The Changing Nature of Change

As we move through the next seven years we are learning about the changing and paradoxical nature of change.

In 2027 a portal opens to a new era of human consciousness. The portal is triggered by Pluto entering the Gate of Decrease (41). This gate is an essential step in the process of true change, which always involves releasing something old in order to birth something new.

The next 7 years are all about understanding those two things – what wants to be birthed and what we will lose as we go through the change. A fundamental aspect of Gate 41 (Decrease) is loss.

Pluto, of course, is also about loss – death and rebirth.

In 2005 Pluto went through his own version of death and rebirth, when he was demoted to dwarf planet. In order to step up into his new role as a doorway to a newly emerging galactic consciousness, Pluto had to relinquish his position within the existing solar system.

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This week – 13th to 18th July 2020 – the Earth activation will go over Pluto and Jupiter in the Gate of Inner Truth (61), an essential part of the journey towards 2027.

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Incarnation Cross transit – 14th July 2020

This is a gate of mutation, a pulsing process of inner shifts and outer expression which gives birth to lasting change through individual breakthrough.

Uranus is also in this Channel of Awareness.

Channel of Awareness

Pluto makes the hidden visible and Uranus initiates revolutionary change. There are two kinds of power (and two kinds of revolution) here – the power to resist change (holding onto existing power) and the power to leap out of our comfort zones into a new reality.

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As the Earth goes over Pluto, the Sun will go into Gate 62, making a channel with Mars and Chiron in Gate 17. Mars will be there for one day, on 14th July.

Channel of Acceptance

These are both mental channels, so we are talking about the way we think, and the way we deal with change and loss. They are lined up in synergy with dwarf planet Makemake in the Gate of Corruption, all about repairing the old patterns held in our DNA.

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The Channel of Awareness asks us to allow the pause for our own inner metamorphosis, not to rush forward until we have a felt sense of personal meaning, that we truly KNOW our own truth.

The Channel of Acceptance brings a need to let go of ideas about ourselves that have been true in the past but are no longer. We need proof of what’s coming, but we can only get it slowly, moment-by-moment, step-by step. And each step requires a kind of small death, a releasing.

This is a new kind of change process, deeply embedded in our physicality. We can feel a personal sense of what is true that goes beyond fact and logic. We identify with the synchronicity of our own personal space-time geometry, and in doing so we enter into a powerful flow of life.

We are both free and tightly bound by circumstance. We can lead even when matters seem to be out of our hands.

On 14th July the Earth will be conjunct Jupiter in Gate 61 line 2.

The roots of every interaction are deep inside. If your words and actions are a true mirror of what lives in your heart, they will be creative.

Lise Heyboer

Jupiter shows us a new way to tell our old stories, revealing hidden opportunity. Pluto loves to show us what is hidden. Minor planet Arawn is there too, in Gate 61.1.

A complete integration of persona in integrity. the purest version of ourselves we can be in this incarnation. Cutting away dead wood and finding the essence of ourselves.

Minor Planet Arawn

Also, on 14th, the Moon will pass through Gate 24, activating Uranus and minor planet Albion – the thresholder who catalyses societal breakdown. This planet shows up in every pandemic chart I have looked at.

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Interestingly, also on that day, Venus goes into the Gate of Progress, reminding us that everything is a blessing sent to support our growth. As living beings we are here to be creative, to be constantly learning about ourselves, and how we relate to each other and our environments. This is the crux of the next few weeks.

What does it say about our culture that we have to fight so hard for change? The Gate of Revolution is a key energy in the 2027 shift. If you do a google image search for revolution you find a lot of violence. We have to find the places within ourselves where we believe change is dangerous and difficult, and reeducate them.

Paradoxically, change is not dangerous to you and I, so much as to the system that has supported us for so long and is now killing us all. Through it’s failure to embrace natural change processes. It’s up to us now.

The new dwarf planets, out past Pluto, are all about gentle, natural change. If you’re looking for how we move beyond the potential catastrophe facing humanity, these planets hold the keys. It all has to do with our relationship with death. With loss. And with the gradual process of change that is life continually emerging.

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11 thoughts on “The Changing Nature of Change

  1. Love this. “Paradoxically, change is not dangerous to you and I, so much as to the system that has supported us for so long and is now killing us all. Through it’s failure to embrace natural change processes. It’s up to us now.”
    It says so much. We feel threatened by the breakdown of the system, because it has supported us- in the past. But it is an illusion, we are not threatened, just the system. We can thrive in the new system, which we are building.
    And the realization that change is a natural part of any living system- and we are coming to terms with the reality that we are part of a living system- despite the illusion of the mechanical system we created as “superior”.
    I believe that the failure of so many of us to find a place to fit and thrive in this mechanical system is a testament to our natural integrity (wanted or not). Our inner light bursts through every attempt to fit into the gray cogs and gears that crunch the life out of most of us. We are beginning to question the value of the type of person who thrives and survives this system- ambitious, competitive, winners- at all costs. These winners, who turn the other 99% of the world into losers. Losers of health, connection, relationship and even the planet that sustains us.
    Thanks Kim for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Beck, thank you for sharing all of that, so very true for me as well. I feel like we have to have a kpi transplant :). Our metrics are off and need an overhaul, so we are preferencing qualities like kindness and caring rather than sociopathy.

  2. Sounds to me like it’s time to throw of the “mask” and embrace our future without the “safety net” of those who presume to be scientists and scholars!
    Have we had enough of the lies, the manipulations, the scare tactics? Perhaps coming to terms with death means we take a few more risks as a society to as Kim said; cut off the dead lumber? Don’t presume I don’t know what some you are thinking- this person wants people dead! Furthest thing from the truth of course, but if you went there, YOU are still not ready for the new world. It requires you to have FULL SOVEREIGNTY. No excuses, no blaming anyone EVER again for ANYTHING.

    1. Loren I so love that Gate 22, where Neptune is transiting, is about taking off our masks! And learning a new more powerful way to hold to a new reality and its creation. Hallelujah sister!!

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