The hidden Human Design keys in Coronavirus

THe HIdden Human Design Keys in Coronavirus

I’ve been reviewing the history of pandemics and have found some hidden Human Design keys in Coronavirus.

On 13th January, the first case of coronavirus outside China was reported. That same day the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Ceres were in a channel with dwarf planet Albion, the thresholder who catalyses societal breakdown.

I have been watching the 2020 transits for years now, and telling people – this will make the sixties look like a walk in the park. I didn’t know how it was going to happen and I wasn’t expecting it to come in the form of such a photogenic and potentially deadly virus!

The activation to the Channel of Awareness in January was the first step in a long period of upheaval and massive change for humanity. This blog post is an attempt to condense a whole lot of information into a useful explanation.

Channel of Awareness
Channel of Awareness Human Design System

Epochal change in 2027

Many of you have heard about the 2027 shifts predicted by Ra, via the Voice. It is essentially an epochal shift in humanity arising from an evolutionary upgrade to the Solar Plexus Centre. Simply put, our feelings will be at a higher frequency, aligning them with love.

This is a quantum ring-pass-not, or rather the opening of a portal in the ring-pass-not. We cannot get to the next level of universal creation if we are still able to do evil. We would just wreak too much havoc! So the capacity to do evil is being removed from the human genome.

There’s a catch though. According to the Voice, you and I do not have the physical architecture (body) to integrate this shift. We are, in a sense, a transitional version of human, paving the way for those born after 2027, who will embody the full mutation. We shall see!

Back in 1999 I was told humanity is an experiment to see how high a frequency of love can go in such a dense physical form. We are a cosmic physics experiment!

Embodying Universal Consciousness

Human Design provides humanity with a pathway to build a relationship between consciousness and form. Right now, we are in our bodies and we think of ourselves as conscious, but those two aspects of self don’t really connect that much.

Religion is such a big part of this shift. The architect of so much evil, the exiling of sacred pleasure, the removal of our unmediated relationship with nature. And more than anything, the theft of our capacity for imagination, play and creation.

In severing our bodies from our minds and feelings, religion has effectively removed our capacity for inner authority, and for a deep personal relationship with the sacred.

This is the shift that we are in now, to embody a new universal level of creative consciousness within our physicality.

The hidden code of pandemics

If we look at pandemics throughout history, we find some clear Human Design codes.

History reveals that pandemics have a hidden Human Design code.

Breakdown of normal life – Albion

Firstly, the planet Albion is always in a significant position in the HD transit chart of every pandemic I was able to research – in the Black Death, in SARS, in the Spanish Flu and now with Covid-19/ Coronavirus.

Albion is currently in the Channel of Awareness with Pluto and Jupiter. Albion catalyses major zeitgeist changes, supporting a kind of emancipation from cultural rules that don’t align with natural law and builds new bridges between social groups, particularly using technology (think, internet).

We can see Albion at work in the huge breakdown in what we think of as normal life, and the ‘unprecedented‘ arrangements governments are making to cope with the pandemic. We can also see it in the role social media is playing, for people in quarantine all over the world to connect, and to get clear and factual information out.

The Frozen Parts of Humanity

Second, the Gate of Stillness (52) is involved. In the outbreak of the Spanish Flu, Jupiter and Pluto were conjunct in Gate 52.3 in August 1918. Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct again now, AND the North Node has been in Gate 52 from 12 November till today.

You’ve heard of flight or fright? Recently those dealing with trauma discovered a third response they called freeze. The Gate of Stillness is the place where we pull our energy down into our Root and freeze it. This gate is where we find the frozen parts of our psyche.

In August of 1918, in the worst of the Spanish Flu, Jupiter and Pluto were in the Gate of Stillness, in line 3:

The flow of information is cut off and unfulfilled desires become poisonous smoke. You stop yourself acting on what you feel, maybe try not to feel it at all and hold yourself rigidly to a certain course.

Hilary Barrett I Ching

The Spanish Flu came at the end of World War 1, a time of poisonous mustard gas, overwhelming grief and the need to just get on despite everything. There was also a significant opposition to the war by those with a humanist or socialist bent who saw the slaughter of innocents for the purposes of global capitalism.

Also, after our bushfires here in Australia over Christmas, we know that more people died from smoke inhalation than perished in the fires themselves. Here.

And speaking of bushfires, they came in the middle of a rush of dire news about the state of our planet. In 2019 we were falling into despair at the loss of our natural world, at our inability to convince our leadership that it really mattered to us that things change. Just like in World War 1, we had to try to deal with our grief while we got on with keeping the machine ticking over, paying our mortgages and trickling up our wealth. Frozen.

we are thawing frozen parts of our psyche

Gate 26 and Coronavirus

The third common component in all pandemics is Gate 26 (Great Accumulation). Back in 2006 Ra mentioned the role of this gate in pandemics. It shows up in the chart for the Spanish Flu.

The North Node was in Gate 26 at the time of the Spanish Flu, with Albion.
Jupiter and Pluto were conjunct in the Gate of Stillness.

