PS. You Are Not A Machine

Today’s New Moon takes us a step away from being a cog in the machine, and a step towards discovering something utterly unique about ourselves.

There’s one way to do things when you’re just a cog in the machine.  And there’s another way entirely to live, to love and to prosper when you are a co-creative being full of life!  Today’s New Moon is showing us some powerful new ways to BE.

While astrologers talk about the spiritual aspects of a New Moon in Pisces – and this is of course very important – let’s have a look at it from the Human Design perspective.

Solar Plexus Centre in Human Design chart


Locating the New Moon in Your Body

The New Moon is happening in the Solar Plexus Centre.  Which means – it’s happening in YOUR solar plexus chakra, the home of your breathing process and the seat of your feelings and emotions.

Here’s an interesting experiment.  Think of something that has a negative effect on you and observe what your solar plexus does in response.   Now, think of something that makes you feel great.  Again, observe what your solar plexus does in response.  Can you feel the difference in how you breathe?   That’s affecting how you connect with your emotions and how you take in nourishing qi.

We are developing our new yang muscles.  The old yang is all but gone from this planet and we need to find new caring and creative ways to be active participants in our world.  As we fill ourselves with fresh air, the lungs push our waste materials downward, all the way into the large intestine. In other words, we take in clear qi so that we can absorb it into our material reality, and it supports us to expel what is not useful.

If we are not breathing easily we are not receiving all the nourishing qi that is available to us in each moment.  This immediately puts us into a place of deficit or lack.   And our ability to expel our waste is hampered, so we retain toxicity.

So, unlike a cog in a machine, whether you are building a business, working out better ways to parent your kids or protesting against coal seam gas mining, breathing is one of the most important things you can do to support yourself.   Breathing creates successful outcomes!

An Emotional New Moon

The Solar Plexus is the place where we connect to our emotions.  Experiencing the full range of our personal emotions is a crucial key to life on earth.  You are an individual within a collective.  Your feelings tell so you much about your sense of identity and purpose within the greater whole.  Your emotions inform and empower you in your higher purpose.  As you open the flow of clear qi, you stabilise your emotional experience, and are then able to more clearly and cleanly access what you need to know about your unique role here on earth.

Perhaps you’re becoming aware of toxic emotional energy entering your field.  This New Moon will support you to find practical ways to change what you’re taking in, and also to expel what you may already have stored in your field in the past.

New Moon conjunct Neptune

The New Moon is sitting right on top of Neptune and Chiron.  This is wonderful news.  Why?  Because Neptune and Chiron have been doing a mighty job since 2009 of ‘lifting the veil’ on tyranny and oppression on this planet.  Together they have really clarified our response to the media, global corporations, environmental and social issues, and political tyranny.    Issues like the Gulf oil spill, deforestation in the Amazon, the Occupy movement, the Arab Spring and the recent Susan Komen affair in the US have demonstrated the ability of the grassroots movement to create real and lasting change in the world.  Because we have developed a much higher degree of emotional clarity, it’s much harder now to pull the wool over our eyes.  We are watching.  And we are learning how to respond as powerful co-creators.

New Moon in the Gate of Abundance

The New Moon occurs in the Gate of Abundance.  It’s also lovingly known as Gate 55.  This gate says .. make hay while the sun shines.  This is a bitter sweet energy, because we all know that nothing lasts forever.  The core issue here is not to panic and try to do everything at once, or throw up our hands at the sheer abundance of what’s on offer …. oy! so much grass! so much sunshine! …   Instead we create abundance by applying ourselves to the resources we have available.  It’s your life and it’s your home. It’s yours to grow into.

We are always creating abundance in our lives.  We may not be happy about what we are creating, and we may feel we are not responsible for what we are creating.  That doesn’t change the fact that we live in and create abundance with each breath we take.  In her excellent book The Faeries Oracle, Jessica Macbeth explains how our growing ground is always fertile, something is always growing because fertile earth never remains empty.  When we stay earthed and attend to our own growing ground, keeping it fertile, well watered and aerated, and when we pay attention to what grows there, rooting out what we don’t want growing, we gradually create a beautiful garden to live in.

What’s in abundance in your life now?  What can you create with it?

The Earth and the New Moon

The Earth isn’t used in astrology, but its an important part of the Human Design System.  It represents how we create, bring into form, and how we ground ourselves.  Today the Earth is in the Gate of Dissolution in the Sacral Centre (Gate 59).   It is a process of allowing your ego self to disperse, to dissolve and evaporate into the greater reality.  We are quietly and gently entering a larger sense of self with a deeper connection to truth.  What we previously ‘stood for’ shifts and changes as we align to a greater purpose.   This process releases clogged up vitality as the sacral chakra gets free of  the weight of old emotional toxicity.  Moving  in wild ways is important, what permission do you need to move freely?

You are not a cog in a machine

Each one of us is unique.  Each one of us has a part to play in the journey of humanity, earth and the cosmos.  That’s why we are here.  We’re awakening from a long period of ‘machination’, a time when humanities consciousness was trained to attempt to be machinelike, and if you didn’t step up to the mark you were easily duplicated and replaced.  Or so that particular story went.

This time is passing, and your uniqueness is a key to who you are becoming.  Gradually unfurling, you are becoming so much more than you imagined.   Breathe deeply, feel the uniquely personal truth of you.


New Moon, February 21st 2012, 22:34pm UT. Sun and Moon at  2+Pisces.  Gate 55 line 3.


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