What Spiritual Maturity Looks Like

1016868_10152697445960865_6853315305992183451_nOver the next week we are getting a taste of putting our spiritual big boy and girl pants on.

This week’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse usher in a new era.  We are creating a higher culture that serves a sacred purpose.  To do this we must shed our dependencies at all levels, and step into our creative power as individuals.

We are parachuting in, landing on earth with our spiritual selves intact.  Our consciousness is shifting from created to creator.

Becoming Our Own Creation

I read somewhere not too long ago that only 1% of people know what they truly desire.  That’s not surprising. In the past we’ve lived in a culture that hasn’t encouraged us to look there.  That’s changing as of now.  If we have the faith to set out on new pathways, we MUST know where we are headed. Because the Universe is waiting on us to begin exercising our free will, our consciousness to CREATE!

Our conditioning can totally convince us that we are consciously creating, when what we are really doing is

  • seeking relief from negative conditions – I want to stop feeling this fear,
  • being vague and unconvincing  – I want a better job, a new home,
  • believing we don’t have access to consciously knowing our true desires – I feel confused about it so I’ll wait till it’s clear. 

None of these conditions can continue in our lives if we are to stay on the curling edge of our evolutionary wave. The purpose of this shift is not merely to get rid of our old conditions, but to establish something new and better.  And that’s up to you!  You have to make choices about what you want to create.  You can’t be leaving it up to the Universe anymore, because YOU ARE the Universe!  You are your God Self.  You are Mighty and Powerful.  You are all of those qualities you have been projecting onto the creative principle in your life.

Going back to our list:

Seeking relief from negative conditionswhat do you want instead?  what is returning to your life through your negative experiences?  If you’re feeling fear then probably you can also feel your excitement and courage. 

Being vague and unconvincingWhat kind of job?  Where?  A new home with whom?  What does it look like?

Believing we don’t have access to consciously knowing our true desires The confusion and doubt we can feel when looking for our specific desires is the result of layer upon layer of fear and grief.  You will have your own personal experiences of feeling thwarted, and the confusion comes from not being facilitated into what you truly desire, being told no, handed down beliefs in lack and deservability and deprivation.  If you feel confusion or doubt, acknowledge them using emotional language – I feel afraid when I imagine my best life.  I feel grief when I think about what I want to create for myself. Just speaking it out in this way can unlock the energy.

I have one more idea to share with you before we go look at the Human Design transits.

Life is no longer about being given something by your spiritual ‘betters’.  We’ve been raised as the children of god (or whatever you believe in).  We are now stepping into our spiritual maturity, no longer well behaved children hoping we’ve done enough to deserve our treat.

We are literally creating Heaven through recognising and BEING IN ACTION as god in us (or whatever you believe in).  There is no such thing as a good you and a bad you.  There is YOU, working in harmony with universal forces to create a new world, in your image!

 New Moon – 24th October – Sun and Moon in Gate 50.5

Gate 50 in the I Ching is called The Ting.  It’s a cooking pot that represents mutual trust, a sacred ritual of gratitude for nourishment received from nature and the care for our wiser selves who we invite to our table to share our meal and support the growth of our new situation.

On another level it is the Ceremonial Ting that is inscribed with the rules for each new dynasty.

Richard Rudd says of Gate 50, it

represents a tipping point in all transformational processes. It’s presence always signifies a quantum leap from one state to another.

It catalyses significant shifts in consciousness, particularly around releasing shadow frequencies and opening to the harmonic geometries of higher evolutions. 

Venus in Gate 50

Venus has been travelling with the Sun all through October.  On the New Moon she is close enough to exactly conjunct. She tips over into Line 5 an hour after the eclipse.  In Line 4 she is teaching us how to sustain great responsibility.  We cannot maintain the old ways.  If we try to, we will be overcome and collapse just when we are most needed in our world.  We can’t be good children for one moment longer.  Our divine power is coming to fruition.

When we are clear about our outcomes – what we desire to create – we can sacrifice anything other than that.  As Bradford Hatcher says in his The Book of Changes: Word by Word – To sacrifice does not mean to lose things, it means to make them sacred.  What are you making sacred in your life? And what are you holding onto, even though it no longer feels sacred to you?

There is a huge influx of the powerful feminine returning this week, and Venus sets the scene for that shift.  Remember Gate 50?  A new dynasty, a tipping point into a new world.  One of my favourite astrologers, Nick Anthony Fiorenza, says this about Venus:

She .. inspires a new level of intuitive awareness to permeate and spread through human consciousness, strongly supporting the reintegration and emergence of the Divine Feminine principle. At the bio-energetic level she resonates with intuitive knowing, harmony and magnetic attraction, clearing the emotional tones of fear and judgement.

This ties in perfectly with the Sun, Moon and Venus in Gate 50 in the Spleen Centre, which is all about tuning into the immense wisdom of our physical bodies. And building our culture from the wisdom of care and nurturing.

