Sensing The Currents of Change

fractal_face_by_ordoab-d56hfsrWe are experiencing a subtle but pivotal shift. Rather than containing, controlling and managing our lives, we are letting go and moving to the centre of the action. It can feel chaotic here, as if there is no way we can remain in control.

But that’s exactly the point, we don’t need to. We are instead standing in the energy of creation and drawing to us the order we desire.

This is different – a moment by moment proposition.  We are not working towards an outcome. There are no straight lines filled with effort. Instead there is the luxury of being what we are creating, one moment after the next.


Pluto-Uranus Square on 17th March 2015

We are approaching the last of seven Pluto-Uranus squares, a process that began in June 2012.

We can no longer afford to base our relationships on fear, aggression and control, and this 3 year process has been supporting us to take the first shaky and challenging steps towards living from commonality rather than divisiveness. Dropping our ancient defences and opening to the full range of human experiences, shared with others, we are taking a leap in consciousness.

This doesn’t mean that everyone is on the same page.  It may be counter productive to let the light of your character shine out fully in all situations.  But in those times when you feel you have to shroud your light, or that you aren’t free to be fully alive, there’s no need to try to change things, or make yourself seen or heard. Just stay true to your own inner light. Keep it shining for yourself, be true to you.

Because the alternative is to freeze yourself into a combative defiant posture, holding onto your sense of righteous indignation, or making someone or something outside yourself wrong. None of us can resolve conflict by maintaining it within ourselves. Instead, embrace the dark time, even if it is only a momentary discomfort.  The firmest and most unshakeable sense of what you are called to do comes from relaxing into this darkness.  This is where we can sense what wounds and oppresses us.  We can feel the nature of the light within us. This is where we find the home of our emotions, our sympathies and where we meet the heart of the matter. If not this (which affronts, distresses or discomforts me) then what? From here we are open to all potentials for change, we stay poised and capable of responsive movement. We create change and momentum through our focus on the contrast, rather than getting bogged down in the conflict.

Rather than fighting with reality, rediscover the sense of being drawn towards something.  This creates a coherence that not only affects every system and cell in your body, it puts you into a higher level of functioning and emits a powerful coherent wave that draws others into your higher reality.


Pluto Uranus Square March 2015
Pluto Uranus Square March 2015

On this last Pluto-Uranus square, the Moon is in Gate 19 in the Root Centre. This is a portal gate into other dimensions of consciousness.  It specifically holds the old codes of survival.  There is a kind of delusion here, that we can make ourselves safe and secure.  There is also something growing here, the approach of something greater seeking out your full cooperation to nurture it to fruition.

This is not a quick process, there is no rushing or making things happen in accordance with our own deadlines.  There is nothing entirely good here.  We must take the earth and clay with the light.  We are moving organically, as we watch patiently over developments. Each small step forward is acknowledged and celebrated. Each harvest is gathered in and stored. You stay present to the ongoing changes wherever they lead.  In this way the cycle of growth continues. This is a very different way of being from the linear growth of our economic consciousness.  It is patient and receptive and collaborative.

This way of being is more about aligning with harmony, illuminating and transforming than it is about bringing change for it’s own sake, or creating any particular outcome.

Pluto is in Gate 54 line 1, where the shock of the new is upon us, quickening our heart and threatening to send us scurrying back into survival mode.  Our aim here is to learn this new ground.  We are not ready yet to exert any particular influence, to put our ego selves in charge of creating outcomes.  Instead we must feel our way, adapt and find our place.  We find our freedom to move and create change by doing what we can, rather than trying to headbutt our way into some kind of personal power.

Uranus is in Gate 51 line 1. This is the Gate of Shock, where we are stirred, roused and shaken up by events. Suddenly it feels as if this world is not working as you expect. Security slips away. Mental constructs shatter. Solid ground shifts under your feet as living reality speaks. Radical change is upon us and a new time is coming.

This is a time to hold onto what you most value and take on responsibility for keeping it safe.  Don’t buy into the repeating round of fear, all reacting to each other.  Find your still point, that unbroken thread of clear consciousness sitting at the heart of all your experiences. This is the life sustaining energy that everything is created from. It is always in motion and has no specific source.

We are healing from millenium of catastrophic thinking, and moving into consistent and positively construction outcomes.  This is a paradigm shift.




There is a small growing centre, a sprouting of something that supports you to put roots out into the unknown and break through the hard soil.  It is tiny but burgeoning with life and you can tap into that.  Don’t narrow your possibilities, it’s not a time to fixate on getting something or being recognised. Our focus needs to be on relationships, we are striving for a breakthrough in partnering with each other that will create a fission that cracks dimensional barriers.

I’ve been to-ing and fro-ing with my daughter about chores and keeping the house tidy.  We both have Gate 21 and both like to control the space, so that’s always fun!  As she’s matured we’ve come to some pretty easy agreements, but at times each one of us makes a bid for control that shatters our relationship momentarily.  Then we have to rebuild.  She is more important to me than dishes done and clothes put into wardrobes.  We agreed a few years back that our guiding rule would be kindness and that trumps tidiness every time.

The asteroid Child is sitting exactly conjunct Saturn on this major transit, in Gate 34 line 6.  This could represent a child who knows no other way than to try to force her or his way through to what is desired. It could also represent the child who was forced to use her vital (sacral) energy in ways that meet the needs of someone else.

As I write this post, Mars and Uranus are making an exact conjunction in Gate 21, which might find us pushing and using our willpower to make things come out how we want them to be. Our very individuality is at stake here.  But this is a furphy.  It’s important to be passionate about our lives and how we arrange and organise them, but using the power of our small selves to try to force and manipulate an outcome is no longer effective.  Connect with a higher sense of power, a more relaxed harmonious and aligned sense of self.  Don’t choose a specific outcome, but feel your way around each tangle and eventually everything will come right of it’s own accord.  And the outcome will be much more amenable than your small inner child could have ever imagined.

This final Pluto-Uranus square brings us a quieter way of being, a more receptive space where we can feel our way gradually into the new world we are creating. It brings relationships to the fore, asking us to recognise what we truly value.  The ongoing initiations of Uranus in the Gate of Shock between now and January 2017 requires us to slow down and take notice.  Pluto is supporting us to do just that.



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4 thoughts on “Sensing The Currents of Change

  1. Hi Karen, it quieted mine somewhat as well :). So far I am enjoying Pluto in 54 and we’ll see what happens when Uranus goes into 51.

  2. Hello Kim
    What a beautiful way of expressing this – I’m certainly in the middle of great change here in Hungary, but also meeting unexpected support – and learning to take these small steps one at a time, and dealing with debris as it arises – uncomfortable, but aware of that small candle that seems to know

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