I was so impressed by the energy and work that Kim put into my HD consultation. She tended to my question, which I knew was a big one, with thoroughness and care. Her knowledge is vast and she’s highly perceptive. Kim’s ability to put complex experiences into words is a gift. I felt truly understood and seen. I was able to take her information and guidance into practical action. And it was supportive to be able to refer back to the recording months later as both encouragement and incredible wisdom.

Jasjit Rai, Canada

The reading you gave me was like nothing I’ve had before. It left me with a new experience of what it means to be seen and understood, truly for the first time in my life. It’s still working in me, like an initiation into living in a way I’m designed to live that I have not really fully stepped into, even though it’s been 11 years of experimenting with my design.

Mt. Shasta, CA.

Thank you Kim.

You answered so many of my questions about what I just wasn’t getting. You’ve helped me find my compass. I can feel the ‘space’ underneath all that junk I’ve been lugging around and for the first time in forever I can genuinely say to myself, “It’s all good. I’ve got this.”

I am sincerely grateful.


My reading was absolutely stunning, brilliant really, awe inspiring in its reach and depth, with invaluable insights and guidance. You will never know how much you have helped me.

Aparna, USA

I booked a single Emergent HD Session with Kim because I had been following her online for a long time and finding great wisdom and confirmation in her blog posts. I needed help with the inner turmoil I was experiencing around my work.

I help people regain their health after a cancer diagnosis. I love what I do and have a great sense of purpose, but it’s a turbulent and emotional journey at times, especially as I’m a cancer survivor too. There’s so much we don’t know about healing and there’s a need to find the balance between what we know scientifically and what we know intuitively on a cosmic level. I was struggling with that and it was affecting my business.

Kim helped me articulate things that I somehow knew in the back of my mind but couldn’t express. She explained how conflicts I was experiencing related to the way I was showing up in the world.

With her expert prompting I could focus my energy, define my message and feel more comfortable with my work. I even learned that the unsettling nature of my work is part of my design – which has helped me accept it. Perhaps the most valuable thing was her insight into how I can renew my own energy while continuing to support others.

The work I did with Kim in my Personal Emergent HD Session has renewed my trust in my inner knowledge, the insights we shared will be guiding my decisions for a long time to come.

Dawn Waldron
Nutritional Therapist and Life Coach
Tunbridge Wells UK

I came to Kim because I was looking for someone who could help me propel my new business forward as I was struggling to get clarity on how I could develop my services and business into something viable, valuable and unique. I had a passionate desire to utilise my skills and talents in a meaningful way.   


Kim helped me see a bigger brighter picture for myself, one I couldn’t see when we began 6 months ago. She teased out parts of me that I couldn’t see in myself or was afraid to acknowledge within me, she helped me develop a whole new way to present my business.


Kim provided guidance, support and a personalised structure that was refreshing and so much better than a one size fits all approach which I‘d experienced previously and which also suited my business style.


The confidence and self-awareness I’ve gained has empowered me to move beyond my previous limitations and has help me develop a product/service I am proud off and  earning an income I deserve whilst have an impact in other women’s lives.


Thank you Kim I am grateful for your insight, wisdom and gentle guidance coercing me beyond what I thought I was to someone far greater than that. 

Julie St Clair, Australia

I can’t even start to describe how great experience it was for me.

Something has pulled me to your page and I am so grateful that it has happened. I have found the depth of perception, amazing accuracy, clearance..and all this kindness:)))

Many, many thanks!

Kamila, Poland.

Thank you Kim, very much for giving me so much insight, your reading has come to me like a real blessing.

KS, Holland

Just a brief thank you from the bottom of my heart for your reading the other day. I felt in awe at how you really met me. I have had several readings done in the past and I always felt that I was scooped up in some amorphous net from a sea of vagueness wherein I could get a glimpse of what I was about. However, in my reading from you, I felt singled out in my uniqueness. It was such a relief having my light and dark gently and respectfully displayed back to me.

Edel, USA

You are brilliant at what you do. The depth and grace with which you present this material is phenomenal.

Karolynn, Switzerland

 I have had a reading before by an analyst. I find your reading more rounded, more “making sense” than hers…..You give me a more integrated picture, much more.

Miranda, Holland

Kim, I want to thank you again with all my heart. At the time of the reading you gave to me, back in early June, I was not able to relate to much of what you shared with me. Fast forward two months later, and every sentence you uttered is potent with meaning for me. 
I see now that you not only called the moment, but also had a hand in initiating the moment—by making what was active in unseen worlds visible to me. 
All blessings to you and the good your gifts create,

I’m speechless! The session was incredible! I’m still processing it…you were spot on with EVERYTHING!

