Pluto in the Aquarian HD Gates – 2023 to 2044

In March 2023, Pluto shifts into Aquarius for the first time since it was discovered. No one alive now has ever experienced Pluto in Aquarius. So…what will it bring?

Pluto in Aquarius will focus on the use of technology to transform social structures. I’m putting big money on AI being the initial driver. But it goes so much deeper than tech upgrades! Aquarius rules technology and also the need to be an individual. So we have Pluto – transformation – turning up in the sign that looks at how humanity ‘downloads’ technology, and applies it in ways that support the expression of our individuality.

Pluto brings tremendous shifts and then we spend a long time learning all their dark arts. How might technology be used to manipulate our lack of emotional awareness? And what does it mean to come face-to-face with a future ruled by algorithms and computer system thinking? Not to mention the possibilities for cyborg overlords!

There are some big issues ahead for Pluto in Aquarius!

The Bigger Picture

Pluto will be hanging out in Aquarius for 21 years: from March 23, 2023 to January 2044. This planetary shift brings a huge shift in focus. For the past 13 years (2010-2023), Pluto was in Capricorn, mostly in channels connecting the Root to the Spleen Centre. Now, Pluto’s Root Centre energy shifts it’s focus towards the Solar Plexus Centre.

On a grand level, we are moving from the physical survival, health, and well-being energies of the Spleen Centre, into Solar Plexus territory. We will find now our deepest Plutonian transformation arising from our social relationships and the stories we tell ourselves (and others). We are moving into a 40 year Plutonian emotional wave.

Pluto deals in hidden power, and in Capricorn we saw a lot of that happen through the vehicle of global capitalism. Aquarius brings a new kid to the table for Pluto to play with – technology. Think the internet, apps like Tik Tok, and Chat GPT. I expect it is also going to play out in the banking and financial system, and will affect every other aspect of life that lives on the interweb airways.

While the Capricorn energy is largely about keeping safe by having one voice (think authoritarianism), in Aquarius it’s about finding ways for us all to have our own unique voice. Last time Pluto was in Aquarius we had the French and American Revolutions. What kind of revolution might we get this time?

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What might Pluto get up to in these Aquarian spaces?

I’ve always found it so fascinating that the Solar Plexus channels carry so much Aquarius energy. The nature of Aquarius is fellowship, networking, technology, higher mind, novel new solutions. It’s about coming together with our unique genius and finding how we all fit together, and what we can create when we collaborate.

We tend to talk about Pluto on a transpersonal level, it’s an outer planet which impacts global events. However, we all work with the Pluto energy at a personal level. And it’s here we find it’s power become available to us. Pluto brings what’s hidden into the light for transformation. Which is uncomfortable. We hide things for a reason, right?

If we move our vision down to the personal level, the Aquarian Human Design gates are about our emotional needs. Deep down, what do we really hunger for? And what stories do we tell ourselves about that? We can talk about transforming technology, but ultimately I believe Pluto in Aquarius is about our mythology. As humans, who are we? Who do we want to be? What is our relationship to each other, to the Earth and to the cosmos?

And particularly – in what ways do we want to use the technology that will become available over the next few decades.

The Aquarian Human Design Gates

Root Centre Aquarian Gates

Gate 60 – Limitation: This gate begins in Capricorn and then shifts to Aquarius in line 4. If we think of this as the doorway to the Aquarian energy, there is a clue that we should stop trying so hard and relax/rest into being ourselves. We need to learn that the individual mutative energy takes time to build up. This gate also speaks to our collective, assumed agreements–whether they limit us or give us a sound foundation for growth. Root Centre, Individual Circuitry.

Gate 41 – Decrease: When you come from your true essence, what do you have to offer? How can you put it to a higher use? How might this make your life simpler? This is the hunger for experiences that feed your soul, and not just your emotional desire. Root Centre, Collective Circuitry.

Gate 19 – Approach: Source energy calling you into partnership. How can you stay present to gradual change? This gate blends our physicality and humanity with spirit, creating heaven on earth. Root Centre, Tribal Circuitry.

G Centre Aquarian Gate

Gate 13 – Fellowship: Finding companions, sharing your secrets, gaining the strength in your new alliances to radically expand: who you are, where you venture, and what you attempt to achieve. This is the human vault of secrets, where the untold narratives have been locked away till now. G Centre, Collective Circuitry.

