work anymore.  We have become too sensitive, too free, too unfettered to stay living as widgets in the machine line.  We are at a place right now where we literally have no choice but to take that leap, to begin our own rebirth.


Giving Birth To Yourself

Dwarf planet Haumea is making a channel with Pluto till the end of May. Haumea is about birthing us into a clear state of consciousness.  One aspect of Pluto in Gate 54 is the development of our ability to see the bigger picture, and to work for harmony beyond our own needs. These are very physical gates – Root and Spleen Centre – so this emerging clear state of consciousness is not about ascending, but much more about embracing our earthly origins and their full potential.  Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, Haumea the planet of birthing a new consciousness.  What could possibly go wrong!

Dwarf planet Ceres is currently transiting in Gate 19, a portal gate in the Human Design chart that activates a shift in our instinct to survive.  Ceres is about nourishment, and the experience of being mothered.  It is the basis for our sense of being a person valuable enough for others to want to relate to.

This gate – Gate 19 –  holds a very sensitive emotional energy that brings awareness to our emotional and material needs for survival.  If you’ve ever learnt anything about the heart-breaking barbed wire monkey experiment by Harry Harlow at the University of Wisconsin in 1960’s, you’ll know how important warmth and comfort and a sense of emotional safety are to humans (and primates). We can be perfectly well nourished and yet lack the emotional security to feel safe enough to grow into ourselves.  Ceres in Gate 19 this week is informing us of our need to take things gently, honour our sensitivity to our own needs, and to move organically through our process of birth rather than trying to pretend we are already fully formed in our new world.

Most of the fears that infest our lives now are built into the bedrock of our culture, through generations of being unable to find a safe place to recover and recuperate from the subtle shocks and traumas of life, and from pushing ourselves to survive in a world that feels almost continually harsh and unsafe. Living in the western world may look rosy on the outside, but is often unrelenting hard work. We have fallen into a belief that there is something wrong with us if we can’t toughen up enough to succeed there. If only we can find what’s wrong with us and fix it, if only we can get the formula right, we will receive what we need to feel good.

This way of being – the struggle of it –  is so deep within us that we can’t see it for the busy-ness of our own activity. If we’re not working hard, we are thinking, worrying, planning how to make things better. To add to an already dire situation, we have no base upon which to build our new life.

Often it seems weird to most of the people we know to even suggest that being gentle, soft, caring and awake to our own creative urges should be a primary way of living. We might be told to toughen up, to get real, to be more responsible. In other words, the general advice is to carry on busily destroying ourselves and our world, you know, just like everyone else.  With little in the way of support we are having to create our own conditions for warmth, intimacy, comfort, prosperity and a gentle and more creatively authentic way of life.

This week’s New Moon cracks that old harsh view right open.

Your true nature is wildness.  There is no taming where the divine is concerned … All systems break down under this wild, ebullient energy that comes straight from the source of creation.

Richard Rudd, Genekey 8


Antoine Josse - Tutt'Art@ (30)
Image: Antoine Josse


New Moon – Seeking Union and Making A Contribution

The New Moon is in Gate 8 – Seeking Union, Contribution, Holding Together.  (The I Ching hexagrams often have more than one name).  The foundation of the hexagram is a close union of people – a family or community – who come together.  It is auspicious to seek union with those who are ready to move forward with us, who share our belief that we can create change and give birth to a new world.

This is a time to find where you belong, to search for connection and belonging.
Many people have been asking for this connection for a long long time.  What often prevents us being able to find those we are naturally connected to is our conditioning that there is something wrong with us.  When we are told for so long that we are too loud, too quiet, too busy, too thoughtful, too this too that … after a while we believe it.  But what if there were people out there for whom you were altogether perfect?  What if these people don’t want you to change (or correct) a single thing, but craved you being even more than you already are?

What if all those things that you have been led to believe are wrong with you turn out to be everything that is right with you?

If there are things you feel are inherently wrong, aspects of yourself you feel can never be made right about you no matter how hard you try (because you have tried hard to fix these things for many many years and it’s just not working), then you are seeking companionship with the wrong people. You are believing in a system and a culture that dishonours your true wild, creative nature. You can’t join with the wrong people without denying your true nature. Your wild unfettered self must be kept on a tight rein, watchful for wrong steps that put you at risk of rejection and this is no way to live.

The reality is, we are not here to go it alone.  It’s a miracle we even try, given how many people there are on the planet! Over the past few years our capacity for relationship has been evolving.  It hasn’t been easy as we moved through relationships and friendships that have pushed every one of our most painful buttons but we have emerged more open, more trusting, more capable of co-creating with those who truly match us, truly get us.