Jolynne, UK

I have been so deeply moved by this session.  I need time to integrate this but my soul is singing with a great unburdening and clarity and renewed sense of purpose and strength.

Lisa,  USA

I am writing you to say that HD reading you gave me in January helped to turn my life upside down. To tell the truth I couldn’t understand what you were saying at that time, even thought I knew HD for almost a year, but during this year your knowledge and the way you presented it was such a clear guidance which way I have to go. Kim, this is such a huge thing what you are doing. You are so talented!  This is so huge! Every day I am sending you rockets of gratitude and love 🙂

M.U. Lithuania

I just want to thank you again for the wonderful work you did with me. I am still re-listening and taking the session apart and I have gotten so much clarity and comfort from it.
Thank you endlessly!
Paula, USA

Kim thank you so much for your deep study of these systems, your knowledge, kindness and wisdoms :))

Alex, UK

I think yours will be the last ever reading I should ever need. For you have nailed it in for me. 

Deepali, India

I feel deeply that you are quite simply the best person I have ever  worked with and one who seems to be able to guide me through my  blockages and away from wasted dead ends more than anyone else I have  worked with.  Your insights are remarkable.

Ali, UK

To me, you feel clear and loving and connected to the universe and I know you’ve put in your self-contemplative time and hold a love for the world that I can trust. Your words soaked into my body and it was a powerful, loving, and integrating transmission.

Deborah, USA

I can’t thank you enough for the AMAZING reading you blessed me with. There were so many ah-ha moments in there for me-moments of clarification, moments of understanding, moments of holy-shit-life-would-be-easier-if-I-finally-understood-why-I-do-the-things-I-do-ness. I’m quite blown away (can you tell). And I’m looking forward to digging deeper into human design.

Tracey, USA.

I think you are absolutely brilliant and I just love, love, LOVE your teaching style, reach, and orientation.  What a pleasure!  Never apologize.  You’re the bomb.

Laura W, USA.

I happened to find recording about my chart…  wow…
Now It make all sense… I was listening again..  soooo long 2 hours session..
I really wanted to thank you for your dedication and caring.. and information about my chart.
Still wondering.. yes
and different person came in my life..
but my own character is there. yes.
I just wanted to Thank you and Thank you for your gift to share your sense and knowledge.
Yukko, Japan.

I experience this as if  you are  a receptor to what is all going on at the moment, and you are then able to transmit that out to us, all over the world.  So as I said right at the very beginning Kim, thank you so much for the love and inspiration you are sending out to all through YOUR experiences of this energy.  It is like the pebble which drops into the pool, the waves go out, actually, to Infinity.  I suspect you are touching much more than we can imagine!!


Inez, Scotland.

Thank you so much for an amazing reading! The information is so rich, and I can’t wait to listen to it again and again and go deeper. It was really lovely to meet you too! You clearly have a knack for making something very layered and complex really accessible. Thank you so much!


Iris,  USA.

Kim has such a depth of expertise that she brings to a session – making connections between what you are designed to do in this lifetime and has this delicious blend of practical know how as well as a deep understanding of how all this work lines up in the cosmos. If you’ve been stuck in any way in your business and are wondering, how do I bring my gifts out into this world in a way that people Get it, you’ve got to work with Kim!

Nadhira Razack
Founder, Conscious Woman in Business

Working with Kim has opened up a much deeper understanding of my natural strengths, my specific energy design and a greater awareness of my gifts.  Importantly, she has helped me overcome my initial discomfort with my emotional decision making authority – helping me to see and understand the power of listening to and learning from my emotions, which is so essential to working within my natural flow.  While I am still learning to be comfortable waiting, listening to the ebb and flow of my emotions, everyday I gain confidence as they enable me to redefine my business from business strategy consultant to helping women (of a certain age) define and launch their last big professional gigs.  I highly recommend that you work with Kim if you want to move forward in your life and your business with greater success and ease supported by a better understanding of and confidence in your specific energy design and decision making authority.

Mary Wallace Jaensch, CT, USA.

Coaching with Kim I certainly discovered a lot of what had been holding me back in the past, and Kim helped give me the confidence to move ahead, despite not knowing the outcome.

I’ve most enjoyed the way in which Kim combines the bigger picture ( what is happening in the outer world) with my own role in this. This also meant that there is a combination of her really being able to see what I had to offer, with its own particular uniqueness, and shaping this in a way that became understandable to others. She managed to draw out much unknown potential and to have confidence in this

This has  given me clarity of focus, a way of distilling a llifetime’s work, and courage in taking a leap forward in the dark. Kim is working in a unique way – she understands the new economy through living it, and this is a way of imparting these perceptions to others. IN this sense, she is a visionary and leader. Whilst many do understand this, she has a breadth that means she can see, or perhaps feel, into what is important. for the individual.