Gate 26 also shows up in the chart for Coronavirus.

Venus was in Gate 26, making a channel with Mercury on 17 November 2019, the day of the first known case of Coronavirus.
Notice that the North Node is in Gate 52 AND Jupiter is conjunct Pluto again.

Gate 26 is a genetic transmission point between humans and mammals. It’s a part of the evolutionary shift from our mammalian past into a future of a new distinct higher consciousness human.

I want to share two more very important points about Gate 26.

  1. When we force ourselves to work too much and don’t get enough rest we weaken our immune system. Activations to Gate 26 are times when we feel our will to be exhausted and we are unable to keep our bargains to show up to work. It intrigues me that everyone is losing their jobs and being sent home, and how many people are saying how good that feels!
  2. This is the Gate of the Salesperson. The USA, Australia and the UK are being led by salesmen in 2020, men who try to keep us calm by lying and exaggerating. They want to seduce us to keep contributing into their bank accounts, while depleting our own.

Go back to the Spanish Flu and World War 1. The war was sold as a great adventure, but it was always about power, money and influence.

But Gate 26 is not really about THAT kind of accumulation. It is about storing up virtue and creative power for a time when it might be needed. Like, during a pandemic!

Quick but important side step into Darwinian evolutionary theory here, stay with me. We all know about survival of the fittest. Darwin’s theory of natural selection. It was popular with early global capitalists to justify slavery and war. BUT. Darwin had another theory up his sleeve. He shared it in his second book The Descent of Man, and it was all about human evolution within society.

I want to share one vitally important point about this second theory of Darwin’s. We are impelled, as an evolutionary force, towards goodness. This evolutionary drive to a higher moral arc is as significant in humanity as hunger. There’s much compelling support for this theory which I won’t share now, but you can read more here.

Our social instincts are our great challenge in the 21st century, to come together beyond our tribes to create one global family with moral intelligence. We are seeing cruelty, but we get to choose integrity and caring.

Gate 26, Great Accumulation, throws the switch from material accumulation to moral accumulation. Our bargain is not to exhaust our will to work, but to have the intention to provide for each other when help is needed.

And speaking of caring

Since April 2019, Uranus has been in the Gate of Nurturing and Caring (27). Uranus brings sudden evolutionary leaps into the unexpected. This gate is about having the energy and will to care for each other.

Remember Gate 26, the Gate of Accumulation? Remember how we all got too busy and exhausted to take care of ourselves, let alone each other? Uranus in Gate 27, which in the I Ching follows on directly from 26, says to us, well now you can all slow down and care for each other in a whole new way. The cruelty of our existing culture has always been about preventing us having the time and energy to do that, stealing our healthcare, destroying our natural world, turning our food supply into inedible rubbish.

But, here’s one of the most amazing pieces of this puzzle. Over the past month, Uranus was joined by two asteroids – Atropos and Karma. Now I want you to take a deep breath while I tell you this, and then keep reading.

Atropos is about death. Karma is, well about karma.

The two asteroids will be travelling together till they join up exactly on 1st May, with Sedna in Gate 8.4.

This indicates to me the possibility of many deaths from this pandemic, but there’s purpose here. One interpretation of the asteroid Karma is resisting past trauma, holding it in our cells. Remember the frozen parts of us in the Gate of Keeping Still? This is the process for thawing them.

Sedna shows where we may have become overwhelmed and/or frozen inside from the lack of protection from our mother against the abuses of our father.  This operates on a very subtle level, in the places where our soul has not been respected. 

Kim Gould –

I believe both the current pandemic and the Spanish Flu have come in reaction to cruelty by those seeking accumulation at the expense of others. In an unbalanced masculine culture we have been powerless against the marketing message that hard work is good, consumerism is good, denying ourselves and not caring for others is good, not having healthcare, housing or decent food is our own fault.

Img: Naiden Stancherv

This is a core wound of our culture. Atropos and Karma have a simple message – there are emotions you would rather die than experience. And those emotions are frozen inside us, requiring a deep dive into our own experience of what we might call long term cultural abuse. A kind of global Stockholm Syndrome.

Feeling those emotions requires a massive leap into a global unknown, because it requires us to come together and agree that the emperor has no clothes. The emperor that we rely on for our very survival, to provide us with iphones and supermarkets and schools. The emperor who holds together the structure of our known reality.

That’s where the Coronavirus steps in. The global unknown is upon us. All we have to do now is turn up.

The key point here is this – we are learning to find a different kind of personal truth that is inviolable, that can’t be tricked by a clever salesman. (That’s the current massive lineup in Gate 61 and the Channel of Awareness) With that anchoring, we are no longer able to be manipulated into evil ways. We can walk beyond the cruelty, pass through the door of the quantum ring-pass-not, and into a world where we get access to a new level of creative power.

