There is something going on at the moment that isn’t about your emotions, or personal growth or star-gates or more love and light, or any of those usual ways of creating personal change. It’s not about the culture wars, or right wing governments, endemic sexual abuse or resistance.

This is dimensional. And so of course it includes everything on that list, and is also something else entirely. A whole new dimension of experience. This is nothing less than learning how we tap into universal creation.

About 15 years ago I was invited to a lunch where we were all encouraged to share our creative endevours. Some people had poetry, others paintings, felting, pottery. I had nothing. Before we began I sat in my bedroom and cried, because my creativity felt so incapable of being shared. I could show them a Human Design chart or explain how the process of evolving consciousness was become more conscious, and more evolved. But that wasn’t the vibe for this get together. I remember how bereft I felt, how left out of the communal enjoyment.

This experience got me thinking about what creativity really is. If it’s only artists who do art, what are the rest of us doing? If all of life is art, how do we live it?

In 2017 we were put into a new kind of flow. It’s literally multi-dimensional (it carries the energy of many dimensions, just like a fibre optics cable). It carries the flow of the art of creation.

This is a shift of human consciousness – from survival to creation.



In 2017 a veil was lifted and we can now sense a subtle power surging through us, the potential for us to create according to our personal desires. We have a long way to go in wielding this power responsibly, but that’s okay. Our task now is to become consciously aware of our connection, rather than be too focused on how we personally channel the energy.


The Forgotten Art of Creation

There is one particular challenge, and it’s creating issues for many people at the moment.

Remember God? The one in the Bible? He created the world in seven days with no help from anyone. Just got on and did it. Then he wanted a son, so he found a passive virgin (why he needed a woman then, when he had already created humanity, well that’s a mystery). At this stage in the story, women’s creativity was obliterated. Women became empty vessels, waiting to be filled by any ‘creating’ man who wandered our way, filled with desire. You know this story.

The thing is, after thousands of years – about five thousand in fact – women have largely forgotten how to do their part of creation. We are so enculturated into creating from the male perspective that our own natural creative energy is numb, invisible. This is where we find ourselves between now and 9th January, bringing to life something which is 5,000 years dead. If you feel a bit challenged, well that’s entirely understandable.

Of course, this isn’t just about women. It’s about polarisation. We have all become trapped at one end of the pole – the ACTIVE, HEROIC end! We have become, after all these millenium of hectic activity, exhausted hungry ghosts.


Women’s Dormant Creativity

Let’s look at the Human Design Transits.

Hylonome is where the feminine cannot access the healthy creative masculine partner (which is in fact, dead).  How can we move to a new level of experience without giving away our power to the old zombie version of masculine-based culture? The one that seems intent on killing us all.

Hylonome guides us to focus on the small daily practicalities, creating sustainable relationships and patterns of living. We must be slow and quiet, to maintain our connection with the spiritual powers guiding us. This is a modest approach which relies on seeking out the original root causes, rather than putting bandaids over the symptoms.

Jupiter is currently activating dwarf planet Sedna, the Inuit Creation Goddess. When the Inuit men noticed fishing stocks were low they would conduct a ceremony, humbling themselves before the Goddess, apologising for their greed in creating imbalance and asking for sustainability to be restored to their lives.

Ophelia is desperately trying to draw attention to simple solutions, but the politicking/corporate classes are too busy being important to listen. There is something busy in each one of us, drowning out simple solutions to our own daily challenges.

The dimensional shift comes easily when we enter into authentic exchange with a greater joy of life. When we flow with that energy we are not bound inside the politics, culture, family patterns. We partner with the creative flow. We come free.



Kassandra is your inner voice, quelled through hopelessness. What’s the point of knowing what you desire if there is no way to create it? You want to move but stop yourself. Maybe you try not to hear that loving voice, feel the desire in your body. Why bother? You’ve never found a way to have what you want in the past, why now?

By splitting your desires from your actions in this way you tear yourself apart. Unfulfilled desires become like a poison and change becomes impossible.

Between now and 9th January, I encourage you to spend quiet time, listening to the desires coming from deep within you. Believe in them. It’s only the old transactional nature of your relationships that has kept you apart from your capacity to create them. As we go through a huge (and potentially painful) relationship shift over the next few weeks, this sense of hopelessness will shift.


Transactional Relationships

In the quantum world there is no stuff. It’s all about relationships. Even space is a relationship – the room you are in is simply the relationship space between four walls, a floor and a ceiling. How we relate is fundamental to creating a new reality. It’s why most every upgrade in consciousness now is actually, at it’s core, about relationships.

