Walking Your New Storylines – New Moon September 2020

Sometimes you just have to let the past go, because the memories of what went wrong will haunt you forever. This week’s New Moon is about allowing our old stories to be complete, uncovering new storylines, and transitioning to our newly emerging possibilities.

This New Moon is a doozy, hooking up to the Pluto, Saturn, Uranus activation in the Channel of Awareness.

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Human Design Transit chart

Not only do the Sun and Moon activations in Gate 6 make a connection with Pluto and Saturn, but they are linking up with some big influences – the Nodes, Persephone, Chariklo and Albion.

There are two main themes. Firstly, the future is breaking through, as if cracking open the egg so the baby chick can be free of the old constraints.

Secondly, the feminine is the central force of change.

Let’s explore!

Crossing the Emotional Streams

The Sun and Moon are in Gate 6 – the place where all those emotional streams meet. It’s in the mixing of those streams that we find emotional healing. It creates a kind of inner argument, as all those voices and parts within you seek to have their stories heard. Inner conflict and projection are likely to play out here. If you have any trauma, this gate is what holds it firmly out of conscious awareness, while at the same time causing it to replay in endless loops as your subconscious tries to heal the breach.

Meeting the Sun and Moon is Goddess of Oceanic Wisdom, Metis, in Gate 59. This gives a likelihood of feeling our emotions out of control, overwhelming our defences, flooding our nervous system and washing away our control. What comes into the light is precious. Metis brings a strategic and grounded wisdom, a deeply feminine knowing of what we need to release and how we can carry on as familiar landmarks dissolve.

The Earth is in the Gate of Wounded Brightness, the place where we learn not to shine too brightly lest we upset others. Persephone is exactly conjunct the Earth – they are both in Gate 36 line 3.

Wounded and in darkness you decide to do more than hide away. You set out on an active and determined hunt for what oppresses the light. And you have success! You grasp the source of the problem and the key to it’s solution.

Hilary Barrett I Ching

Making Each Step Sacred

Oppression and isolation are key elements in this New Moon. We have a long term transit of Neptune to the Gate of Grace, and its complementary gate is Oppression – Gate 47. Asteroid Magdalena is there, an emissary of the divine feminine returning. Magdalena says don’t fall into the ever-so-yang-ish trap of trying to fix everything at once. Instead, care for each moment, make each step sacred.


These two gates – 36 and 6 – carry an important message about trust and integrity. You do not need to compromise yourself in engaging with others. You don’t need to point out where they are lacking in integrity. You don’t need to argue with them, or try to show how you are right.

Remember you don’t need to put anything to rights. Just engage, moment-by-moment, with what is emerging afresh in your life. By going back into the argument you put that fresh new energy in danger of being lost to you. And it’s the seed, the genesis of a new world. You must care for it as if it is sacred, because it is.

Persephone was also known as the Kore – the seed. She was the Goddess of Spring, the bringer of fresh new growth. She had been to hell and made it her own. And now she was returning to her mother, bringing the seeds to life, the buds to flower, the fruit to blossom.

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There are two very powerful energies engaging with this New Moon – Albion and Chariklo.

It’s the Future Calling!

Albion is currently in the Channel of Returning with Uranus. Albion catalyses major zeitgeist changes, supporting a kind of emancipation from cultural rules that don’t align with natural law and building new bridges between social groups, particularly using technology (think, internet). When Albion turns up we know we are on the cusp of major cultural shift. Joined by Uranus, planet of revolution, we can be assured of sudden and unexpected shifts.

Also, the planet Albion is always in a significant position in the HD transit chart of every pandemic I was able to research – in the Black Death, in SARS, in the Spanish Flu and now with Covid-19/ Coronavirus.

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Chariklo is in the Gate of Inner Truth with Pluto and Saturn. She represents the future crashing through our current reality, usually using science or technology. Chariklo was prominent in the chart of every single actor who played Dr Who. And every major cast member of the Star Trek series. She is related to the release of information about free energy, life on other planets and other extra-terrestrial matters. Chariklo was also prominent in the chart of Nikola Tesla.

I wonder about Eris, the whistleblower who is also very active just now, revealing technology that’s been kept suppressed by the traditional energy companies, possibly something that will tip our ideas about energy on their head. At the very least, expect to see a lot about renewable energies, and decentralised energy hubs.

Sweeping Our Lives Clean

Speaking of tipping things on their head, dwarf planets Gonggong and Ceres are both in Gate 55 (which leads into Neptune in 22 in our HD circuitry). Gonggong was a bit chaotic and knocked the world off its axis.

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Hades joins Gonggong and Ceres in the channel of letting go of what’s not on your path. As we release the people and circumstances that no longer serve us (Hades is about sweeping our lives clean, bring out the dead!) we find the space to usher in a new world, with confidence and independent strength. There’s no need to struggle on, we can relax, rediscover how to feel at home in our own lives.

With this foundation, we can go it alone despite the world feeling like it’s tipping on it’s axis (that’s Gonggong at work right there!). Be really clear about what you are in the mood for.

Image: Catherine Alexandre

The most important message, from my reading of all of this, is that we are facing some deep wounds of isolation, shame, struggle. Amidst this we can feel the light coming back to us. Even though we may feel we have to go it alone we somehow find the faith to trust ourselves.

