Pluto Uranus Square – Can You Believe?

1497551_10152094937685865_1432593613_nLife might feel a bit overwhelming at the moment, as universal forces create sweeping change within and without.

But here’s the good news. You only need to act on one point – your point of attraction –  to put the whole matrix in motion towards your good.  Huge shift is achievable when you focus on what’s drawing your attention right now.

We have a breakdown of one set of structures and the creation of another, happening simultaneously. This is tricky, because the structure that’s breaking down is something we have, in the past, staked our very lives on. The economy, the banking system, jobs.

And what’s replacing it? Well it feels untested. Can we really believe things are going to be okay for us?  How do we live in this place, let alone prosper in joy?

We are balancing our masculine, linear, straight-line way of living with the powerful incoming force of the feminine, abstract, feeling-based frequency.   I keep having dreams of navigating difficult watery terrains – that’s my ego self figuring out how to deal with the deluge of emotions being dumped on us right now.

They are releasing from the collective consciousness as we balance our linear/abstract, mental/heart, masculine/feminine on the way to resolving duality. What happens when we have conscious access to both realms in creative partnership?

You Say You Want A Revolution?

On 15th December we have our sixth Pluto Uranus square. There’s one more to go, in March 2015.

These seven events, spread over 4 years have unleashed a huge transformative change in our lives. It’s all about unhooking from external forms of authority, and learning the skill of trusting ourselves and the huge personal wealth of our inner knowing, as we move on our own pathway.

Since the first square, way back in June 2012, we have been shifting from the security of knowing what rules kept us safe and well fed.  What we gave up for that security was our sovereignty, and that’s exactly what we are reclaiming.

The revolution is in individuals coming together as a group to reclaim power and authority for a higher collective good.

Here in Australia we’ve seen our government’s 2014 budget roundly rejected by the people for one reason – because it was clearly doing a Robin Hood in reverse, taking from the poor and giving to the rich.  This kind of ‘powerful’ behaviour is now so transparent. Those who are still pulling these manoeuvres seem surprised that everyone can see exactly what they’re doing – What?  I thought I was still operating under the cover of your unconsciousness!!, they squeak when caught out!

The failure of the two Grand Jury hearings to find fault in the behaviour of the police in the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in New York are a similar story.  Whatever the individual circumstances, the facts remain – African-Americans are accosted, arrested, imprisoned and killed on the streets at massively higher rates than other groups.  And yes, we all see that.  And we say, this is not okay.


Pluto Uranus Square – 15 December 2014

Pluto in Capricorn has shifted our landscape.  Our relationship to government and authority will never be the same again.  From the Occupy Movement to Ferguson Missouri, we are seeing through the hidden ‘powers that be’ like never before.

Within ourselves hidden depths are being revealed, allowing us more conscious space for clear choice.  As each one of us develops sufficient trust to be guided to act in our sovereignty, the world shifts on its axis.  This is a dimensional shift, opening new dimensional doorways through our consciousness.  We are mutating genes, shifting neural pathways and generally messing with the experience of being human on this planet!

This week we are sensing the emergent potential arising within each one of us, giving us an opportunity to step into a whole new reality.  We have to overcome our insecurities and reach out, grasp the opportunities to foster and guide the potential of our dreams and visions.

I’ve been talking to people all week about their amazing visions and dreams.  I can feel the truth and power of their dreams in my very bones.  And yet, so many are hesitating on the brink of taking action. Don’t reference to the limitations of an exhausted reality. This is truly about trusting in the next step, whatever that is.  We are the midwifes of a whole new world.  Trust that!

Don’t try to control eventual outcomes. We can instead speak consistently and powerfully about what is arising.  Tune into how good your dreams feel!

akzhana abdalievaWatch carefully what you are paying attention to.  It’s your attention that is creating this shift in consciousness.  It’s you taking responsibility for what you are creating on subtle levels that is changing the world right now.

You may find that things, people, places and experiences you used to love now seem uninviting.

There’s an emptiness as your frequency shifts and your energy moves on. You may enter into a natural grieving process, but don’t stay there.  You have new people, places and experiences to create right now – bring your attention more to those as you feel your desires arising.

You’re So Vain

There is a subtle level of ego that we might call vanity. This current square is opening us up to see our own vanity and how it has been sludging up our heart, and our higher levels of consciousness.

In his Genekeys book, Richard Rudd writes about the shadow energy of vanity.  This is also a topic that Doc Childers covers in his HeartMath book Overcoming Chaos.

Vanity is a distortion of the true self, created through insecurities and emotional investment in who we believe we are, or should be.

Vanity not only locks up both attention and vitality, our fears then make us unavailable for higher level thinking, feeling and acting.  Most of our decision making comes from our vanity (fear) rather than from our deepest core self.  In Human Design the not-self is a concept that is similar to this, but not exactly the same.

This week’s square happens with the Sun and Mercury in Gate 11 – Heaven on Earth, Peace or Advance.  The Earth is in Gate 12 – Hindrance, Stagnation or Standstill.