Apart from that, she clearly loves the work, and provides immense dedication and support – you will never get the same answer from Kim – and she is able to plumb the depths of what is important for the client. Nothing is copybook!  I would highly recommend her services to those willing to make substantial changes for a richer and more aligned life.

Dr Bronwen Rees, UK

Oh Kim! The session was uplifting & so enlightening…so many loose little ends got finished off! I I feel light & agile; thank you for your many insights. You are a gifted craftsman…I certainly manifested one of the best :)) I’ll keep you apprised on how the garden’s growing~again, thank you thank you!!

Ann I., USA.

Thank you Kim 🙂
It means so much to feel your guidance and support on this path 🙂 like my fairy godmother or good witch gwendolyn, my guardian angel. thank you for being a communicator, of the spirit of good, in my life!
I’ila, USA

Thank you Kim.

You answered so many of my questions about what is it I’m just not getting and you’ve helped me find my compass.

I can feel the ‘space’ underneath all that junk I’ve been lugging around and for the first time in forever I can genuinely say to myself, “It’s all good. I’ve got this.”

I am sincerely grateful.


I’m amazed at the deep level of insights you had about my life experiences. I now have a better understanding of why my life has been so difficult and I look forward to applying the strategies you describe.

Brett, Australia

Kim has been a beacon for me, even when I was a thousand fathoms down or behind the darkest cloud. She listened, she heard me, she saw me.

Who knew I could feel such bliss and gratitude in the moment. Loving myself each day is no longer a dream, it’s my life today. People say how different I look!

Anyone who signs up to coach with Kim will be blessed. She has been a gift, teaching me how to be comfortable as a Manifestor, living my design in an expanded version of myself.

I never dreamt I could do this! I wanted to be this person, I always intended to be this person, but I couldn’t see the path. I could see the possibilities but was overwhelmed. Kim made it as simple as breathing. She has been the angel in my life.

Carol, USA

I’m sure you’re not short on positive feedback and praise for your coaching but I feel inspired to add my voice to the throng of thanks and appreciation. Being in England has been the perfect contrast for me to see how much our coaching has transformed me, nourished me, and supported me to embody who I truly am. The really beautiful part of it all is that this natural flow of me-ness starts on the inside and is overflowing out of me.

It flows out of me in a million small ways – I’m more patient with people, I share a laugh with a stranger in a coffee shop queue, make eye contact with people when I say ‘thank you’ and mean it, throw on some clothes in the morning only catch my reflection in a shop window and surprise myself with how sexy and stylish I am! My love life, professional life, and financial life are all flourishing.

I’m more generous with my time, money, and energy whilst taking better care of myself than ever before so I am sleeping, eating, exercising, and resting enough. I really, truly love my life. I have a strong, stable, tap root from my essential self into Source and this sweet and tender galactic energy flows to me and nourishes me constantly. With my totally open G I used to worry about who I was or who I should be or if I was being her enough (whatever that means??). But now I am adoring being me and have no real interest in working out who that might be – I just get up and am her, and really savour and enjoy being her, each and every day.
Thank you for being the most magical of alchemical catalysts. Not only are your gifts truly extraordinary, the way you combine and share them with me are ambrosia to my soul. I’m beyond delighted with all we have done so far and can’t wait to keep going when I get back to Thailand. Thank you with all my heart.

Tiga-Rose, Thailand

Thank you for becoming this amazing source of information and guide to other people.
I experience you as extremely knowledgeable, courageous, grounded and caring. And this is a rare combination.

Sandra, Switzerland.

My enthusiasm for my business was at an end. I desired a definitive change but did not know exactly what that change may be.

Now that I have been working with Kim I have the courage to tackle my real dream, which is a rather large cumbersome “save the world” type dream, without the fear or the guilt of wanting this large dream to come true.

My journey with Kim has been one of the most satisfying experiences I have had in many years. As I incorporated the knowledge and techniques learned while with Kim I became much more in touch with my true desires. Understanding myself and how manifestation truly works has awoken a whole new world of creation to me. I now believe that I can truly have it all!

If you are thinking of working with Kim, my advice is don’t walk, run!

Kim has the ability to bring out the inner you and is a great guide and friend when it comes to helping one determine what is one’s true purpose and vocation. She also helps build the foundation that strengthens and empowers you to have the courage to be who you truly are meant to be! She is a brilliant coach with a lovely sense of humor and touch of grace!


Lauren, USA.