Personal Human Design Sessions

Like most people, you are probably in the midst of immense personal transition. Your old ways of being and doing simply won’t work here. You need new ways to be you. A personal Human Design reading with Kim Gould will completely change your ideas of who you are becoming and how you can get there from here.

30 minute Activation Session – $160


In 30 minutes we laser in on your most immediate issue, locate the root cause and find highly effective strategies to create a shift.


60 minute Alignment Session  – $320


In your 60 minute session we do a full overview of your life situation and realign any areas where you are experiencing confusion or discomfort.

90 minute Emergent Session – $480


In your 90 minute Emergent Session we explore your life cycles and higher purpose. These are also great for getting an understanding of deeper issues.

Kim Gould
Kim Gould

About Kim

Kim Gould is the founder of Love Your Design and creator of Emergent Human Design.

Kim has been a leading global Human Design practitioner since 2004 and is a multiple-certified coach.

Your Human Design Session with Kim focuses on your Design, but takes in much more than just your standard chart!

A Transformative Event

People write to me years after their sessions telling me they still listen back and learn even more about themselves.

Your session is organic and focused on YOU and the outcome and support you desire.

PayPal or Credit Card

You can pay for your session using your PayPal account or your credit card.

In some parts of the world where these facilities are not available, I use Western Union.

What times can I book?

Time zones are no problem, just follow the link to the automated booking system to choose a time that suits you.

Will a session help me?

I work with Human Design beginners and advanced practitioners. You may have a specific issue you want to resolve or simply want to explore your design.

Should I take notes?

You are welcome to take notes, but the sessions are also recorded in video and audio, so you can watch them back and see your charts, or just add the audio to your phone and listen anytime you want.

Meet from anywhere!

We do your sessions online so we can meet from anywhere in the world. I do most sessions on Zoom. We can also use Skype or telephone.

What Others Are Saying

“The insights we shared will be guiding my decisions for a long time to come.”

Dawn Waldron - Nutritional Therapist and Life Coach

Dawn Waldron
Nutritional Therapist and Life Coach
Tunbridge Wells UK

I booked a single Emergent HD Session with Kim because I had been following her online for a long time and finding great wisdom and confirmation in her blog posts. I needed help with the inner turmoil I was experiencing around my work.

I help people regain their health after a cancer diagnosis. I love what I do and have a great sense of purpose, but it’s a turbulent and emotional journey at times, especially as I’m a cancer survivor too. There’s so much we don’t know about healing and there’s a need to find the balance between what we know scientifically and what we know intuitively on a cosmic level. I was struggling with that and it was affecting my business.

Kim helped me articulate things that I somehow knew in the back of my mind but couldn’t express. She explained how conflicts I was experiencing related to the way I was showing up in the world.

With her expert prompting I could focus my energy, define my message and feel more comfortable with my work. I even learned that the unsettling nature of my work is part of my design – which has helped me accept it. Perhaps the most valuable thing was her insight into how I can renew my own energy while continuing to support others.

The work I did with Kim in my Personal Emergent HD Session has renewed my trust in my inner knowledge, the insights we shared will be guiding my decisions for a long time to come.

“Working with Kim was like having a brilliant lightbulb shone on my greatest gifts.”

Shannon Jackson Arnold - Soul Specialist

Shannon Jackson Arnold
Soul Specialist
Eagle Wisconson USA

I reached out to Kim and had a single Emergent HD session to help me understand why I was experiencing such self-doubt about my work. I love what I do and feel deeply ‘on purpose’ in offering soul-level energy sessions but I was feeling stuck and unsure how to market myself.

Kim covered numerous factors in my chart that could lead to doubt and fear and shared ways to move back into my own deep intuitive knowing, my natural gifts and greater ease and flow. She offered everything from book recommendations, the best decision-making style for me, how to check in with my heart wisdom and the reminder to get out and work in a cafe to support my open root and spleen centres.

An unexpected part of the session was Kim’s offering spot-on intuitive and practical guidance to support me in providing even better service and transformation for my clients. Working with Kim was like having a brilliant lightbulb shown on my greatest gifts and what I uniquely provide to the world.

This is not a standard Human Design reading – although I will spend as much time on the usual aspects of your Human Design as you would like me to.

In additional to conventional Human Design, I have many years experience in supporting you with:


Multidimensional Matrix

Your standard HD chart represents only a small part of your functioning. Most of who you are comes from other dimensions. Those dimensions are in the Multidimensional Matrix charts, including your Interactive and Spiritual Expression HD layers.


Minor Planets

Beyond the 13 planetary activations in your standard HD chart are a whole world of cosmic influences that tell the story of your life in a way you’ve never experienced before. I include what’s most significant to you – Dwarf planets, centaurs, asteroids and black holes.


Holographic Human Design

I developed the Holographic Human Design layer because people kept asking me – what’s going on for me right now? This layer allows me to give you an answer to that question so you are not just getting the same old Type, Strategy and Authority reading.

Personal Transition

Your Human Design is your PERSONAL BLUEPRINT for creating change.

We are entering a time of profound transformation and you have an innate purpose to fulfil. You cannot do this unless you are able to make decisions that respond to and create change at the highest level.

Your Human Design Session will help you:

  • See aspects of your life situations you have been blind to
  • Make decisions that align with your highest purpose
  • Deepen your relationship with your own inner creative powers
  • Overcome doubt, confusion, anxiety
  • Understand that the things you thought were wrong with you are actually your greatest gifts

Change is not a concept, but an action. We have been conditioned to be well behaved. But that old way of being is crumbling, along with the structures of our lives, our society and our old purpose. It’s time now to discover who you are becoming in this new world.

When you have a personal Human Design session with Kim, you will be guided and supported in remembering who you came here to be in this lifetime.

Your Feminine DNA

In your standard Human Design chart you have 13 planetary activations. All but two of them are masculine archetypes like Mars, Saturn and Pluto. If your Human Design is a map of your DNA, then where are the feminine DNA codes?

They are in the Asteroids.

In every Emergent Human Design Session we explore your

  • Subtle Layers – multidimensional consciousness
  • Progressions – personal evolutionary life code
  • Minor Planets – higher level of co-creative consciousness becoming available now


Your Asteroids, which hold your Feminine DNA Codes.

Psyche, Persephone, Pandora and more …. here is your original feminine self revealed.