Total Solar Eclipse – 8 April 2024

Birthing a New Consciousness and Culture

This week’s total solar eclipse brings together the Sun, Moon, Chiron and North Node in the Gate of Shock (51). The Earth is in the Gate of the Gentle (57).

The Gate of Shock is in the Heart Centre, which is sometimes called the Will or Ego Centre. This is important to notice, because the Heart Centre is the place where we transform feelings (in the Solar Plexus Centre) into infinite love (in the G Centre). The Heart Centre is, like the G Centre, about identity. The Heart Centre identity constellates around the idea of community – what’s expected of you, what your tribe values. It provides generous support and encouragement. The G Centre identity constellates around infinite love, soul purpose, and brilliance! It is about our unique contribution to the collective.

People are feeling uneasy, and that’s partly because of the ongoing activation of this Channel of Initiation (25-51), which is a pathway to a whole new way of constellating our identity. As Neptune moves into Gate 25 this week, it opens a bridge to our new selves.

This shift takes us from an unnatural social construct – a linear hierarchy – and back into the natural arrangement of distributed networks. There’s more here – Matrix of Brilliance.

In the I Ching, the Gate of Shock is also called The Arousing. It’s the double thunder hexagram, telling us spring has arrived – wake up from your winter slumber!! Pay attention, there are things to be done! The shock (thunder and lightning) arouse us to look around with fresh eyes.

The Earth is in Gate 57, which is called The Gentle. This gate holds the energy of something called negentropy – the notion that we live in a participatory universe, a world of subtle constant interconnection, where everything informs – acts on and interacts with – everything else. It is this world that Gate 51 is awakening us to.

There’s a lot of energy in that Gate of Shock – Sun, Moon, Chiron and North Node. Chiron is generally known as being ‘wounded’ and this creates some trepidation for people. But that’s really not what’s going on here – Chiron is not some bolt from heaven wounding process! Or never-ending suffering!

Let’s explore the idea of a solar eclipse, and then look at the planets involved.

How Do Eclipses Influence Us?

Eclipses happen twice each year and come in pairs, or in triplets.

Lunar eclipses tends to be internal and personal, often impacting on our relationships. Our emotions might be stronger than usual. We realise an unfullfilled need and have to act on it. We had a lunar eclipse on 25 March – chart here and my post here.

A solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, blocking the light of the Sun from our view. The solar eclipse energy tends to be more external, something to do with who you are as a person, and how you fulfill your purpose in life. The solar eclipse is on 8 April – chart here.

The eclipse of the Sun (personality) brings a moment of disconnect between our previous and new selves. It’s important not to act impulsively for a few weeks after an eclipse, it takes time for this new energy to settle.

Chiron’s Role in the Eclipse

What happens when the Sun’s energy is ‘eclipsed’ and also aligned with Chiron (woundedness) and the North Node (destiny)?

Chiron is known as the wounded healer. This wound is triggered in childhood, and is most likely something we’ve been working on for many lifetimes. The key to understanding Chiron is in realising no one can heal this wound but you. And in that journey of discovery and healing, you develop lived experience, empathy, and a deep soul mastery which it is your destiny to share. Chiron becomes the wise healer. The North Node is your evolutionary edge – what you are becoming. More on the Nodes here.

Chiron works with the energy of Uranus and Saturn – bringing together a unique combination of the creativity and vision of Uranus with the Saturnian respect for the material world and the long-term stability and governance needed for us all to thrive. Too much Uranus and we burn everything down. Too much Saturn and we get stuck in the rigidity of the past. We could say that Chiron is here to help humanity synthesise the relationship between Saturn and Uranus.

When Chiron and the Sun meet up, we can feel an impossibility to express our true selves. Its a wound that comes from not being at the centre of our parent’s lives, and so not learning how to place ourselves at the centre of our own lives. We may be afraid to shine, or we may have tried to shine too brightly. Either way, our own unique individual nature was hidden.

When Chiron and the Moon meet up, we can experience a difficulty with recognising and meeting our own emotional needs, often putting the needs of others before our own. We can take refuge from our own pain by becoming a caretaker, always giving and never receiving.

Remember it’s the Moon that blocks the light of the Sun during a solar eclipse. Our yin (receiving) energy takes precedence for a few powerful moments over our yang (active) energy. If we think about the neutrino stream, we could say the Moon blocks the neutrino stream from the Sun during the eclipse. This week’s solar eclipse offers a healing of this lack of balance between our inner and outer selves. And it does it by waking us up, potentially through a series of initiatory shocks, to our lived reality (rather than our past trauma).

Birthing a New Consciousness and Culture

I could say more, but I decided to do a video for you, explaining the whole concept of birthing a new human consciousness and culture, and why the USA has a special part to play.

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5 thoughts on “Total Solar Eclipse – 8 April 2024

  1. I really appreciate this post. I have the channel of Initiation. Gate 25 is my conscious sun, Gate 51 is my north node and Gate 57 is my south node. I also have many of the gates that you shared in your post from last month, especially gates 23 & 17, and I have the channel of structuring. So everything, from the way I see myself to the way I do business, has been rocked by epiphanies and flipped upside down. I’ve let go of a lot of things over the past few weeks. Surrendering to change is a major theme in my chart , and seeing how all the things line up helps me feel like I’m not going crazy. Thank you!

    1. Maybe going sane Cheri! We shouldn’t ever underestimate the influence we have on what’s going on in the world when we are open to our epiphanies and life flipping on us. It takes courage and is a gift to us all.

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