Saturn square Uranus 2021

The ancient gods, Saturn and Uranus, are fighting for power. I could sign off and leave it there, but it’s not the whole story. There’s some juicier stuff going on beyond that old cultural narrative. There are two stories, one of greed and power, the other of simple steps that weave new solutions into our daily lives. You get to choose which game you want to play. 2021 is bringing us a whole new way to do revolutions.

Are you ready?

Saturn is generally seen as the old guard, Uranus the knight on a white horse bringing modernity. But there is nothing modern about the stoy of these two planets, and to understand them we have to spend a few minutes having a chat about dwarf planet Ceres.

I love Ceres for her hard-nosed negotiation skills. When the gods kidnapped her daughter Persephone and refused to return her, Ceres called their bluff. She threatened to starve humanity, leaving the gods with no worshippers. She knew that despite their bluster, they were entirely dependent on the only thing that made them gods at all – humans. It turned it that it was always the humans who created the gods and not the other way around. Ceres understood this, and faced with her threat to extinguish the human race through famine, they quickly caved to her demands.

While the gods rumble to see who has the biggest … umm thunderbolt, humanity is losing faith in the story that we were ever important beyond the devotion we could give, that we ever had any real function beyond working to give the gods more power, more money, more influence, more data.

Like Ceres, we hold all the power. It’s just that we are accustomed to believing otherwise. Our entire lives are built on the lie that the gods keep us safe, hold us dear, reward us for our docility. About 5,000 years ago the Abrahamic religions began concreting over reality, and here we are, looking for weeds in the cracks of the pavement.

Everything about our world is based on these relationships, this ‘tribal’ thing where we live by the rules and are taken care of. It keeps us tame. We have aspirations, but within bounds. Those of us with comfortable lives depend on the sacrifices of others, because the whole thing is an unbalanced pyramid with a crumbling base. There is nothing more to plunder, no-one left to steal from. And so here we are.

I’ve led a very comfortable entitled life. I didn’t realise how much till recently. I knew, logically, rationally, but I didn’t think it mattered. Now the poison of conquest has eked it’s way through the system to me and my comfortable corner of the world. I can’t keep buying plastic, while clicking the like button on reports of our ocean being overwhelmed with waste. I have a very comfortable life, but it’s built on lies, depends on me ignoring what’s really going on. My perspective needs to shift, my gaze must broaden.

The next few years are really a tipping point for humanity. Can we recover a connection with reality? Or do we want to stay in our bubble of comforting delusion hoping some tech-bro AI solution will save us? Perhaps the multi-billionaires will have a change of heart and start paying living wages? Humanity is amazing, incredible, magnificent in our potential for consciousness. But that potential comes with responsibility. If we want revolution, we have to make it ourselves.

The next level of human consciousness is here. Will we open the door and walk through?

Uranus Pluto and the Era of Mutation

Before I talk about the 2021 Saturn Uranus squares I want to show you something really interesting.

Here’s what Uranus is doing between 2020 and 2026. He’s hanging out in the Knowing Circuit, the place where we integrate duality and create mutation. Pluto will also be in that channel from 2020 to 2025. It’s not lost on me that we came into this period of mutation obsessing about covid variants (mutations).

The dates given are the first time Uranus enters the gate until it leaves for the last time, there is overlap because of periods of retrograde when it moves back and forward between gates. I am giving you the broad sweep rather than fine detail.

Between now and 2026 we will be completely restructuring the way we relate to reality. This pulsing central channel of the Knowing Circuit teaches us how chaos is the birthplace of emergent form. When we stop trying to control everything, when we stay connected to our own personal point of view, our unique understanding of each moment, our attention creates a unique new order of reality. But we can’t be living in a dream, hoping it will come to reality. It’s good to have a positive outlook and to set intentions, but more than ever we have to pay attention to what living reality is trying to share with us.

And now it’s time to see what part the 2021 Saturn Uranus squares play in all of this.

What’s a square anyway?

