The Value of Soulful Disruption


Mars is about to go into total disrupt mode.   So much of our culture operates superficially, based on what’s immediately obvious.  This week, Mars takes us on a journey into a land of first causes.  Joining with the Sun in what some know as the Channel of Power, for the next five days Mars brings us the power to tune into our most intuitive self.  Regardless of external circumstances, our internal compass will be attuned to due north!

 Pattern Disruptors

Human Design Transit ChartWhile Pluto and Uranus continue to act as potent global pattern disrupters, Mars and the Sun align us to our own inner truth.

Mars in the Sacral meets the Sun in the Spleen Centre, connecting two powerful centres of inner guidance – our gut instinct and our intuitive knowing.  This is a self interested energy, it’s all about what’s good for you.  

Mars in Gate 34 is all about power and how we use it.  Do we attempt to bully our bodies into doing things they don’t feel good about?  Are we pushing things along faster than their natural flow, and cutting off possibilities?  Do we get frustrated when others don’t do things our way?

The Sun in is in Gate 57, the most intuitive field in the Human Design chart.  However, it’s intuition is only as true as the underlying survival beliefs, and this week’s transits may bring up some strange ideas you’ve been storing away.

Be alert to the possibility that you are absolutely convinced that something is right, when it’s absolutely not!  This is not an objective energy, although it feels that way.  That’s because it’s designed for introspection.  It tells you everything about yourself and is entirely unreliable when applied to the lives of others.

I expect this transit configuration to shine a bright light on how we create struggle and overwhelm in our lives.  Mercury is in Gate 28 – the Gate of Struggle- where we pile too much into our lives and things get unbalanced.  This is the second most intuitive field in the chart, so our inner knowing will be very, very strong!

As we progress through the next five days, Mercury, Venus and the Moon are perfectly placed to allow us to release some very old ballast.   It’s likely that there’ll be exhaustion, sore throats, frustration and a focus on what to do about bullying at all levels.  Expect to have the potential to let go of old conditioned agendas and find the power to tune joyfully into what’s right for you!


 What’s Happening to the Throat Chakra?

You can see that the Sun/Mars connection doesn’t make it up to the Throat Centre for expression. But if we look at the minor planets, we find that the Centaur Asbolus is currently in Gate 20, creating an expressive bridge from the Sacral and Spleen to the Throat.  If you want a summary of what this transit is about, go no further than the meaning of  Asbolus.

[box]Positive – intrepid, courageous, leading the charge, motivated to reach the top, intuitive, wise, common sense insightful, solid advice.

Negative – lack of sensibility, blind action, failing to follow instincts, intuitions, omens or sensors, easily intoxicated, unable to receive advice from self or others.[/box]

Notice – “blind action” – a perfect description of Mars in Gate 34.   And this – failing to follow instincts – what happens when we take blind action without taking time to listen to inner guidance.  On the positive side we have courage, intuition, common sense and the ability to give sound and wise advice when it’s requested.

We are such a throat driven culture.  If it looks good on the surface, it’s fine.  Think Monsanto’s vision for food, that apple that’s rosy red but has no flavour.  You’ve probably had experiences where you are picking up all sorts of complex information and others seem oblivious.  Not only are people shut down on their own intuition, the rush of modern life prevents people having time to tune it even if they could!

When we take time to connect with our intuitive selves (and this week that’s powerfully rooted in our body intelligence), we step out of the prison of superficiality that his approach to life creates.  This is r-evolutionary because it frees you from control,  allows you to sidestep the bullying that comes from the overwhelming crush of advertising, making a living, keeping up with fashion, etc.

The intelligence of our own physical bodies may be the most subversive tool we have at our disposal!


The Sun will pass directly over dwarf planet Haumea on 10th and 11th October, in Gate 57.5.   Haumea seeks to bring individuals into community by showing that we all share this planet and it’s resources.  When we give up our own egotistical headstrong ways, and align with divine will, our own best interests naturally align with those of everyone and everything.

She also tends to timeshifting, more on that later!


[box]There comes a moment when you gain valuable understanding and this enables you to bring about positive change.  The origins of the situation have been hidden away but now there can be real achievement, where you are able to penetrate to the core of the matter, bring out what is valueable and discard the useless chaff.

Where previously you were feeling your way, now things are clear. Taken slowly and looking carefully at the context, there is a real opportunity here to change everything for the better.

adapted from Hilary Barret I Ching  (see link on the sidebar), Hexagram 57 line 5.



Mars is the warrior energy within each of us.  He brings the courage to rediscover and strengthen previously wobbly personal boundaries.  Our very vitality has been colonised, and the next 5 days gives you an opportunity to reclaim something your soul thought you’d given up forever.

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  1. Reading this has left me with HEAPS of guided advice for the coming days. Thank you for taking the time to express this information to we who are seeking 🙂 Much love and very much respect

  2. Hey Kim! This is just so much on the spot again!!! It feels like all that is happening what you have mentioned… I <3 HD and love the way you interpreting it…thank you!!! Vera from Budapest city <3

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