It also ties in perfectly with a major shift away from engaging in constant activity to make things happen.  (ARGH!)  Hands up everyone who’s had enough of trying to make things come out right!

There’s more than  just Venus supporting this shift, but rather than overwhelm you with details (Ophelia in 2 and Ceres in 14, for example), let’s just each take a moment to acknowledge how POWERFUL is our capacity to attract what we imagine and desire into our reality.  This is the feminine aspect of creation.  We are receptive to receiving what we desire.  It’s why you may have been experiencing exhaustion and/or miracles lately. Thank you Venus!

Earth in Gate 3

Let’s briefly look at the Earth in Gate 3, the Gate of Sprouting or New Beginnings.  What happens in our dualistic universe when we join up Gate 1 (yang) to Gate 2 (yin).  We get Gate 3 – the birth, where we translate the unlimited possiblities of chaos into something that feels orderly for us.  This gate is a doorway to creation – your personal capacity to create out of all that is, into a world that has personal meaning.

Just because you can’t see it yet, doesn’t mean you can’t create it! 

In fact, the opposite is true.  If you can’t see it in your physical world, and you desire it, then it is yours to create!

This is part of the Channel of Mutation, where (as Bradford Hatcher says) True riches are mobile, liquid and spent.  The rainy day we prepare for never turns out as we plan.  Defending against chaos isn’t particularly useful.  At this tipping point we get to learn how to work with creation by moving through the heart of risk.

Gate 3 is what occurs when yin and yang come together. The return of the Divine Feminine to the masculine Patriarchy. A shift into body consciousness with it’s magnetic powers of attraction combined with the dynamic electric power of doing and achieving. BEING IN ACTION.

Something amazing happens just 2 days after the New Moon and Solar Eclipse.

The Sun and Venus move into Gate 28, making a channel with Pluto.  They join with minor planet Pallas Athene, who is already there.  And Mars shifts into Gate 10, creating a channel with the North Node and Mercury (just going direct). And .. yes it just keeps coming!  ..  Ceres is in Gate 34, the Gate of Power.

There’s one asteroid in Gate 20, bringing it all to the Throat for expression, and that’s Minerva.  Both Pallas Athene and Minerva are about becoming conscious of the strategies and behaviours we have learnt to please our fathers!

What Does It Mean To Have Power?

Okay, one more thing.  I called this post – What Spiritual Maturity Looks Like. Why?  Because in the other channel connecting the Spleen to the Throat (48/16) is a very intriguing combination.  Child and Altjira.

The Asteroid Child shows where we experienced a significant point of damage in our childhood.  In 48, we’re looking at letting go of superficial ways of living, so that we can connect with the true depth of what our bodies are telling us.  This opens up a whole new dimension of reality.

Altjira, now here’s something very interesting!   He is an Australian Aboriginal Creator God who got the Dreamtime all set up and then left it to us humans to run the show.  He looked at his creation, declared it good, and then tripped the light fantastic to another dimension, shouting back ….   There you go, see what you can make of that!  You can read more about Altjira here. 

The essential point here is that Altjira is the father, who hands over his creation to his children. 

If ever there was a time to get clear about what you want to create, it is now. What new desires are arising for you now? How does it feel to know you are giving birth to yourself as a creator?

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6 thoughts on “What Spiritual Maturity Looks Like

  1. Kim…thank you for your message today. I am always excited by how much you have your finger on the pulse of our collective cosmic journey and how much my own personal journey is reflected in your words. I have been meditating (and taking action) in areas of my life that have been characterized by confusion or a lack of maturity up till now and found reading this message extremely validating and supportive of my stepping out and up and integrating. Peace!

  2. Great, Kim!

    Gate 50 is named “Cosmic Order” in Gene Keys by Richard Rudd and he starts that discourse with: “For millennia, the wisdom of all human culture has suggested an incredible possibility – that the microcosm exactly reflects the macrocosm and vice versa” – that I believe nicely underscores your message here! Plus – the programming partner for “50” is “3”. “50” is in the “Codon Ring: The Ring of The Illuminati”! “3” is in “The Ring of Life and Death”! We definitely want to get “our spiritual big boy and girl pants on” now! ; ~ )

  3. Oh, Ceres in the 14, where my natal Ceres is, with Venus in 50, with my natal Pluto!? Hah! No wonder I’ve been so exhausted…and angry! 😉 The solar eclipse in the 50 should be interesting… I’ve been reflecting on struggle, the necessity (and lack thereof of it), creation, and the various themes discussed here, it amuses me how in sync my internal chatter so often is with the cosmos. Child transiting the 48 has made for rich therapy sessions and must be triggering more of this anger/rage since my natal Mars and Pallas Athena are there. Ceres in the 34 is gonna feel GOOD!! Thank you so much for your insights Kim, this eclipse season has been incredibly powerful, I feel it is deeply transforming who we are as creators. I look forward to seeing the effects of this transformation over the next 6 months. <3

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