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Shaking Loose the Bonds of Culture

[JP-Facebook-Like] 27th November 2010 Niobe and Altjira are fascinating me at the moment.  They are both in crucially important positions in the bodygraph and they both deal with how we relate to our creations, whether they be children, works of art, acts of charity or business projects.  They both seem to point to the idea … Read More »

Dancing Life

[JP-Facebook-Like] 26th September 2010 I’ve been reading about the financial ‘adjustments’ going on in Europe. The major issue we’re facing at the moment is that no one knows how to get out of this mess. That’s because most people are still looking for solutions within the old paradigm. A friend spoke to me last night … Read More »

Finding Our Way to Prosperity and Love

[JP-Facebook-Like] 1st September 2010 This is a time when we can be seduced back into the world we have worked so hard to change. This week is a potent mix of disconnecting from what manipulates our energy for it’s own purposes, and instead joining a collective dance that is  joyful, free and creatively inspired. There … Read More »