How do we traverse these times, when we are on the edge of a precipice with no guarantee we are not about to plunge into an abyss? Despite the good news of the French election, there seem to be dark forces at work, creating chaos from which we may not survive.

And yet, amidst all of this, something is being born within each one of us. And our key to discovering this ‘something’ lies in the very troubling situation we find ourselves in.

Life never stands still. It is always evolving into greater complexity. Each time it takes a leap there is the possibility of losing everything. That’s a part of life on this planet. We risk annihilation for the sake of discovering a unique experience of conscious life. And yes, right now we are leaping. There are no guarantees.


Stripping Away

This week’s Full Moon is in Gate 23 – the Gate of Splitting Apart. Everything that is not fully vital and alive is stripped away. The problem for many of us is this – we want to hold on to what is familiar, even past it’s use-by date.

Gate 23 is about the ‘dark forces’ rising up to overcome the light, by undermining it gradually and imperceptibly, so that it finally collapses.You can see the broken yin lines rising up towards the single unbroken yang line at the top.

There are a few ways to read this.

There is certainly a sense of ‘dark forces’ of global cronyism rising up to undermine society as we have come to know it.

But in the I Ching, ‘dark forces’ is not something evil. Dark times are a time of restfulness, of discovering latent potential. Light is a time of action, when the Sun is high in the sky and everything can be seen clearly.

If we consider this second version, it reveals what is really going on here – that there is a potential which is getting stronger, gradually and imperceptibly, so that the current circumstances – the way of life we can now see so clearly – will finally collapse.

There is another version, that the ‘dark forces’ represents the feminine way of being and creating, which has slowly, gradually, been gaining force in the world and will soon create a tectonic shift in our society.

This weeks Full Moon takes us to the edge, where we hold hands and leap together. It’s about developing true global cooperation. It’s about a profound level of cultural evolution directed towards a higher consciousness. If you can’t see the way through, consider – there are always new ways to play the game of life. Single cell organisms became multi-cell organisms, hunter-gatherers built cities, early humans created written language, science harnessed electricity.

We do these things gradually, and then suddenly we leap.

Culture Hacks

In December, Jupiter and Pluto came together to make the dark forces of plutocracy – money and power – more visible. This week, Mercury and Uranus joined with dwarf planet Eris to allow us to clearly see how big data is being used to ‘hack’ our democracies. It’s not that things are getting worse, but that they are becoming more visible. Keep that in mind as you watch the news (if you can even do that!)

In August these two planets – Jupiter and Pluto –  will come together again and we will see some resolution of this rise of authoritarianism. And the key is this:

These people have power over us because we believe they do. We have a deeply ingrained cultural belief that we will not survive unless we do as ‘authority’ tell us to. That we must turn up for work each day, follow laws designed for our detriment, not speak truth to what we see. Do you notice how those beliefs are breaking down? Do you notice how people are coming together to create a new version of ‘reality’? This belief in the safety of bowing to authority is so deep, the idea of a collapse triggers deep existential fears. And yet, government is not our source, simply a way to aggregate our wealth and redistribute it according to some shared vision of morality and fairness.

There are two other culture hacks happening this week.

First, people in the USA are coming together to share information, research and resources on potential interference in their election. Using mainly twitter and Google Docs, they are bringing their skills and passion to ensure the truth surfaces. There is no doubt some of these people are in some considerable personal danger.

Second, women in Saudi Arabia are so determined to ensure freedom there, and are prepared to do what it takes to speak the truth of their situation against cultural and religious ideology. If you are concerned for the world at the moment, watch the exuberance and joy in this video. This is life rising up against authoritarianism, which has been threatening to squeeze the life out of anyone it can get it’s hands on, to rob them of life and further their own insatiable greed.

This article is a classic example of how you are written out of your own life, as the story of reality is told in terms of what the ‘authorities’ are doing. Do you see anything here about the women who have risked their life to force these changes? The many people around the world who have protested, demanded, petitioned for change? No, it’s the Saudi Arabian King, The UK Foreign Office, the UN. They are the ‘players’ and you are the fodder. But this is changing.

Truth is Simple

This weeks’ Full Moon is about declaring our truth. But it’s more than that. It’s about recognising your existence amidst the grand story told by the ‘gods’.  We take back our right to life. We recover our voice. We turn to each other and speak out, not as a way of fighting for survival, but as a way to communicate with others.

Focus your clear intention on what you are working towards, rather than what you are reacting against. The call for change is here, and it is impossible to know what it will bring so we must stay alert and attuned. Importantly, we MUST stay commited to a world we choose to create and not get pulled back into the old fear-based stories. We must hold to our own inner awareness, even when everything is being swept away and we feel profoundly disoriented and can find no other reassurance.  We are creating a simpler, deeper, inner way of knowing who and where we are.

Focus on what we share and can give to each other – our common goals – rather than on differences. Think about a football team, the archetypal competition. If there are 30 players on the field, 15 of them will be cooperating and working together, as will the 15 on the other team. There is, in fact, MORE cooperation than competition. Right now, putting our attention towards that shared future is more important than focusing on the need to combat hatred and bigotry. We must SEE the evil, but also find a higher moral opportunity. Because that’s where life is going – to a higher moral ground. Globalism has brought us to a shared future and has us sitting now on the verge of a fundamental moral truth – we are all in this together.


It’s time to take the risk to be visible


I was taken by this young Scout who said about the neo-nazi she was apparently facing down – he was just scared for his family.

This week’s Full Moon brings together Mercury, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in a single evolutionary process of channeling raw emotional energies – fear, hatred, greed – in a gradual progress towards a new world, through lasting relationships. As we develop our capacity to hold to our own inner reality, our self-sufficiency provides us with the patience to sustain loving creative relationships, building micro-habitats of higher frequency which subtly change the nature of our world.

We must be prepared to be SEEN.

We are at the border of a transition into new territory. We are creating new ways to live together. There is no safe place for any of us until we have done that. Enter into your ordinary life each day, and allow your aspirations to rise up to heaven. A great flow of universal creation is upon us and we are learning to have confidence that it will support us to rise above the old struggles and the seduction of authority. As we gradually develop our skills to flow with this powerful current of change, we flourish in entirely new ways.

Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.