The birth pangs of the Golden Age

Back in the 1990’s we believed we were creating a new golden age. It seems right now like we’ve wandered off the path and stumbled into some kind of weird hell. But no, we are simply doing some final housecleaning before we move on.

Why do you have to deal with the ugly baggage of others?

In the olden days, you know, a few years back, we all lived in an object-based reality. You were you. I was me. We were separate individuals. We have shifted to a new reality now, where everything is relationship based.

What does it mean – a relation-based reality?

We know from quantum theory that what we used to think of as our ‘material reality’, also known as the world of ‘things’, is simply how we currently perceive life. But our perception is shifting … fast.

Matrix of Brilliance

We know from quantum theory that life is actually a brilliant web of interconnected fields and all the hubs of energy in the web (you are one of those hubs, so is your kitchen table) are simply excitations of that field which take a certain shape – a human shape, a table shape. The beauty of this web is that each excitation is unique and magnificent, and is constantly changing because it is always interacting with the rest of the field.

I call this the Matrix of Brilliance.

Before we were consciously plugged into this web we could do our own personal spiritual work and create our own individual reality. But now, now! We are in the first steps of conscious creation and this means we have to become aware of our connection to the fields. How they affect us, how we affect them. We are just beginning to realise the incredible power of consciousness we have available to us, and the wider sense of reality we must attune to. Our process is now collective.

Because life is all about fields and relationships, and because we have to tidy up before we all move on, we are doing some collective housekeeping.

We have to deal with the dark pockets within our collective human consciousness. We are in the process of creating a new emergent humanity.

So, brave new world. But still, housecleaning.

What If I’m Sensitive?

This evolutionary process is easier for some than others. If you are sensitive to heavy energies – to cruelty, hatred, selfishness, competitiveness – you may be finding this time particularly difficult.

Right now Chiron (spiritual awakening, healing of old spiritual wounds) is in the Gate of Innocence (Gate 25). This is a very powerful position for Chiron. He was last there in the late 60’s, encouraging a breakdown of the hard cultural rules, giving rise to flower-power and a profound cultural revolution.

Marc Riboud—Magnum Photos

Chiron has a very important companion at the moment. Astraea is the Goddess of Innocence. So we have the Goddess of Innocence in the Gate of Innocence. She was the daughter of the God of Dusk (endings) and the Goddess of Dawn (beginnings).  This Gate of Innocence represents endings and beginnings. It sits on what’s known as the Aries Point,  the 12th zodiacal house of Pisces meets the 1st zodiacal house of Aries. It’s where the old cycle completes and a new one begins.

Astraea means ‘star maiden’, and she has a very important role at this transitional time.

Astraea has a huge love for humanity. In ancient times, as humanity descended more and more deeply into misery and wickedness of the Kali Yuga, Astraea was the last immortal to leave, but she promised that as soon as humanity again approached the Golden Age, she would return.

Astraea is, in a sense, a midwife for our birthing of a new Golden Age of Consciousness. She is now returning. It’s tough for her.

Those of you who are feeling particularly sensitive at the moment may find the asteroid Astraea sits in a significant position in your Human Design.   Find out more here.

It’s important that we pay attention to the purer energies and not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the heavy dark processes completing at the moment.

Aligning With Fundamental Consciousness

Our bodies and emotions have been getting a major upgrade in the past few months. Not only are we dealing with sitting staring over the edge of the unknown, we have been facing a huge psychic cleanup job at the same time. It’s taken a toll.

For those of you who may be struggling, I have two profoundly important resources to offer you. These books (each of them is available as an audiobook as well) attune to a more fundamental consciousness. This shift is essential to our next evolutionary step.

Belonging Here by Judith Blackstone

Judith Blackstone’s work is simple, effective, and deeply sustaining.

Judith has developed a unique process for connecting not just to the energetic experience of your body, but to the fundamental consciousness beyond that experience.

If you would rather go straight to the processes, you can get the audiobook, where Judith leads you step-by-step through each level.

This work is profound and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Radical Wholeness by Philip Shepherd

We are entering a time when a direct experience of reality is essential for our survival and thriving.

In his new book, Philip Shepherd draws our attention to all the invisible acts of our culture that maintain a schism between our body and spirit. This is a wonderfully enlivening call to action for those of us who want to flow fully with the new energies coming in. Expect to be enlightened, this is a nurturing and awakening work of genius.

There is also an audiobook, narrated by Philip himself, which I have been enjoying immensely.

My News

For those of you interested in what I’ve been up to lately, read on.

I moved to Sydney two and a half years ago. It has been a very challenging time for me, with family issues and just generally dealing with being in the city. My goodness, what a rush and pressure and noise! It has also been incredibly informing, to understand what so many people are attempting to navigate everyday!

A few weeks ago I moved back to my home turf, on the north coast of New South Wales in Australia. I am currently living on the edge of an 200 ha aboriginal sacred site, surrounded by deep forest, five minutes from the beach, just as I love to do. I can feel my creative juices stirring again.

Not that I’ve been sitting in inner city cafes sipping lattes and doing no work at all!

How to Learn Emergent Human Design

While I’ve been in Sydney I have been putting together all my Emergent Human Design courses and you can access them here: EmergentHuman.Design.  I will keep you up to date as new courses are published. You can start with the Beginners Bundle, which gives you a range of short courses on Emergent Human Design, including A Beginners Guide to Asteroids in Human Design, and Beyond Pluto – a Galactic Guide to Human Design.

Emergent Leadership Workshop

On 3rd and 4th November I will be presenting a weekend workshop on Emergent Leadership and Human Design in New Zealand. You will discover the most important quantum themes in Emergent HD, and how they reveal your unique leadership role in creating our new reality.

It’s not like any leadership training you’ve ever heard of before. But you will recognise yourself deeply when you discover it.

I’ll send more details soon, including travel and accommodation arrangements. If you have any questions about the workshop in the meantime, email me at I won’t be offering this material online, however if you would like me to present the workshop in your area let me know. Some of you are at the top of my list, you know who you are!

I'm Kim Gould, founder of Love Your Design. I have been innovating and taking Human Design to the next level since 2003.

Beyond Type and Strategy, beyond the keywords and rigid rules, there are Asteroids, Dwarf Planets, Multidimensional Human Design and Holographic Human Design to explore. Come join me!

Want more? Join our Love Your Design Communitywhere we break the bounds of standard Human Design and explore it's full multidimensional potential.

11 thoughts on “The birth pangs of the Golden Age

  1. Timely and helpful, I had a very vivid, specific and upsetting dream last night – very rare for me – and this has helped me understand. I’m glad you are back in a peaceful and energy supportive setting. Having been ousted from my home by a flood the past 17 months I know how strange it can feel to be in the wrong place. Hope all is well with you. Let me know if you want to present your seminar in England. Spare room available! Mich love.

    1. Hi Dawn, I remember reading all about your flood, what a time it was for you! I do feel a tremendous sense of my life falling back into place. A new place, informed by the past few years in interesting ways. I will be in the UK in June/July, so we shall plot and plan for a visit.

  2. Wow thanks Kim. This resonates so deeply….. Only yesterday my brother and I were sharing that we had Both been listening to the sixties music again…. and have felt something is being activated out of that time we were in!! And now you write this about Chiron…. so interesting and exciting!!

    1. Linda I love imagining you and your brother dancing, although I just noticed you said listening.

      Chiron has been in 25 nearly all year but Astraea adds extra healing and sensitivity.

  3. i was starting to worry…about your silence, kim :p

    now… everything is okay with the world.

    how are you, dear one?

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