Solar Plexus Centre Aquarian Gates

Gate 49 – Revolution: Tapping into the unfolding creative process and changing the governing principle. You act from your own truth, which you carry inside you at all times, and this aligns you with the correct people. You feel safe to be yourself. Solar Plexus Centre, Tribal Circuitry.

Gate 30 – Illumination: Nurturing your capacity to cultivate the part of you that shelters and nourishes new insight. In line 6, this gate shifts into Pisces. Solar Plexus Centre, Collective Circuitry.

Weaving the Aquarian Narrative

Remember back in the early 1960s when Pluto and Uranus were conjunct? It was the beginning of a new relationship between the two planets. Since Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius, these next few years are going to draw on those 1960s beginnings.

Gate 13 and the tipping point of the Aquarian Age

Notice that one single G Centre gate: Gate 13. This is a standout energy in Aquarius. It represents the shift from the gentle energy of openness (Lake hexagram) to a fiery creative energy (Fire hexagram). It also represents the shift from the Quarter of Bonding to the Quarter of Initiation.

Once we’ve spent time in the G Centre’s Gate 13, we move into the creative energy of Initiation from 2032 to 2035, and the Aquarian gates shift from the Root Centre to the Solar Plexus Centre.

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The two stages of Aquarius

In the Aquarian gates, Pluto moves through 2 stages, with that G Centre transitional stage in the middle. The Root Centre gates bring us everything we need to shift from individual survival to collective thriving.

The first stage begins in the Gate of Limitation (60), the only Individual Aquarius gate. We then move to the Collective energy of the Gate of Decrease (41) where we align with a greater purpose within the collective sphere. And then on to the communal energy of the Gate of Approach (19), slowing us down to partner with Source energy.

The second stage takes us from the Communal energy of the Gate of Revolution (49), where we shift our relationship fractal in a way that changes the rules of communal engagement. And then onto the Gate of Illumination (30) where we build a shared life that draws on our unique creative connection to source.

There’s an interesting thing happening as we shift in stages: The Root Centre and Solar Plexus Centre gates are in the same two channels! But wait..there’s something else happening that draws out the commonality of the two as well.

Pluto trine Uranus from 2024 to 2029

Pluto will be trine Uranus from 2024 to 2029.

I want to unpack this with you, firstly by talking about planetary cycles. Each of the transpersonal planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – have cycles with the others. They are long-term, slow-moving events (often taking decades) that begin and end when the planets co-join.

The Uranus-Pluto cycle

In the 1960s, the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto was in Gate 64 in 1964-1965. If you’re part of that generation, this is a potent time for you! The cycle will complete in 2104, when these two planets meet again in Gate 24.

Within each of those long co-joined planetary cycles, there are a series of transitional moments. The most influential are: one opposition aspect, four square aspects, and three trine aspects. In this particular Uranus-Pluto cycle, between 1964 and 2104, they will have three trines. We are about to enter the first of those.

Here are the points:

Pluto is entering into the astrological sign ruled by Uranus – Aquarius.

So, while Pluto is in Uranus’ sign of Aquarius (at the beginning of the Aquarian Age), Pluto and Uranus are also entering into the first of three of their collaborative stages.

Trines are friendly creatures, where the two partners draw out the best from each other. The best of Pluto is deep transformation: drawing up to the surface all that’s previously been hidden away. The best of Uranus is collaborating to draw down the highest possible potential from the heavens.

There will be five exact hits on the Uranus-Pluto trines:

  • 18 July 2026 – Uranus in Gate 20.5 and Pluto in Gate 41.3
  • 29 November 2026 – Uranus in Gate 20.4 and Pluto in Gate 41.2
  • 15 June 2027 – Uranus in Gate 16.2 and Pluto in Gate 41.6
  • 13 January 2028 – Uranus in Gate 16.1 and Pluto in Gate 41.5
  • 10 May 2028 – Uranus in Gate 16.4 and Pluto in Gate 19.2.

Apart from the exact conjunctions, Uranus and Pluto will be in a trine relationship all the way through from 2024 to 2029.

Uranus, Pluto, and 2027

One more thing. In February 2027, Pluto will return to the same position it was in when Uranus was discovered. This is the basis for Ra’s predictions about a tipping point for humanity in 2027.

You can see the chart for this event in Taraka:

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  1. Awesome navigational insights through the gates. Excited, being born with Pluto in 64 ! Thank you very much.

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