Are You Pregnant With Miracles?

Is there something unique and wonderful birthing in you right now?  Can you feel a sense of the miraculous wanting to express through you?

Right now we are upgrading to our new soul mission.  We’ve shed, we’ve let go and we’ve shown we are ready to move on. The world has opened up to the possibilities we have boldly imagined.  Sure there’s fear, but that’s not what is defining us right now.

When I talk to people about working with me personally, I love it most when they say … but Kim!  I can’t make money working with this!  It’s just a vague idea!  

Let me share with you.  If you feel a sense of purpose and mission, it’s so much more than a vague idea.  This is the seed pod containing your new life direction.  And truly, it’s time for you to nurture it and watch it grow.    The world needs you and your heart based business.  Believe it, you are the miracle!

These desires to expand are coming to you as a soul gift, and you absolutely can create a prosperous lifestyle business by inviting them fully into your life.   The more you value your gifts, the more people you can help, the more money you make.  It’s a simple formula and one that has profound implications for how you live your life.

Here’s something that usually astonishes people.

You can turn your idea into a wildly profitable business.  I can show you how to do that.




I have space for 2 new personal clients to work with me for the next six months to turn their idea into a highly successful global lifestyle business. If you’re ready to invest in yourself, this is your chance to step up into the possiblities and make them real. It is a big investment, and you have to know you’re worth it, and that you are ready to be present and available to receive the financial rewards.

Click here to book a Disccovery Session.

Oh and I must share with you:  in September I am heading out to North Carolina for a miraculous 9 days of training in the Codes of Language.  This work has totally changed my approach to Human Design, and released the miraculous in my life.  If you become one of my personal clients this week, you will receive the benefit of that work, as well as my 9 months of being mentored in the business of success for women entrepreneurs in The Academy.

This is your time to shine.  I have only 2 spaces available for 6 months of personal mentoring to give birth to your miracle. Are you longing to invest in yourself?  To commit to fully valuing yourself?  Are you excited to get started crafting your new life?

Click here to book your Discovery Session.

I'm Kim Gould, founder of Love Your Design. I have been innovating and taking Human Design to the next level since 2003.

Beyond Type and Strategy, beyond the keywords and rigid rules, there are Asteroids, Dwarf Planets, Multidimensional Human Design and Holographic Human Design to explore. Come join me!

Want more? Join our Love Your Design Communitywhere we break the bounds of standard Human Design and explore it's full multidimensional potential.

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