Writing anything about the world and our place in it is a bit fraught just now, even if it is just about September’s New Moon.

There is such an overwhelm of craziness that when North Korea sent off a missile over Japan this morning we all just yawned and went back to what they were doing.

Hillary Clinton has been doing interviews for her new book and is describing Trump’s White House as a clear and present danger to the US and my reaction was … is that reality knocking? Because at the White House they seem to think everything’s fine.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi says nothing, as hundreds of thousands of her people are razed from their Burmese homes, and many are slaughtered.  Brexit may still be a thing, or maybe not.

In Australia a whole heap of federal politicians are in the High Court defending their right to even be in parliament. If they lose, the government topples. In the meantime they’re still voting on legislation, which will probably all have to be repealed.

One thing I want to add, something I believe is REALLY important, is this. These people are in an active battle against us being caring towards each other. They seek to generate division, even hatred. It’s our task to walk away from this battle, to choose openness, vulnerability, gentleness, compassion and love.

Amidst all this dark craziness, your soul is lighting up with brilliance.

Has the world gone crazy?


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know my view on the whole authoritarian government thing that’s going on. It’s the last desperate gasp of the patriarchy, the final attempt to convince us that man (literally, rich white men) are at the top of some kind of pyramid of humanity, and as such are entitled to everything. They are representatives of God on Earth and may rule as they see fit. Even if it kills us all, which it may do.

What they haven’t noticed, in their rush and gluttonous haste, is the shift in consciousness that is building at the grassroots.

What they probably haven’t considered, is that the old world, in which they are kings and lords and gods, has no foundation in a newly emerging reality. In that reality, we know from quantum theory, there are no objects – not even gold – but only relationships.

But relationships can be tricky and our upcoming New Moon triggers the bits of us that are fighting for sanity with alt-left or alt-right, or just our kids and partners. We’re all thinking – either you are crazy, or I am! Because clearly there’s no way we can both be sane.


September’s New Moon


September’s New Moon pulls us firmly back to an inner sense of our core needs in life. Where have we given something of ourselves up to placate others who might think we are crazy? What part(s) of ourselves have we denied? Where do we feel as if we are on the outside, unable to access well-being or joy?

How do our relationships bring those denied parts to our attention?


Dissolving Blockages To Intimacy

The Sun, Earth and Moon are activating an area of the chart that breaks down any blockages we have to connecting intimately with others. It dissolves our defenses and lets our emotions flood our being, giving us access to suppressed information we’ve been judging as wrong.

As a general rule, people will be more comfortable with anger (and suppress sadness) or be more comfortable with sadness (and suppress their anger). You may find the opposite emotion to the one you have been comfortable with is rising up in your emotional field. Or you may find those you are closest to are triggering that emotion, or expressing it in ways that make you feel uncomfortable.



Anna Silivonchik

There are two ways to deal with this transit event.

First, don’t get into arguments about things. If a discussion seems unproductive, walk away. Not everyone is able to work towards a truthful outcome and you don’t have be stuck in their limitations.  Turn your attention towards what you want out of the interaction and go it alone.

Second, be absolutely aware of your felt sense of your own reactions – your physical sensations, your emotional energy as it moves through your body – anytime you feel uncomfortable with another person.


What Needs Completing?

September is a BIG month for completing a level of family patterning. But we have to be available to the data. Where do you find the data? It’s what’s going on in your body and emotions.

You will probably be either projecting past trauma onto others (asteroid Echo in Gate 6) or overwhelmed by your own needs and unable to see the other person clearly (Narcissus in Gate 63).

This is not a time to try to make progress. It’s a time to be gentle, to use your energy to return to your own ‘happy place’, to seek out what nourishes and supports you regardless of outside influences.

This is a time to take things easy, do only what’s necessary, watch for the seeds of growth in your moment by moment.

Venus in Gate 59 – Dissolution – needs the discomfort of an argument (inner or outer) to find where the blockages are. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, let it inform you of what you need to dissolve. Even if that means giving yourself space and time to explode, to overflow, to meltdown, to split apart. This is likely something you’ve been avoiding for a VERY long time. Get professional help if you need a spiritual midwife. Ask friends for support if you just want someone to hold your hand.

Venus is meeting the Sun and Moon in Gate 6. New Moons are about starting a new cycle – the Sun (your outer self) meets the Moon (your inner self) and they decide to travel a particular path for 28 days.


Family Stories That Keep You Stuck

The path of this New Moon is to become aware of what is hooking you into old family stories so that you are STUCK with aspects of relationship that is non-creative. It doesn’t mean the relationship is wrong (although it might be). It DOES mean you have been protecting yourself in some way, by not telling yourself the whole truth about how things are affecting you.

There’s an asteroid called Atropos with Venus in Gate 59, and it’s about what we need to bring things to completion. Sisyphus and Transpluto are also there, indicating that we have a fear of change at the ego level, a kind of perfectionism that has in the past kept us stuck.

If you look at the top of the chart you can see a channel connecting the Head to the Ajna Centre. This tells me you may be afraid of the unknown right now.

If I let this blockage go, who might flood into my life? What parts of myself have I been keeping at bay? Dark, dangerous, crazy parts maybe????

Be gentle with these fears. They are based on the ways in which others have judged you, and no matter how much you believe these people and their stories about you, it’s just not true that you are too loud, quiet, emotional, unemotional … fill in the blank to suit your personal story.

Mars is in the Gate of Resolving Problems. That’s good news! Stop struggling to overcome boring old stories about your own limitations. Just relax. Take time to explore ways of nourishing and nurturing yourself that you might not have considered all that important. Fill your days with those things!

Your Brilliant Soul

Release your grip on how things ought to be, and look around to see how they really are. Appreciate what’s there. Watch how this releases the latent potential.

You might find you have an epiphany about your higher purpose, because Orcus (soul purpose) is sitting right alongside Mars. There is something dark inside, and it’s opening to the light.


When I was a kid if I wasn’t at school I was swimming in the ocean. The tides became second nature to me. I will always remember the feeling of the water when the tides shifts. It’s going out and it’s coming in. At the same time. There’s a chaotic profusion. Unexpected things happen. Waves come out of nowhere. Rips form and sandbanks suddenly collapse.

We are in such a time as this.

The tide is turning. We need to have faith in the process of life to lead us through. But we also have to keep our wits about us.

Don’t be afraid to go places in yourself that are unfamiliar just now, even if they feel somewhat dark. A light is shining into parts of your soul you had to switch off to survive in an old tribal reality. You are learning that it’s safe to be absolutely brilliant again.

Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.