Sedna – the collective individual

With so much activation to the individual circuitry in the Human Design transits right now, you could be forgiven for wondering if our society is descending into anarchy. Because, 2027, right? But that’s not how this story goes.

Dwarf planet Sedna was named after the Inuit Goddess of the Ocean. She represents a profound process that is being activated for all of us right now. The knowing of a new truth – that we can’t be ourselves without the people who see us, need us, value us and support us.

When Sedna was a young girl she refused to marry, to comply with the cultural ways of her tribe. This led to all kinds of trouble, for her and her family. But eventually, after a deep dive into her own being, Sedna found a higher consciousness and a new purpose.

There’s a great significance in this, if we think about Sedna as a shamanic evolutionary process we are all going through together. Sedna will be transiting in Gate 8 – finding our unique individual place within the collective – until June 2023. She will be working with Pluto and Uranus to support this process until 2025.

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These past few years have accentuated a sense of aloneness and isolation for many. We can point to covid, but the virus was just the perfect delivery system for the circumstances we needed to trigger a profound shift. With Neptune in the Gate of Grace (22) and it’s opposite point being the Gate of Exhaustion and Isolation (47), we (hopefully) got time alone to discover the beauty of our own company. Many of us were forced to take that deep dive into our own unique experience of life. And from that place, came out into the world with a renewed appreciation for others, and a heightened sense of the value of choosing our companions wisely. 

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This week has been an inflexion point, a shift in our balancing of self and other. We need to be our unique and individual selves. But paradoxically, we need the support, love, hugs, smiles and facilitation from those who are truly our people, otherwise we are just potential in waiting. 

Sedna is transiting in Gate 8 line 5 right now. The Individual Circuitry has four Throat Centre gates, and this is the only one that is about connecting with other people. It’s called Holding Together – Contribution, and it brings the energy of finding where we belong.

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Sedna’s two aspects

In keeping with the threading of individuality within the collective, Sedna brings us into relationship in two ways.

First, the environment.

Sedna represents our need to get back in balance with nature, to get some humility around that. A key part of the Sedna myth was the ritual of soothing her when things weren’t going well, combing her hair, dancing around her. Sedna could choose to feed her people, or not. When there were no fish and people were hungry and afraid, the men would gather to apologise to Sedna, to make amends for selfish greed, for taking too much, for offending the underlying harmony of nature.

The Glasgow COP25 conference has Sedna’s fingerprints all over it. Notably, Sedna’s father was prepared to sacrifice Sedna to save himself. No need for food when we can create our own in the lab! No need to save our relationship with this planet when we can just jet off to Mars! Who needs nature??

Leonardo DiCaprio has Sedna in Gate 27 (caring for and about people), with his Mercury (communication), Uranus (revolution/innovation) and Vesta (path of service) in Gate 50 (creating a new world by adhering to your values). DiCaprio came to fame for his role in a movie about an iceberg, Titanic – Sedna is about drowning in cold deep oceans. He is passionate about the environment and is recognised as an important driving force to raise awareness about climate crisis.

Sedna’s second face is more personal.

Sedna ​brings our deepest soul mission and how we might have struggled to grasp what it is. Because it exists at a higher level of consciousness. But this too requires that we soothe Sedna, and to do so we have to withdraw from society and descend to our deepest places in a shamanic journey to find our own truth. People who have a significant Sedna activation in their design will have experienced at least one great disconnect in their lives, where they were forced to let go of one life and embrace another more ‘divine’ aspect of self.

I have Sedna in Gate 3, in a channel with my Venus (3) and Saturn (60). In 1991, when Saturn was transiting in Gate 60 and making a connection with Sedna, I collapsed at work and spent the next 3 years sleeping. I used to say it felt like I was in a coma. Sedna needs us to see with new eyes, from a higher perspective and that requires some deep unravelling. I came out of that experience a completely different person. I had dissolved down to my bones (very Sedna!) and built a new vision of what my life would be.

My partner took this photo of me. I had suddenly fallen asleep.