We don’t use squares in Human Design, they are an astrological technique. BUT as astrology is one of the four structural foundations of the Human Design bodygraph, we can map them, and they DO have significance! In astrology, a square is what’s called a ‘hard’ angle. I like to think of it as oil and water, they don’t mix unless you shake things up a bit. Anytime you have two planets creating a square you start out thinking – no way is there any solution to this! And then life forces you to figure it out. (Our Incarnation Crosses are made up of 4 squares, bringing us a lifetime puzzle of 4 things that don’t seem to fit together. )

Saturn, Uranus and the curse of power

In the mythology Uranus came first. He was the sky god, lover of Gaia, son of Gaia (everything came from the Great Mother). Uranus was into abstract perfection rather than real world experiences, and found his earthly children unbearably ugly. He threw them into Tartarus (the hellish underworld), much to the distress of their mother who gave them a sickle with suggestions on how to use it. Her son Cronos (Saturn) took his mother’s advice and castrated his father Uranus, throwing his genitals into the sea.

But the family was cursed. Cronos/Saturn was in turn violently overthrown by his own son, Zeus/Jupiter. The pattern of castration and hunger for power was set.

In astrology, Saturn is the form giver, representing what we build, and perhaps more importantly HOW we build it. Uranus is the idealist, seeking the perfection of higher mind. When Saturn’s forms no longer serve, the sudden flashes of Uranian insight can cause them to crumble. These two archetypes do not sit easily with each other.

So when they form a square we can expect power struggles, particularly over what form things should take. We should expect to see old power structures – fundamental christianity, white supremacy, fiat money, global corporations, top down governments – shaking and quaking in fear of that sickle.

The second two squares are in the Root Centre (Saturn) and the Ajna Centre (Uranus). How does the impulse to engage in life (Root) seem incompatible with our patterns of thinking (Ajna)?

One more thing about these two planets. We tend to think of Saturn as the curmudgeonly old guy who doesn’t want change, and Uranus as the revolutionary hero. But as we saw in the mythology, Uranus has a problem with reality. His ideas are amazing but without Saturn’s realism and practicality, they are just hot air. Also, Saturn (or actually his Greek version Kronos) was the god of the golden age, a time of calm prosperity with no need for laws to maintain order. It was Saturn’s greed and fear that toppled the golden age. He wanted to hold onto power and was prepared to sacrifice the lot to get it.

First Saturn Uranus square – 17 February 2021

Members of Taraka can view the interactive chart here

There are three Saturn Uranus squares in 2021. The first was in February, when Saturn was in Gate 41 and Uranus was in Gate 27. The message here – the oil and water combination of the square – is that if we want a good life you have to give something up (41), and take some responsibility for caring for others (27). But it’s not clear yet what your journey will be, so it’s best to pay attention to taking care of yourself, finding where your own inner revolution (49) wants to express itself in your daily life. This is not saving the world, but it is making sure you will be ready when the time comes.

Members of Taraka can view the interactive Human Design transit chart here

Pluto has just gone back into Gate 61, joining Uranus for 15 days of massive shift. On 18 June, Uranus will shift to Gate 2 (Receptive). This is mental pressure for a powerful new direction. Uranus in Gate 24.6 is where no amount of effort can get us back on the old pathways. We cannot recapture the irretrievable so we might as well relax into our inner mutation, the place where we don’t know.

Read: Pluto in Gate 61 -Universal Truth

Read: Uranus in the Gate of Returning

Saturn in 19.6 inspires us to reconsider how resources are shared, to release our grip on what we have and to relax into the flow of what is becoming. The Sun and Earth are in the very powerful gates of removing blockages to flow (heaven in correct relationship to earth, leaders in correct relationship to those who follow). Jupiter (expansion of everything it touches) sits on dwarf planet Gonggong in Gate 55.

