Psyche in your Human Design

Psyche and Eros

In your Human Design chart Psyche shows your great desire for love and fulfilment, and how you can journey through the seemingly impossible trials that you face once you acknowledge them.

The Mythology of Psyche

The story of Psyche and her lover Eros (Cupid) is told in the 2nd century Latin novel, Metamorphoses. However it is much older than this, showing up at least back to 5,000 BCE.

Psyche is so beautiful that the people worship her and neglect the Goddess of Beauty, Venus (Aphrodite).

Psyche’s father is concerned and consults Apollo who advises him to offer Psyche up to this monstrous dragon-like husband on a mountain top. (narrator: Because. No, I’m sorry, why? But okay, let’s keep going with the story).

It is said that the creature is so terrifying even the underworld is afraid of his powers (narrator: but not, as it turns out, our heroine).

Psyche is arrayed in funeral attire, conveyed by a procession to the peak of a rocky crag, and exposed. Marriage and death are merged into a single rite of passage, the West Wind bears her up to meet her fated match, and deposits her in a lovely meadow, where she promptly falls asleep.

Psyche opening the door into Cupid’s garden, John William Waterhouse, public domain

When she wakes and explores, Psyche finds a wonderful palace with golden columns and silver ceilings. A voice tells her to make herself comfortable and she is entertained at a sumptuous feast that serves itself. Although fearful and without sexual experience, she allows herself to be guided to a bedroom, where in the darkness a being she cannot see makes love to her. She promises never to reveal his face, and soon she becomes pregnant.

Psyche’s sisters come to visit and, fearful that she has been impregnated by the monstrous dragon of the prophecy, persuade Psyche to look at Eros. The sisters had sown such seeds of doubt and dread that one night, Psyche shines a candle on her lover’s face. Rather than the feared monster, her candlelight reveals the most beautiful creature she has ever seen.

Cupid and Psyche by Fortunino Matania

In her confusion Psyche wounds herself with one of Eros’ arrows, stumbles and spills hot wax on him. Eros wakes and, realising his secret has been discovered, he flees. Psyche wanders aimlessly, feeling suicidal when she fails to find and reunite with Eros.

After unsuccessfully seeking help from Ceres and Juno, she comes to realise her only hope of redemption lies with Venus. This is the turning point of the whole story, when Psyche owns her desires and sets out on a heroic journey to create the life of her dreams.

Venus revels in her power over Psyche and sets four seemingly impossible trials for her to prove her worthiness for Eros. Psyche is able to complete each trial against all odds, with help coming from unexpected places. Just take a moment to notice that bit – unexpected help arrives when she needs it.

Her final trial was to visit Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, and ask for a box of beauty oil for Venus. On her way back, Psyche opened the box and found it contained the sleep of Hades. Eros flew and rescued her from this sleep of the dead. He approached Jupiter to grant Psyche immortality so they could be married. They had three children – Bliss, Pleasure and Ecstasy.

Psyche’s Discovery

Psyche is an asteroid orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, in the Main Asteroid Belt. At the time of its discovery, the asteroid Psyche was in Gate 29 line 3.

Down and down into the depths. Sometimes it seems as though if you just push a little further in, you’ll reach a simple solution. This is a delusion. You are in a deep hole and there is nothing useful you can do about it now. Put your spade down, take the opportunity to rest. Knowing the limits of what you can do can be a rest in itself.

Hilary Barrett, I Ching

Psyche is joined in this gate by Atlantis, an asteroid that can make us feel like all knowledge is dangerous, and trigger feelings of imminent doom. In the adjoining gate is Arnica, which is the remedy for shock.

The Sun is in the Gate of Wounded Brightness (36) – we stay loyal to our own light even when we have to keep it hidden. The Earth is in the Gate of Integration (6) – bringing together all the aspects of ourselves that create inner division, and committing to the truth.

You can access the interactive chart at

Very interesting fact: Venus and Aphrodite are exactly conjunct in this chart! They are both in Gate 27 line 5.

Taking the road less travelled means your road will not be easy, but it will be your own road. It will reflect your character, your values, without any imposed boundaries. Not needing acceptance from others, your imagination can run free, but you will have to carve out your own place.

Lise Heyboer:

The discovery chart takes me back to the original trigger to the whole saga, that Psyche was so beautiful she challenged the gods. It’s a popular theme in the Greek and Roman myths, the hubris of pesky mortals who challenge the gods, and the dreadful vengeance the gods exacted on them.

The meaning of Psyche in your Human Design

Like Psyche, our desires show the way to the full realisation of our own light. We have kept it hidden out of fear that it may be too bright, that it may cause the ‘gods’ to challenge us. Our deepest longings go unfulfilled.

There are many layers of meaning to Psyche’s stories and, like many of the goddess archetypes, she cannot be summed up quickly or easily. It takes time to get to know her, and her placement in your Design gives the opportunity for immense transformation through love, the desires it triggers, and all it’s seemingly impossible trials.

Psyche can also represent psychic attunement that we use out of unconditional love for others. Depending on it’s placement in your design, it could represent empathy, mental telepathy, an ability to manifest or work with energy.


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