Pluto transits in the Root Centre – 2010 to 2032

What deep transformation will Pluto bring to the Root Centre over 22 years, from 2010 to 2032?

The Root Centre has the quality of bringing things into form. It’s described as a pressure centre, but I prefer to think of it as carrying the impulse to engage with life. It does this through movement (connecting to the Spleen); through desire (connecting to the Solar Plexus) and through creativity (connecting to the Sacral.

Pluto brings up what’s hidden so that it can be transformed. And there is a lot hidden in the Root Centre. It is the densest and most inert of our spiritual layers. In the Hindu chakra system it carries the quality of fear, but also vitality, trust, security and complete soul birth. It is the resting place of our kundalini – our life force energy.

The Root Centre is the most feminine of the nine centres. In the Kabbalah, the Root Centre equates to the energy sephiroth called Malkuth, the home of the divine feminine Shekinah, and the place where we receive the incoming energies from the entire Bodygraph, hold and arrange them, before giving birth to the unique world of our own soul.

The trauma-based culture we live in tends to cause blockages in energy rising from the Root Centre, and we can see those blockages in the gates.

Each gate carries its own trauma response – the way in which we react to our fear and make perfectly sensible decisions at the time to hold our energy in potential rather than releasing it into the world. But we can’t keep our kundalini energy stuck down there in the Root Centre forever, and Pluto is helping us release it. Let’s explore the gates.

The three gates that move towards the Spleen Centre carry a fear of moving and doing.

Gate 58: Joy – recoils from sharing out of a fear of criticism (in Gate 18 – Correction). There is a desire for, and also a fear of, deep authenticity and the joy this gate brings. When the Root Centre energy moves in a healthy way out into the world through the Gate of Joy we don’t rely on others to bring us joy. We learn to trust our own capacity for openness and authenticity without a child-like expectation that others will take joy in us.

Gate 38: Opposing – resists social interaction from a fear of being opposed, of coming upon people who don’t share its point of view and therefore threaten our individual world view, creating a sense of overwhelm (in Gate 28 – Great Exceeding). When the Root Centre energy moves in a healthy way out into the world through the Gate of Opposing you join with others while remaining rooted in your own knowing, content with finding the places where you do see eye to eye.

Gate 54: the Marrying Maiden -will give up many important aspects of themselves in order to be included. Pushed to and fro by circumstance, it can be difficult to understand your role. When the Root Centre energy moves in a healthy way out into the world through the Gate of the Marrying Maiden, you are able to see the potential transformation in each situation you find yourself in. Even if others don’t see what you are doing, this supports you to stay true to yourself as you grow into who you are becoming.

The three gates that move towards the Solar Plexus Centre carry a fear of what we desire.

Gate 19: Nearing – a fear that the emergent potential you intuitively sense will require a revolution (Gate 49 – Revolution) and that others will reject you because it’s all a bit much. Your sensitivity to the gentleness of what is seeking to take form can overwhelm you, and can cause you to feel lost and without the resources you need to survive. When the Root Centre energy moves in a healthy way out into the world through the Gate of Nearing, you reawaken to your unique sensitivity for partnering with Source to make use of the communal resources in a way that aligns harmoniously with universal evolution.

Gate 39: Obstruction – a fear of finding only obstructive enemies and no allies, you push on alone, without pausing to reflect, and become exhausted with nothing to show for your quest. We fear that our enemies may try to re-route us from our individual mission. But, we need allies to help us find our direction, and when operating out of fear, this energy will often find itself on the wrong path. When the Root Centre energy moves in a healthy way out into the world through the Gate of Obstruction you are open to noticing who is here to help you, and you are able to take time out to reassess your progress and direction.

Gate 41: Decrease – a fear of being disappointed when our experiences don’t live up to our imaginings. We can get very busy doing nothing very important, especially when we sense the ending of things. There’s a real hunger here, for our own unique soul food, and paradoxically we should stay full to avoid our deep fear of emptiness, when that is just the cycle completing and space opening for the new. When the Root Centre energy moves in a healthy way out into the world through the Gate of Decrease we find life is simpler and more purposeful.

The three gates that move towards the Sacral Centre carry a fear of patterning our creative energy on our own terms.

Gate 53: Gradual Development – the fear of finding ourselves in uncomfortable and unknown circumstances far from home. Also, FOMO. When the Root Centre energy moves in a healthy way out into the world through the Gate of Gradual Development we have access to a deep-rooted sense of self that helps us feel at home as we wait on developments. This gate is part of the format channel for the Collective Wisdom Cycle, learning from experience, settling into ourselves. We can make ourselves at home through the long process of change.

Gate 60: Limitation – a fear of being limited, or perhaps of not having external limits imposed (who knows what I would do if there were no rules!!). This gate cautions against having rules that don’t support life and the fear is that we will be cut off from life in some way. In this gate we limit ourselves because going ‘out there’ is overwhelming and so we let the rules of others hold us back. When the Root Centre energy moves in a healthy way out into the world through the Gate of Limitation, we can self-organise based on our own organic experience.

Gate 52: Keeping Still – fear of moving. Keep still and hope no one sees you! This is a gate of trauma through freezing. Our energy can also get stuck when we feel our timing is being compromised. When the Root Centre energy moves in a healthy way out into the world through the Gate of Keeping Still our timing is impeccable and we can keep our own sense of inner integrity and balance.

If you have activations in the Root Centre, take a moment to consider how your energy – your kundalini – may be stuck there because of a fear of what you may encounter out in the world, and share your experiences in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Pluto transits in the Root Centre – 2010 to 2032

  1. What if I have a completely undefined Root Centre with only Gate 9 (twice Saturn in 4th Line – both Personality and Design) pointing toward the Root Centre??

    1. Completely open root. Blanco. Like the moon. A reflector. A mirror for your environment. Great flexibility in all these themes. You take over the sentiments of the people you are with. You are here to show us something. Might act like a Speedy Gonzalez. Either sensitive to stress/ pressure. Or you have overcome all this and are a big gift to the world.

  2. Wow, your descriptions of each gate are such precious gems – especially in view of Pluto’s transits – where we could be at the fear level, and what can we transcend onto by recognizing the quality the gate brings. Awesome 🙏

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