Six Modern Sciences of Human Design

The structure of your Human Design Bodygraph is a synthesis of 4 ancient wisdoms – the chakras, the kabbalah, the I Ching and astrology. But your Human Design also holds within it the consciousness of 6 modern sciences.


We now know that your genes are continually interacting with the external world, shaping who you are and, in turn, changing the world. 

Out of all the thousands of genes, you have particular ones switched on and they are constantly ‘talking’ to your environment. If you thought you were in here and the world was out there, think again! You and the world are a single communicating organism.

As you ‘upgrade’ your capacity for integrating experiences in a more positive way you become more healthy, more conscious.  And you literally change your life codes – your DNA. Katya Walters and others have demonstrated how the I Ching replicates both human DNA and the fractal code.  Your Human Design gates are based on this complex mathematical patterning.

In Human Design we can see which gates (genetic codes) are most reliable for you, which are active, which are not so relevant in this lifetime. Your defined gates are literally a kind of filter that show what you are ‘designed’ to pay attention to, and through which your purpose flows. Your chart shows your role in shifting the collective epigenetic fingerprint of humanity, so we all become more conscious.


How do we really know what a rose smells like? When you and I think about the colour red, do we imagine the same colour?

We tend to think of consciousness as being something personal, contained within our own sense of self. We also know that there is a way of experiencing consciousness that is non-local, part of everything that is. What if we discovered a way to map our own personal experience of consciousness, our little patch of awareness, with the greater universe?

We can do that, using Human Design. Experimenting with your Design anchors you into your unique space/time vector. Your chart is literally a map of multidimensional consciousness. We can use the Multidimensional Human Design System and the Holographic layer to map how your consciousness unfurls during the course of your life.

Complexity and Chaos

Life is a series of repeating patterns punctuated by major shifts arising from very small actions. In modern science ‘chaos’ is the underlying connectedness that brings apparently random events into a meaningful relationship with the whole pattern. A great example is synchronicity. An apparently complex arrangement is made quite simple (you can’t find a friend’s phone number and they unexpectedly call you).  Chaos theory opens up radical new says of thinking and experiencing reality.

Learning to trust your own inner awareness (authority) allows you to work creatively with the forces of complexity and chaos, to become a co-creator with life. When you are in your own unique flow, chaos is always shifting to order.

Systems Theory

Everything is embedded in networks of relationships. A great example is family therapy. We can only understand the experience of one family member by looking at how she behaves within the whole family. The HUGE shift in thinking that arises from Systems Theory is that humans are NOT machines (as the old classical science had us believe). We are living systems that self-organise according to the laws of physics and beyond

Experimenting with your Design takes you on a journey from generic human to differentiated conscious being. Human Design is all about the experience of shifting from a dumbed down ‘fitting-in’ life to a lived experience of being your unique self. David Bohm’s work on plasma shows that the collective is most healthy when each individual is living in their own brilliance. (more here)


Humans are not here to survive, but are designed to seek a higher purpose. We look to the stars because they inform us of possibilities. In 2005, astronomers discovered planets in our solar system, out past Pluto. Some of those planets have orbits of tens of thousands of years and move out into what’s called Deep Space. The archetypes connect us with the creative power of the deep universe. Thus began a profound shift in human consciousness. We can track those planets in your Emergent Human Design chart.

Human Design also has it’s own version of the birth and evolution of the universe. When Ra Uru Hu received the Human Design revelation in 1987 he was told that neutrinos held matter and carried data. The scientific community has since proven this to be true. There is much more that Human Design can tell us about the role of humanity in the evolution of consciousness.

I'm Kim Gould, founder of Love Your Design. I have been innovating and taking Human Design to the next level since 2003.

Beyond Type and Strategy, beyond the keywords and rigid rules, there are Asteroids, Dwarf Planets, Multidimensional Human Design and Holographic Human Design to explore. Come join me!

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