Gonggong represents an emotionally driven combativeness that mis-aligns the relationship between heaven and earth. And our ability to let go of this need for conflict and control so that we can work together harmoniously to deal with the upcoming challenges of change.
Members of Taraka can view the interactive transit chart here

On the third and final square, the Moon is in the same position as the Earth in the first meeting – gate 29.6. This is significant! Sitting opposite Jupiter (faith in life) it is helping us tap into qualities that reveal our inner resources and courage to keep on laying the foundations of a good and purposeful life. The Sun in gate 10 shines a light on our motivations, how we relate to power. This is the gate called Treading, and it’s about living on the dangerous edge of possibility, drawing new life forth from the power of our own actions. Two people can be doing exactly the same thing, but their relationship to power is what makes the difference between life and death energy.

This activation is drawing out our power to act. We can have humility and compassion but it doesn’t mean we are weak or passive.

Uranus in the Gate of Returning, 24.4 connects us with our inner knowing and Saturn in 19.4 tells us everything is unfolding exactly as it’s meant to. If you feel impatient you’re missing the point. Each step along the way creates a new reality, and we need to feel the impulse of our body as it weaves those new pathways. Uranus is higher mind, flashes of insight, solutions that appear as if from nowhere. We can expect these to occur, but Saturn says we must live each step along the way to know how to implement them.

Venus and Pluto are both in Gate 61.6. Wandering around in the past or projecting dreams into the future is a way to escape. Words are just words. Saturn is pulling us into a new kind of responsibility for creating material reality. How can you partner with the creative universe, in what ways can you feel it’s subtle whispers, and how will you take responsibility for it’s development? The answer is with Mercury – don’t try to change anything, let go of saving anyone, be grateful and attentive and stay quietly loyal to your own insight. You are preparing for something, even if you don’t quite know what it is.

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16 thoughts on “Saturn square Uranus 2021

  1. Wonderful Kim. Makes so much sense as to what is happening. Faith and courage to continue forward.

    1. Hi Susan,
      I was listening to two activists talk yesterday – highly respected elders of our politics here in Australia – one was a bit despondent, the other kept reminding us there are more good people than otherwise! We will find our way.

  2. Thanks so much! Wonderful as always, deep and revealing the knowing. So appreciate it. Cheers, Lynda X

  3. Kim, brilliant and lighting up the path as always. Your tone feels more assertive and authoritative than normal ! Are we seeing a new Kim ? or is it Uranus-Saturn showing up 🙂

  4. Bang on as always Kim, I’m in the middle of a personal and professional battle between health and healing (Saturn/Uranus) that is turning everything upside down for me. So good to know that it’s supposed to be happening. Makes it easier to respond. Thank you.

    1. The old guard and the revolution Dawn! You remind me of something I meant to include in the post, the question – what do you want to take responsibility for? Because THAT is changing. Good luck. ♡

  5. How interesting. I’m definitely feeling on the brink of something new…but I wish I knew what! Maybe there’s something in my Saturn/Moon conjunction.

  6. Since watching the Wisdom of Trauma with Gabor Maté, something deep has been coursing through me. After reading this Kim, I know I have the patience to allow this mutation to work through me. Thank you for your brilliant shining light.

    1. Uncle Gabor! Yes! What a wonder to accept ourselves as survivors of this traumatic era. To Love OurSelves!
      Addictions, excesses, anxiety, depression-all examples of our coping behavior amidst these misguided cultural “norms” ( supremacy, patriarchy, colonialism, capitalism…). Thank our stars (& planets*) for allowing our chakras to guide us through these mind blowing times! With compassion for all of us children and our Mother Earth…..
      Thank you Kim for your inspired perspective and sage voice of grandma Pluto.

  7. I thought it was interesting that the G8 summit took place under this transit…I couldnt help feeling delighted that the plans of the big boys to land on St Michael’s Mount (a very sacred place and ley line portal) were thwarted by drizzle and the helicopters couldnt land

  8. WOW! What a dense text of valuable informations. Thank you for making the effort. Just one inspiration. If i would instead of “revolution” in the text “evolution” it would make more sense to me. Revolution is most of the time not really a step forward as history shows. However this blog text inspired me a lot and gave me reassurance even if i don’t needed it!

    I can highly recommend that lecture here:

    as it is the same direction of this Blog text but in a 90 Minute more detailed lecture which is mind-blowing.

    Hope you are all in good spirits and enjoying the show!


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