On the verge of next level consciousness

If you think you’ve been in a weird space for the past few weeks, you’re absolutely correct. And here’s one of the reasons why. On the verge of a new level of conscious evolution, we have stalled while we go searching for an old pattern of avoidance.

Jupiter and Venus have been activating something called Cupido, shining a light on an aspect of ourselves we’ve been in the habit of keeping out of sight.

Cupido is in Gate 10 line 3 – an aspect of self that knows only how to attract attention to itself through being a martyr, through acting out its predicament and hoping someone will love it enough to rescue it.

Because rescue by another is not really the game you want to play here, the key for you is to engage in a little trial and error, knowing that taking small steps in a wonderful way is better than taking false steps, or no steps at all.

Cupido is not a planet, but a Uranian. It is named after Cupid/Eros and represents the higher octaves of Venus in terms of childbirth and all its trevails – falling pregnant, miscarrying, fertility issues, ceasarians, the actual birthing process.

If we look at Cupido from a higher perspective, we can see he is active when we are in a liminal space between one life and another. We haven’t given birth to our new self yet, a new level of conscious evolution, but we are well in the mix of it.

Cupido – owning our maturation

In particular, Cupido shows us where we might like to hang on to our old selves. Cupid/Eros was after all a mummy’s boy. The entire story of Psyche and Eros came about because Eros didn’t want to cross his powerful mother Aphrodite!

Its why Cupid/Eros is often portrayed as a child. He hasn’t matured into a man who lives on his own terms.

So here we are, faced with a transition of SELF, resisting stepping into a new maturation cycle.

Cupido shows the pattern of this in our lives. When we are find ourselves on the verge of having to actively step it up a level, what of ourselves do we trade in order to stay where we are?

What do you suppress in yourself to stay in a relationship that has become too small?

What do you deny in yourself to stay in a job that is no longer satisfying?

What will you hide from yourself and others so as not to breach existing family relationships?

This is probably not immediately obvious to you, but take some time to contemplate what is seeking to come into your life right now and how that feels challenging to you. What do you feel will have to come into the light if you are to accept this new level of you?

Remember, experiment with this by taking small steps rather than thinking you have to be rescued, or leap up instantly and fully re-formed.

Haumea – birthing a new consciousness

While Jupiter and Venus have been passing through Gate 10 with Cupido, the dwarf planet Haumea (in 50) has been making a channel with Uranus (in 27).

Gate 50 initiates a new era, and Haumea is about birthing something more pure, with a higher consciousness. Both Cupido and Haumea deal with aspects of physical health and particularly a connection between the mind and emotions and how they impact on our health at the physical level.

We must birth consciousness through our physicality

Cupido is showing us how that suppressed aspect of self impacts on our physical wellbeing. If you are having health issues at the moment it could be useful to consider a time lately when you made a decision, probably unconsciously, to hold back something in yourself to avoid the risk of having to step up.

This self-sabotage is likely to be part of your family system – some part you subconsciously agreed to play within the pattern of woundedness of your family. It’s also likely that you act out rather than have words to describe it.

In 2020, Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus will join Pluto to bring a whole new level of personal responsibility to our relationship with reality and universal creation. We are also in the midst of a huge global shift out of the old tribal energies, necessitating a shift in the evolution of consciousness to a more individualistic relationship within the matrix of brilliance.

We are laying the ground work in our physical bodies now for that massive shift.

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4 thoughts on “On the verge of next level consciousness

  1. I had my personal cupido syndrome exposed during my zoom call of 27th. and it took me 2 days to notice it.
    Today, just hours before reading your (this) post, i had a ‘sighting’ (in-sighting) into that issue, and when I read your post, it seemed as if you gave perfect words to my insights.

    signs? or blessings? this post, i mean.


  2. Gosh! You are describing exactly what is happening in my internal emerging by receiving my next steps. Not from the mind but from my connection to the divine and what my speck of it is motivated to do next. In the past I wouldn’t do the next step!

  3. Thanks so much for all your gifts Kim.
    I especially loved these words…”We are also in the midst of a huge global shift out of the old tribal energies, necessitating a shift in the evolution of consciousness to a more individualistic relationship within the matrix of brilliance.” This rings so true for me.

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