Rudd sees Vanity as the shadow of Gate 12. In our fear of obscurity we cling to our vanity.  In our love of our own uniqueness, we cling to our vanity. It is, Rudd says, the last shadow to let go.

One of the major themes of the Pluto Uranus squares is to become truly and fully ourselves without surrending our personal sovereignty.  And therein is the crux – how do I live as my most brilliant self, without my ego vanity taking over, surrending myself to a higher power and authority?

St Germain talks about the I AM presence – the God Within.  This is my personal belief – that each one of us has access in each moment to our higher nature.  When we allow our vanity and the fears holding it in place to slip away, we can leap.  After all we have been though, this has become an immediate choice we can make in each moment.  When I feel fear, I have my go-to’s for shifting immediately into love.  I use music, nature and some specific frequency tools to bring me back into my highest potential in the present (pre-sent) moment.  (I’ll be sharing more on this soon)

HeartMath have the science to show how our heart physically connects with the higher executive brain function.  This mind/heart connection takes us out of survival and into a way of thinking, feeling and acting that naturally chooses what is in the highest good.  That’s your highest good, by the way! And everyone else’s as well.  The whole kit and kaboodle – our atmosphere, the latest shuttle launch, the woman up the road about to give birth – everyone and everything benefits.

The incoming non-linear energy is shaking our straight-line kind of world to it’s core.  Because there’s a problem with straight lines. What if we fall off?  What if things get messy?  What if we get our story wrong and life turns out to be something else entirely? Your key is your feeling world, and those subtle dreams and visions coming from love and anchoring in via your heart and higher mind.


Have you read about dark matter (95% of our reality, currently not understood), junk dna (95% of dna, currently not understood).  This is the world of incredible potential we are opening up to. There are stories here we haven’t yet begun to dream! While we are busy walking a straight line, we are pouring our life force energy into someone else’s rules and (at the risk of sounding marxist) into someone else’s pocket! The very complexity of this life makes it stressful and hardwork.  Who knows when they’re getting it right?  But when we attune to our inner authority, our own personal unversal batphone, life gets simple. The rules are created perfectly and exactly for you!

Opening to Your Potential 

This week we have a powerful choice to bring about union and harmony, both within and without.  When you choose to steadily and loyally persist in paying attention to what feels best for you right now, you shift your consciousness.  Jupiter is having a MASSIVE effect on our capacity for belief and trust at the moment.

Over the weekend, during the Full Moon, I was in such a state of sensitivity in my heart that I could barely even move.  On Saturday night both of my neighbours had parties.  I was like .. REALLY!?! There was light, there was noise, there all kinds of crazy goings on.  I was focusing on keeping my innocence intact but it got SO ridiculously at odds with such a pure energy around 2am – the height of the drama on both sides – that I could only laugh.  It was ridiculous that there I was doing this incredibly pure process, surrounded by raccous people drinking, smoking and whatever else.  I had to stop protecting myself from the shock and open up to … well, just the experience of it all!  By Monday I felt like a new person.

Rather than shutting down into survival mode, when you open up to the shocks you are also opening up to new potential and possibilities, so that your heart’s desire speaks more clearly than ever.  This shift re-energises your intention and reveals there is work to be done.  You can harness the energy that was previously blocked off through shame, fear of rejection, etc, and get underway.

 Where To Now? 

This blog turned out longer than I planned, but here’s the thing.  We are on the cusp of something truly amazing and you know what that looks like in your life.  Or at least, you know how it feels.  Which is just as important.  All the universe is asking of you right now is to believe in it.  And trust the steps you are guided to take.

It’s not about paying the bills, being loved, losing weight.  All those things will come built into the package, once you get this!  You are meant for more.  More fun, more prosperity, more of every good thing you’ve been longing for.  And those tugs at your heartstrings?  Those .. if only’s that are keeping you stuck?  Listen deeply.  Take action as it becomes clear.  Stay tuned!  You are unleashing the freedom to move and create change.

Images – Akzhana Abdalieva

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7 thoughts on “Pluto Uranus Square – Can You Believe?

  1. Dear Kim,

    Happy Holiday Transformations!

    Thank you for this “Clarion Call” message here. There were many points that touched me and I could relate to this. I have been reading your articles for a couple of years now and they are just that one more thing that brings me that little support as I slowly move through this deconditioning process!

    In Gratitude,
    Rhonda <3

  2. Hei Kim,
    Most interested about the 95% dark matter/junk dna -theme, since I work in and with that field on my own work. Created a method to assist people to remember the code and information they have in that 95.
    As we know the google world is filled with information – so I’m asking you: what is your (reliable and broad minded) source for this information.
    Others, feel free to comment, too.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Lisa, the material on dna and dark matter is my intuitive take on it. I’ve been watching the evolvement of these materials for about a decade and I have always felt they represent some aspect of our experience of the feminine … part of our everyday experience, not valued or understood and hard to measure or experience with our ‘normal’ senses.

      1. Thank you Kim. We’re very much aligned on this one.
        My decade-long excavations and study on the collective level of experiental feminine history shows excatly the same. I’m glad to have some to share this valuable point of view with you. Thank you again.

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