Saturn in the Piscean HD Gates – 2023 to 2026

Between March 2023 and February 2026 Saturn will be moving through the Piscean Human Design gates.

We could say that Saturn and Pisces don’t get on. At all. Saturn is disciplined, practical and hardworking. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, the place where everything from the existing cycle gets dissolved. Think of it as the gooey stage before the butterfly breaks out of the chrysalis. What hope will highly structured Saturn have there?

My quick hack on Saturn is to ask – what do I need to be taking responsibility for right now?

In Pisces, Saturn’s responsible traits turn themselves to the infinite possibilities and vast imaginative landscapes opening up. We are no longer responsible for holding down the old, but instead we need to turn our attention to the creation of a beautiful new world.

That sounds lovely, but I’m definitely not about to try to convince you it’s going to be easy. We have bits and pieces inside us that will sound alarm bells as things dissolve. We might feel overwhelmed by the vast new unformed spaces opening up for us. It’s likely, as most of the Piscean gates are in the Solar Plexus Centre, that our emotional landscape may feel chaotic as we experiment with opening up in delight at the novelty, and then closing down in fear of the new.

Let’s dig down a bit by looking at each of the Piscean Human Design gates.

The Piscean Human Design Gates

Gate 30 – Clarity: This is an Aquarian gate, it is only in line 6 that it shifts to Pisces. If we think of this as our doorway into the Piscean energy, there is a clue that we shouldn’t dissolve into confusion, but focus on the central most important issue.

Gate 55 – Abundance: There is loss here, and a new adventure. It might feel too much to take on, but the signs are clear. While you can’t see exactly where you are going, and the external world is disorienting, even threatening, you can trust your inner authority to guide you. There is a new world being created here and you will find the confidence and independence to be part of it.

Gate 37 – Community: The space (both inner and outer) for living in, for sharing with those you call family, for replenishing, regrouping and preparing to go out into the world in a bigger way.

Gate 63 – Already Across: An internal watershed, a new intention that changes everything. The path from here requires your focused attention. There are old habits to shed and new territories to explore.

Gate 22 – Grace: The perfect simple expression of the beautiful true nature of things. Your authenticity and commitment to the moment is enough, there is no need for embellishment.

Gate 36 – Darkening of the Light: There are times to hide your light and times to shine. Knowing one from the other means you can have an influence in the world without injury to your essential self.

Gate 25 – Innocence: The first two lines of this gate are Piscean, and then the energy moves to Aries. The transition between the two astrological signs is about walking away from what is no longer yours. You have connected with a more potent energy and no longer need to be trying to solve the problems from the past.

The process goes like this. You are looking for something essential to lead you forward through the dissolving (30). You get a sign, and might hesitate but then you find your feet on the ground and begin to walk a new pathway (55). To sustain your journey you find what you rely on for support, sustenance and regeneration (37). You are inspired by the possibilities, and your mental frame shifts (63). You realise that your life can be simpler, that you can let go of a lot of things that are making life complicated (22). You begin to clarify who are your people, and who you don’t need to share your best self with (36). And then, as you move into the Aries energy, you find you are simply not interested in battling on trying to hold up a life that you no longer identify with (25).

Saturn moves into Aries in May 2025. At that time both Saturn and Neptune will be in Gate 25, and the Aries energy will be upon us.

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