not safe but worth celebrating

Lately people have been feeling edgy. It’s as if something is stirring but they can’t quite put their finger on what it might be. There’s a wave of good and bad feelings washing through us. We are on the cusp of something wonderful and yet all our ancient antenna are picking up danger. 2016 has many transitions for us to navigate. Our first transition comes this week.

On 22nd January Mercury retrograde meets Pluto in Gate 54 line 1. Mercury brings your ideas to consciousness. Hidden knowledge, insights and ideas surface. Pluto represents your soul’s evolutionary journey. So when Mercury (consciousness) passes over Pluto (soul evolution) expect to feel a pull to something greater. The challenge here is that our ego selves are screaming NOT SAFE NOT SAFE while our souls are singing and dancing in celebration.


Mercury and Pluto in Gate 54


Gate 54 is called in the I Ching the Marrying Maiden. In the ancient chinese version of this gate, the second wife must be highly attuned to the dynamics of the family. She is not there to give birth to the heir (ambition). Her role is to keep the peace. Richard Rudd speaks of aspiration to rise to higher spiritual levels in his Gene Keys book. The Human Design book says Only when we have mastered our instincts to thrive on the mundane plane is the transformation of spiritual nature possible. 

This channel is all about bringing our spiritual nature down down down into our mundane lives. This is not personal ambition, but a devotion to the group. And this is not about giving ourselves up to the group, and this is the most important bit, it’s about you being you, but in a completely different way. That’s what makes it scary. You are you, but you’re not. You’re you but your are different. Your ego (which is all about keeping your personality self safe and secure) is not happy. It feels like we have our wires crossed and yet everything makes some weird kind of sense.

lh2_pbThis transit has the capacity to send us on an inner journey to find where we are holding onto our own small self ideas of what our lives are about.  Or ideas that are too fantastical, filled with shiny baubles. Somewhere in the middle is our soul mission, quietly waiting for our attention. Another major theme in 2016 is sustainability. Where is your personal sustainability? If you do bring your spirit or soul right down deep into your physical body and day to day life, how can you flourish?

All of this is coming to the surface as Mercury retrogrades over Pluto tomorrow.

It’s very likely you haven’t been able to get your dream/mission/purpose in life happening because it seemed impossible, too easy, too hard, blocked from view, beyond your capabilities, unacceptable ……  I could go on …  The Full Moon in Gate 41 (on 24th January) is an initiation, the beginning of a new way of translating life. Watch a gradual shift move through your life over the course of this week.

Find the freedom to make some small movement and create change, no matter how small. This is the channel of gradual development, the home of the baby step. Take some this week.

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5 thoughts on “not safe but worth celebrating

  1. Thank you for all your very informative and inspiring articles. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been feeling as if something big is going to change for me. It all makes sense now as its my birthday on Sunday 24 – gate /Gene key 41 activated. Feels like a racehorse waiting at the the starting gates.also Pluto transmitting my natal Mercury. Change in perspective?

    1. Leonora, Ceres is also transiting in Gate 30, so you’re getting a very strong activation to your Sun just now! Are you feeling a sense of loss, grief anger? These are all Ceres processes of cycling into a new more mature way of being in the world where you can better nurture and care for yourself. Enjoy the renewal!

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