Quantum Ring-Pass-Not

The idea of a ring-pass-not was made popular by the theosophist Madame Blavatsky. We cannot pass to the next level of consciousness until we complete this level. It’s just like a video game. You have to collect the golden key to unlock the portal.

The quantum reality is not our destination, simply a learning space for the next level of universal human consciousness. When we grasp the quantum reality we will realise what is beyond it.

Human Design is our map for this transitional time.

The golden key is what I call the Quantum Ring-Pass-Not – there are two specific keys we must ‘collect’ before we can go through the portal.

The First Quantum Key

We have to begin to live in accordance with the quantum reality. We might already realise intellectually that everything is connected, that we are all entangled in this participatory universe and uncertainty opens up new possibilities for creation when we trust and explore.

But living it, that’s where we are right now. That’s our first Quantum Key. We can give the ideas lip service – uncertainty, yeah sure I can do that. But when covid turned the world upside many people found they actually didn’t like it so much after all. It’s not just about being okay with not knowing how things will turn out.

Chaos has a relationship with narrative. If we can tell the story of something we can experience its order. If the circumstances defy any narrative structure we want to impose, we experience them as chaotic. We can’t make sense of them, we can’t tell their story in a coherent and understandable way.

Right now, in this evolutionary stage, we are not so much learning new stories, as learning a whole new way to create stories. What lead to this moment? Where do we go from here? Who are we travelling with? What is life anyway?

We are developing ways to connect with each other that are massively more creative. Each one of us is leaning how to be a unique and creative individual within a universal matrix of consciousness. What’s your part? How do you live day by day entangled in the matrix, responding to every other aspect of consciousness in existence?

Photo by Clarisse Croset on Unsplash


The second key in the Quantum Ring-Pass-Not is morality.

Charles Darwin was clear about this – human evolution is a moral journey. We came to the end of our physical evolution about 50,000 years ago (here). Since then we have relied on language, culture and multiculturalism to continue our evolution.

In Darwin’s book about human evolution, The Descent of Man, he discusses the idea of survival of the fittest twice. He talks about love 95 times, about moral sensitivity 92 times.

We cannot go to the next level of co-creative mastery if we are still wired to do harm. Humans are here to vibrate at the level of unconditional love while living in the density of a physical body. We are here to care for each other, for the earth, and for all of consciousness. Our caring attention and action is our end game, before we shift to the next level.

This is a huge shift in how we see ourselves, and how we define ‘goodness’. If being good is following the rules, what rules are we talking about? And if there were no rules, what would make me good?


Taken together, these two keys strip away the old outworn ideas the patriarchy has used to enslave humanity. We are not here to endure life, but to enjoy it, to dance in the abundant wonder of it. The benefits of the military-industrial complex, of prime amazon membership. of inedible food-like substances and cheap disposable everything will come to seem ridiculous – how did we ever crave those things?

We are entering into a period of finding our own unique way in an uncertain world, We are discovering that uncertainty has benefits beyond our imagination. We are learning to love and care. And we are passing through the Quantum Ring-Pass-Not to a new level of human consciousness.

Feature Image: Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

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