Our Most Powerful Offering

One of the most powerful sorceresses – Circe joins Uranus and Albion in the Gate of Returning. Like Venus (in the Gate of Retreat) Circe suggests we choose solitude. There is a completing and a beginning and we need time to grieve and renew, to be with Persephone as she returns from her underworld. This collection of feminine energy, joined with the futurist Chariklo, who was the wife of Chiron, suggests to me that the feminine way of being is our most influential offering at this time.

All of these powerful feminine energies have a message, and its a simple one. There will not be a saviour. We are here to walk ourselves out of this place. Not as the hero, the herculean strongman who hurls himself against life in his efforts to prevail. We can only save ourselves by stepping forward from the inner feminine, the yin space of reverent receiving and partnership, the seed unfurling from the darkness within.

Truth is a fundamental issue for humanity right now. For women, their truth has been invalidated for so long, it can be difficult to remember what it feels like in our bodies. I used to say that the last weapon of the patriarchy was intimidation, but now I believe it’s gaslighting. If you don’t believe yourself, how can you effect any kind of positive change in the world?

This New Moon is all about truth. Not some external objective truth, not some conspiracy-fueled manipulation feeding off your trauma. Neptune, in the Solar Plexus Centre with the Sun, Earth and Moon this week, is teaching us about embodied truth.

The Solar Plexus Centre is a potent area of personal transformation. It’s helping us understand that our emotions are not just annoying distractions from the real world, but our most personal connection with truth.

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The Solar Plexus Centre does not yet give us truth in the moment, but it shows us our personal pathway, our own unique storylines.

And speaking of storylines, the planet that brings all of this emotional energy up for expression is Altjira in Gate 35. An Australian aboriginal dreamtime god, Altjira brings our dreams to reality by showing us a newly emerging pattern, making visible the pieces of the puzzle to which we have been blind, and which we have probably considered irrelevant to our own lives. He does this by stripping away anything extraneous.

Right now Altjira is suggesting we let go of the old problems and focus on solutions. Life is dissolving the past and you have a new storyline to discover.

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16 thoughts on “Walking Your New Storylines – New Moon September 2020

  1. Kim,
    This is my first time receiving your newsletter/oracular transmission. What an immensely supportive and rich gift to get in my inbox, thank you for this caliber of work. I couldn’t stop gazing at the image of Mary with her blue robe and vase, it stoped me in my tracks! Where is this in the world? I am curious about it and would love to know a bit more if possible. I resonate deeply with keeping the ‘fix it now’ urgency in check and allowing patience and spaciousness to be the order of the day. Taking care of each thing in font of me, as the sacred path that it is. Like tending the young shoots of a newly sprouted tree. So much here to savor. Thank you so much.

  2. Feeling this big time. You are a genius.

    Woke up today to gaslighting by my 16 year old son, and by noon saw the pattern, and how it played out in many areas of my life.

    We are living in interesting times where the veil is lifting. So grateful you are here to translate it for us!

    1. Yes the gaslighting is becoming so clear now, after so long as a potent tool of oppression and disempowerment. I’m sorry it’s your son, and happy you see it!

  3. English, my last language learned, is so rich in colourful expressions. Please explain gaslighting? I have vivid impressions of what it might mean but your wording is so exact that id really like to know

  4. one thing i have been feeling for some time now – and it is growing in its insistence, if not intensity – is the one thing undeniably revealed (exposed, not in our awareness but experience) by covid pandemic… that we are ready to wake up and know that we (humans) are a ‘one’, single entity… know it unmistakably.

    i haven’t seen you mention that, kim. at least not in ‘red letters’.

    is there anything you see about this?

    1. Biren I think the closest I get to that idea is the Matrix of Brilliance, but its not so much about oneness as about interconnectedness. Do you think they are somewhat the same thing?

  5. You are reflecting more and more clarity out of the skies, step by step … just as you are asking is to walk. That’s role modeling ! Thank you 🙏🏾

  6. Biren I think the closest I get to that idea is the Matrix of Brilliance, but its not so much about oneness as about interconnectedness. Do you think they are somewhat the same thing?

    1. yes, kim…
      and i feel life is opening us up to see how interconnectedness and oneness are… connected. the oneness is something like ‘being’ the forest, AS a tree. and the ‘forest’ is the unmistakable feeling of a singular entity we feel when we are in a forest, even though we see trees and birds and million other organisms.

      1. i somehow have this sense… suspicion… that chariklo may be playing some part in bringing this nascent eyes to birth… through which we might actually see the oneness as interconnectedness.

  7. “I used to say that the last weapon of the patriarchy was intimidation, but now I believe it’s gaslighting. If you don’t believe yourself, how can you effect any kind of positive change in the world?”

    These lines opened up so much energy in me. The kind of light and energy from being seen and being shown true light, not gaslight. Thank you:

    Especially the line, “If you don’t believe yourself, how can you effect any kind of positive change in the world.”

    There are generations of voices behind that line about to have their say. Whoosh! Powerful.

  8. My goodness, Kim! Your writing and breathtaking capacity to capture such rich information so beautifully and with such breadth is a gift to humanity. Thank you. This blog is so brilliantly written.

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