We are entering a time when the truth is being, as they say, weaponised. But don’t be concerned, gentle reader! This is part of the process of dismantling old tribal enmities. Until we can find a way to live together in the diverse appreciation of truth and morality, we cannot truly go global or universal.

In March next year (2018) Pluto will shift into the Gate of Truth (61). We are already seeing the impact, with #FakeNews often trending on social media. Who really knows what’s true? On the macro-cultural level we have arrived at maximum moral relativism.

We are facing one question, over and over and over again.

Should I hold space for you to live according to your truth, no matter how repugnant it seems to me?

Philosophers like to argue that there is no central and unassailable truth. Truth depends on the cultural context. What’s true in your culture will not be true in mine. We love Vegemite here in Australia. It’s true! Watch the video to the end. You probably should know EVERY AUSTRALIAN LOVES VEGEMITE! We grew up on it!

What Is Truth Anyway?

Okay, so truth is more than national food treasures. Here is one question I have. Is there a kind of ultimate moral integrity? A truth that is so pure every culture should abide by it? I checked in with the Dalai Lama, who says, after studying the intersection between Buddhist theory and Quantum Science:

particular causes lead to particular effects, and certain actions lead to suffering while others lead to happiness. It is in everybody’s interest to do what leads to happiness and avoid that which leads to suffering.

But he ruins the simple clarity of that statement by going on to say that happiness is relative anyway.

It also brings to mind the work of George Lakoff, who’s research has revealed that people who have a conservative political persuasion believe in the moral imperative for people to be independent and not rely on handouts (like health care, for example … oh sorry, my moral relativism is showing). This way of thinking is based on the old Cartesian science – people are individual objects and the highest morality is not to be a burden on others, but to ‘get on’. Progressives are more in line with the new Systems Theory – we are all connected, if one person suffers we all suffer. Our actions must be in line with the greater good. But who gets to decide the greater good??


Who’s Moral Values Rule?

I’m being a bit jokey here, but this is actually one of the huge threshold issues of our times. From where I stand, it arises from two sources.

1. Each culture has it’s own set of moral values. The world’s cultures are increasingly intermingled, creating a tussle over who’s morals are more ‘correct’.

2. We are experiencing a world-wide resurgence of authoritarianism. I believe this is the last gasp of the Patriarchal God culture, which is built on a moral hierarchy – those at the top (privileged white men) have the most entitlement, and so on down the ladder. That entitlement is not only to rape and pillage the common-wealth, but also to make (divine) rules for those lower down. (Saturn in Gate 11 has the authoritarian thing covered. Your part of this process is to find how heaven and earth dance together in your life, rather than giving one precedence over the other).


New Beginnings

We had a New Moon this week. It was pretty impressive. The Sun joined philosopher planet Jupiter in the Gate of Values. The Earth joined revolutionary Uranus in the Gate of New Beginnings. Old fuddy-duddy Saturn is approaching the Galactic Centre, where he will get a makeover.

Before we can access those lovely new beginnings we can all feel coming, we have to clear out the old stuff.  But this old stuff is not what you think. It’s not personal wounds or imperfections. It’s not anything to do with making yourself better in anyway. The old stuff now is about how we THINK.

We have to shift our thinking up a notch. We are on the cusp of a huge shift in consciousness. Very soon we will be looking back on this time and marveling at how backward and ineffective we were in 2017!


Pleasure is a Feminine Principle

The clitoris is the only part of the body with the sole purpose of creating pleasure. Riane Eisler in her book Sacred Pleasure describes the central, though largely ignored, role that pain and pleasure have in creating culture. Much of our current culture makes a virtue of pain. Modern Christianity is based on the idea that self-sacrifice saved the world. Adam and Eve were punished (cursed!) for their pleasure, and the matrydom of Jesus is adored.

Humans have a profound and highly developed capacity for pleasure, most of which is grounded in love – love for ourselves, for our bodies, for our friends and family, for the rest of humanity. Yet we live in a culture dedicated to fear and pain.

We have to re-acquaint with pleasure, with the sacred connection of all things. We have to feel this in our bodies, because EVERYTHING we know comes from our physicality. This way of living does NOT fit within a cognitively based cultural construct requiring sacrifice to a fierce god who demands our obedience above all else.

When we can hear our bodies saying – this makes me happy, this brings me fulfillment, this is pleasurable – then, and only then, can we dispense with the old patriarchal rules and trust that we know how to do what is right.

There are those who have learnt to exercise authority over others, to use fear, to manipulate, to lie and gaslight and obsfucate. When we listen to a whole range of modes of consciousness, all of which we experience in our body, this type of manipulation has no effect. We can see the emperor has no clothes. Using a false truth (okay, I’m going to call it … lying!!) as a weapon against others will no longer be effective. We will see straight through it. In fact, most of us already do.


At the Threshold

Sitting right beside Jupiter just now is an intriguing little planet called 1992 QB1. Astrologer Eric Francis calls her the Thresholder, standing on the emergent edge of creation.

She’s calling us to let go of living in survival, living as a dance of staving off death.

1992 QB1 shows us that life IS creation. Each moment is a creative act. What is lost quickly becomes the past, as each aspect is reborn into great joy, love, expression. This way of living is a threat to the old tribal laws.  If you’ve ever dragged yourself, bleary eyed and tired, out of bed at the sound of an alarm to go off to work then you have experienced that particular conflict. This is where we find ourselves right now. The authoritarians, with their god-like notions, demanding sacrifice and obedience. You and I standing on the threshold between pain and pleasure, about to leap.

Take a moment to think about all the possible ways you are compromising your own happiness, fulfillment and health in your attempts to be a good person (in culturally relative terms of course!).

No one can tell you a truth that is greater than your own. No one has a greater connection to truth than you do. It IS relative. Your truth is for you alone. It applies to no one but you. It can be helpful to others, but not authoritative.

When Pluto goes into the Gate of Truth in March next year, 1992 QB1 will be there to greet him. Her message is potent. There is love and there is not-love. There is nothing relative about that. And the universe creates using the truth of love, so take your cue from her as we re-make our culture.

Image: Art by Claudia Tremblay, photo of Jacobs Well.

Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.