This week ushers in a time when we can be with those who let us be our full powerful amazing creative self, because we provide a foil for them.  We do our bit and it feeds into them doing their bit.  There may not be a lot of these new kind of people in your life, but look for them – even if it’s only one or two. Feel what it feels like when you interact with them.  This is a feeling you need to cultivate in order to attract more just like them.

These new relationships call us beyond mediocrity, beyond our fears and illusions and into our own individual style.  They propel us headlong into a deeply fulfilling sense of purpose.

The Earth is in Gate 14 – where we connect with something real and potent and of great value within ourselves.  Where are you naturally rich?  What do you possess that you may not be opening your heart to?  Is it your natural wisdom?  Your capacity for relationships?  Your ability to love and care? Your love for sculpture, for cooking, for dancing? Where have you been convinced that your natural gifts, the things that come so easily to you that you discount their importance, where have you been convinced to keep these things to yourself? How can you begin now to share them?

Take some time to connect with what is possible, rather than what is. Feel within yourself the confidence in the real value of your work, and dedicate it to something higher.

The sun does not struggle to rise in the sky, it just rises. In the same way, when you assent to what is and yield to heaven, you can rest in your work.

Hilary Barrett

The Return of the Golden Age

The asteroid Astraea is conjunct the Sun and Moon this week.  Astraea represents a desire for justice and fairness in the time of “men”. She holds true to the values of the Golden Age, when people were kinder and gentler. It is said that Astraea fled the world during the Bronze Age because she found it too harsh and the prophecies foretold her return at the dawn of the next Golden  Age.  When this asteroid is prominent in your design you will tend to be very sensitive to the virtues of kindness and fairness.

Her appearance on this New Moon is significant, at a time when Ceres is triggering great emotional sensitivity, and Pluto is activating our capacity to see beyond our own needs.  What does your Golden Age look like?  Can you feel a sensitivity to something kinder and fairer (to you and to others) returning to your life?

Becoming the Divine

If you feel you are dissolving into a big blob that you no longer recognise, you could be picking up the energy of dwarf planet Sedna.  She moved into Gate 8 only last week and is sitting plumb on this week’s New Moon. Sedna represents our need to rebalance our energies on this planet.  We do that by letting go of frozen aspects of self that keep us trapped in cultural gender based roles, starving for our soul selves.  We need to let go and drown in our own lives (metaphorically) rather than succumb to the apparent safety of the seduction of what others value in us. Our own creative energy, arising from our frozen depths, gives a new and specific shape and form to our lives if we allow it the time and space to do so.  If you are finding it difficult to hold your shape, head in the opposite direction. Release your grip and see where life takes you.

The Family Ties That No Longer Bind

There are three aspects of this week’s New Moon chart that speak clearly to the release of painful and restrictive family conditioning.  That’s a lot of emphasis on clearling out the ancestral DNA wardrobe!

The North Node is in the Gate of Correction – Gate 18 is specifically about correcting family patterns down to the level of our DNA.

Mars is in a channel with Saturn – Mars in 20 and Saturn in 34 – joined by the asteroid Child which is also in 34. This constellation of planets speaks to us of the child who is forced to push her way through the world, exhausting her vitality and squandering her own passion in order to adhere to the rules of how she ‘should’ live. The New Moon  brings a major reset of the Sacral energy on this planet.  Mars shifts our desire to live in love in each moment and to feel our natural vitality flow to where it chooses.

There is a Centaur (minor planet) called Nessus, which is a clear indicator of repairing family abuse patterns – subtle and not so subtle.  This week Nessus (55) is in a channel with Venus (39).  We are recuperating (Venus) and reconnecting with our capacity to join with others (39) to release our natural abundance of spirit (55).  To do so we must step out of old ways of seeing ourselves, as victims or as perpetrators or even just as a particular kind of person who needs fixing, rather than living.

We have been on a very long evolutionary trajectory that makes our relationships with others primary in our lives. This New Moon takes us one very large step further, as we release beliefs and behaviours that keeps us blocked from the kind of co-creative relationships that fling open the doorway to our greater self.  Relationships are fundamental to our quantum reality and we need to make them our first stop on our way to healthy wealthy and wise. What would happen if you chose to make kindness and fairness in your relatioships with others more important than the rules about how you should live?  What if you tried doing it in your relationship with yourself?

Relationships are key as we move forward.  Being with the wrong people keeps us trapped in the old world because the wrong people don’t release our genius into the world. There’s nothing actually wrong with them, but they are wrong for us. And so we feel wrong  .. and … well you can see where this is going! We all keep going around trying to fix ourselves so we’re right … for the wrong people. Spend some time this week considering how naturally perfect you are.

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