A transactional relationship is where I give you what you want and in return I get love, friendship. acceptance, support, inclusion, money. It’s based on the psychic energy of tribal family systems. As a small child you learnt your value. Perhaps you were the pretty one, the smart one, the funny one.

This is the Ceres activation (what you learnt about your value as a child) with the North Node (destiny, your evolutionary edge) in Gate 7.

We are at the doorway of a new kind of creative relationship fractal, and to pass through we must let go of the old transactional relationship model. No more compromising. No more doing what you don’t want, or not doing what you do want. When your relationship is grounded into the universal creative flow, WHO you are is more important than what you do. There is synchronicity, ease and acceptance.

Right now, some relationships will shift into a higher octave. Others will need to complete. This will free up a tremendous amount of psychic energy on this planet, which is being wasted now on defending ourselves, sublimating our desires, doing things we don’t want to do. All coming free!

The thing about this is – you may be so invested in your transactional layer of self that it feels like death to lose it. Focus on the subtle feelings of life force energy, any good feelings, small moments of happiness. Keep your attention there as long as you can. It’s a bit like when your leg goes to sleep and you have to wait for the blood to start flowing again.


The Direction of Evolution

Evolution is smart. It has to keep moving and if it can’t find a way forward it turns and goes backward. That’s where we are right now. Its as if we can’t see the way forward. Many people are doing what comes naturally, and demanding we all turn around and regress back to the ‘good old days’.  For many this means a strong, unquestioned leadership, hence the focus on authoritarianism right now.

Your role is to see your way through to a new reality. To be a thresholder, leading by example in living a different kind of life. Evolution is seeking a new pathway so the Universe can continue to expand and experience. Look forward to the creation flow, rather than trying to find safety on the old pathway.


Renewal and Resurrection

On 1st January, the Sun and Earth shift into Root Centre gates that hold the energy of struggle. There shadow energy speaks to us like this:  Everywhere I turn I find opposition and obstruction! I must go it alone if I am to survive! There is no help to be had! I am all alone! And so on.

Expect a few days of survival energy, but keep in mind the wonderful possibilities here. Kaali (in 19.3) is stripping away our small fears and getting us ready for renewal. She is in a channel with both Damocles (lusting after power then not knowing what to do with it when we get it) and Nemesis (the one thing we are here to learn in this life) in the Gate of Revolution.

You are on the cusp of learning that to create change you MUST have the courage to let go. Stop limping along the wrong road, and find your own pathway, even if you have to set out alone. The Full Moon on 2nd January tells us there is no way through these difficulties, and yet, there is. You find it by attuning to your own natural affinities, perhaps taking a complete change in direction.

(you can access the interactive chart here if you are a MyDivine.Design member)

For women in particular, there could be a fierce anger at having tolerated too much for too long. Lilith (not being able to fit in without losing your essence, in Gate 35) meets Chiron (what’s neglected, in Gate 36). Suddenly, all the compromises of your transactional / tribal life fall away and it’s as if you are fresh and new in your outlook. Not just renewal, but resurrection!

On 9th January, something extraordinary happens. I’ll show you first on the video.


(NB: this video is bugging out in Chrome but should play in other browsers)

This month’s Full Moon on 2nd January is part of the events leading up to 9th January.

The Sun, Venus and Pluto will all be in Gate 54 line 5. This releases a tremendous burst of power for the more subtle, ‘feminine’ ways of creating. It opens a doorway to a new way of living for all of humanity, and beyond.

Pluto is the doorway to your galactic self. The Quantum Realm is not a reality in itself but a membrane we are passing through on our way to a new version of being human. ALL the Quantum Strategies of creation are what we would consider feminine qualities. Once we grasp these strategies and begin to apply them to our lives, we move through that membrane and into a new world that is, from here, unimaginable.

The asteroid Bienor is key here. In a channel with Mars, he indicates unexpected breakthroughs that might look like chaos, things falling apart. Watch for the deeper underlying order. Take things slowly, connecting with the root causes rather than the symptoms. Pay attention to your own desires, and your own limits. Make yourself at home regardless of circumstance.

There is no need to guide this to a successful conclusion. You only need to allow the whole creative flow to come through, where it will create space for the best outcomes to grow. We are learning to feel that flow, and beginning to understand that our real creative task in life is to channel it in our own unique way. We are learning new skills for creating the extraordinary.




Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.