Sedna’s Big Picture

There’s a third aspect to Sedna that brings immediacy to how we perceive human evolution. Sedna’s orbit is around 12,000 years. The last time Sedna was this close to the Earth was during the Ice Age, around the time of what we might call the Agricultural Revolution. Humans were shifting from hunting and gathering to a more agricultural existence. There’s a whole lot of new research going on that throws up some interesting new insights on this time. It has to do with the idea that we are getting smarter and more conscious. There’s actually no evidence for that, in fact we may be losing a whole lot of useful traits, like being able to talk our way to consensus, live in natural abundance, experience robust health and create societies that preference sharing and caring.

I was watching a documentary about Australian bushfires last night, and all the amazing technology that is being developed to stop the kind of devastation we experienced in 2020. I’m all for technological discovery, but it struck me that the Australian First Nations people were able to do all that and more with a few burning sticks and some creative cooperation. We have become so oblivious to what supports us, to what really matters.

Which brings me to the big picture shift that Sedna is triggering – restoring indigenous wisdom and practice to it’s proper place. This is not about going back to some hokey idea of the stone age, but recognising the wisdom of humanity, built up by our relationship with nature, our role as a part of nature, for millenium. This is not just about the environment, but about our own shamanic nature as well. So many people can’t find their way in our existing society because it denies a multitude of dimensional experience and knowing, and it requires us to live linear lives where we show up every day regardless of our greater soul needs. It makes us dumber to live this way.

Sedna will continue to play large in our lives for a few years to come because of her pivotal position in that Individual Gate of Joining Together.

I’ve been talking to a lot of people about Sedna lately, because not only is she being activated by all the current transits to the Individual Circuitry from now through to 2025, but also because your Sedna – where it sits in your design, has also been active.

If you were born:

From June 1944 till May 1958 your Sedna is in Gate 42. Pluto has been creating a square with your Sedna since March 2018. Sedna in Gate 42 is calling you to let go of the accepted notions of staying on track, but becoming the person who can act on whatever life sends you, with the deliberate person to create more good in the world. You don’t have to finish things on anyone’s terms but your own, when something is done for you, it’s done. You can never complete a personal creation cycle without a deep shamanic journey. You are also a holder of the wisdom that ‘growth’ is not always about making and having more money.

From May 1958 till June 1970 your Sedna is in Gate 3, being triggered by the powerful shifts to the Individual Circuitry. You sense the new patterns before they are evident to others and emergent new directions arise from your deep inner experience. Sedna will create chaos if you don’t take time out when you need it.

From June 1970 till August 1982 your Sedna is in Gate 24. Uranus has been transiting there since May 2020 and you won’t be told what to do or how to fit within an old system that no longer meets your deeper soul needs. Things don’t go smoothly, but you have no choice but to go out to explore, then come back to contemplate what you’ve learnt.

From August 1982 till June 1994 your Sedna is in Gate 2, This is where Greta Thunberg has her Sedna activation, with her Venus in Gate 14. She stays true to her direction, feeling her way to the truth, being guided, lighting the way for others, seeking out allies but always maintaining her individuality.

Because Sedna has periods of retrograde, your Sedna may not be in the gate I’ve indicated. You can check the exact position in your Human Design at

5 thoughts on “Sedna – the collective individual

  1. So enlightening, Kim. Thank you very much. Sedna feels so much like a Pluto influence – generational, transforming to bring out the inner truth, perhaps less turbulent and more subtle ?

    1. Yes perhaps more subtle, it’s an interesting comparison Sanjay. Sedna’s influence on me back in the early 1990’s was turbulent for sure, but not in the same difficult way that Pluto plays out.

      Have a look at my article on Beyond Pluto to see the connection between the two planets.

  2. Hi Kim! Loved learning about Sedna, thank you! I noticed it says Sedna was in gate 24 until 1982; but my birth year is 1986 and my Sedna is in gate 24 – does this mean the data is wrong on Genetic Matrix? would love some clarification <3 thank you!

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Sedna has a 12,000 year orbit, so she stays in a gate for many years. On the edges of those shifts she may retrograde in and out of a gate for a few years. In 1986 she was in Gate 24 for the whole year. The dates in the article are only a rough guide. It’s great that you looked it up. Everyone should check their chart to get the exact position. The best place to find it is at

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