The meeting point of Atropos and Karma, on 1st May 2020 in Gate 8.4 exactly conjunct Sedna, is about coming together in an entirely new way, within a larger context, a new story. This is an extraordinary shift in the structure of human relationships. The intermediary (the ‘head’, the pope, the president, etc) is being removed and we are discovering we fit together in ways we never imagined. When we commit to each other in this way we find our source and flow together to create new realities. But first, we have to thaw out.

I'm Kim Gould, founder of Love Your Design. I have been innovating and taking Human Design to the next level since 2003.

Beyond Type and Strategy, beyond the keywords and rigid rules, there are Asteroids, Dwarf Planets, Multidimensional Human Design and Holographic Human Design to explore. Come join me!

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45 thoughts on “The hidden Human Design keys in Coronavirus

  1. Hi Kim, I really love your articles. You are a leading light in the HD world. I wonder if you might like to talk at this time and maybe we could do a dialogue together? My email is, with love, Richard

      1. Thank you so much for initiating this dear Richard. The 3 conversations are so excellent. Kim has been my favorite in HD for a long time, and it’s wonderful to have this synergy happening. Thank you both so much!
        With love, Pam

      2. Hope you and Richard do more soon really enjoyed your talks and sharing. Im only just reading this and its fascinating as I do a lot of what I call Dragon Soothing on the Line of Albion in Britain which I feel has a connection to Albion asteroid – Line of Albion runs from the Isle of Wight through many cathedrals, sacred places all the way to Scotland. I have 52 as my Core so returning to Stillness as the chaos rages around us has actually been very blissful in these times. Then GK26 is my Purpose and just daily miracles in connecting with the Earth Light Grid – most recently Rapa Nui and Makemake at the Full Moon and feeling it as an anchoring belly button of the earth/human connection. I didn’t know this about 26 connecting mammals and humans but its so true. Since I was a child I have had an especially close relationship with dogs and I feel with my own dogs Lily and Bongo that they are totally on this journey with us in their evolution. Sometimes I feel we are just one living being together made up of 4 – 2 humans and 2 dogs. Thank you Kim for your continued inspirations

        1. Alison that is so intriguing! Albion used to be just plain old 1997 QB1 and I loved her so much, but when they changed the name to Albion it was difficult to find the new level of meaning. She was always a catalyst for zeitgeist change, a thresholder, but what does Albion have to do with that idea? I do wonder about the Celts, their fierce resistance to the Romans, the absolute magic of that land.

          The South Node is in 26 for the next few months, it should be interesting for you! A wonderful energy.

  2. Thank you Kim for your article. This was a fabulous perspective of what is currently going on.

  3. Thank you again Kim for providing clear insight of the patterns of our (large and dwarf) planets into an HD frame. ❤️

    1. thanks Elle, there’s more to come on that, they are all so significant in what’s happening, which shouldn’t be at all surprising to anyone!!

  4. So beautifully insightful, as ever, Kim. Thank you for taking so much time out and bringing these insights out. It gives meaning to everything that’s happening, and that’s truly reassuring and inspiring. 🙏

  5. So glad to see Richard Rudd connecting with you, Kim. You have so many strong supporters in the Gene Keys community! Much love, midi

  6. Excellent article, Kim! Thank you so much for providing us with your insights. I agree with Richard Rudd – your additions to the realm of Human Design are extremely valuable.

  7. Thank you Kim for your insightful sharing. You express eloquently and detailed what I have been picking up all along…

  8. Kim, your ability to explore and explain our experiences with the truth in our Designs is truly remarkable. There is so much that resonates with what I am understanding in the hidden but soon to be revealed truths of the empower wears no clothing. I only yesterday referred to my ice queen needing to thaw. And then I read your post. You provide me the information and reason to continue moving through the dense reality we find ourselves mired within.
    Thank you and in gratitude for who you are.

  9. Resonates Kim…you write in such an easy manner, and I ‘get it’.
    Thanks a million….look forward to hearing from you again very soon!

  10. Hi Kim, great article. I’m curious if there is any effect on me due to my own HD having the same channel (channel of awareness) and the same gate (gate 26) that’s activated and Covid-19’s design. I’d love to hear your insight.
    With gratitude, Quynne

  11. Brilliant article, Kim. Very interesting blog, thank you very much for sharing your insights.

    Have a bright day!

  12. SO inspiring – I am captivated with your depth of mastery and wise insights. So many great blog posts to explore, and I love the sense of integration and synthesis of so many elements. I especially appreciate how your unique and very relevant contributions about the asteroids and deepening our understanding of the astrological elements of Human Design. Ra initiated, but he also always advised that we should each conduct our own experiments, not get stuck in a single way of working with Human Design – wise advice, because we should always keep in mind that Ra’s work was transmitted to us through the parameters of his own design as the initiator of Human Design. As we continue to explore and develop, our consciousness tools must necessarily continue to develop as well.

    Thank you for all your amazing work, especially the interpretations and insights around current global events, to help us to remain mindful of the bigger picture and what we know is lining up for the world for 2020. I hope to arrange an analysis / coaching session once my emotional wave reaches clarity….! In the meantime, stay safe and well, and I wish you all the very best for the holiday season and the next chapter in 2021!

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