Uranus, Haumea and the Quantum Ring-Pass-Not

A few years back I saw two men shovelling sand on a beach, trying to protect their homes from the ever-rising incoming tide. It seemed a good metaphor for the insanity of white people, believing we have conquered nature.

But nature has her own ideas.

Australian Indigenous people have lived for as long as 100,000 years in continuous sustainable relationship with country. It’s the oldest continuous living culture on earth, with a spirituality based on custodianship. But these days, things are moving more quickly. Humanity is coming to a tipping point, has probably already passed the tipping point.

What comes next is a new kind of custodianship built on the beautiful bedrock of indigenous culture, receptive to the spiritual wisdoms of the ages, blending in the individualism and technological advances of the modern west.

Together, we get to create and build it.

Channel of Custodianship

On 28th November 2020 Uranus will move into the Gate of Nourishment, the Channel of Preservation and Custodianship.

This is a tribal channel. Uranus is going to smash it. Break it up for parts. Remake it into something more dynamic and inclusive. You are invited to the party. The old ideas of dominion-over are giving way to partnership-with. But with a twist.

Uranus first went into this gate in April 2019. In May 2020 Uranus moved on, joining Pluto in the Channel of Awareness . But now it’s back in the Gate of Nourishment till May 2021.

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This time around, Uranus is joined by the powerfully regenerative dwarf planet Haumea.

Haumea in the Gate of The Cauldron (50)

Dwarf planet Haumea was discovered in 2004. She is all about creating new regenerative structures for the future of human life on earth.

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No more Armageddon stories please

Uranus pierces the inertia of old outworn social structures, revealing the next level of possibility. Neptune reveals our delusions, what kept us safe and comfortable in the old order. Pluto strips those delusions from us, leaving us exposed and vulnerable.

Until 2004 that was the end of our story. Pluto was, as far as we knew, the outlying edge of our solar system and hence our conscious awareness. We came to the end of our possibilities and then we died.

But then came a whole raft of new planets bringing an unprecedented expansion in human consciousness. A new access to universal creative energy.

We no longer need to fear the old stories of Armageddon, because beyond Pluto, the Lord of Death, we have discovered a new life.

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Uranus breaks down society as we know it, Neptune reveals our all our collective madness, and Pluto pushes us out of our comfortable ways of being and into the unknown. We can look to Haumea to show us the way forward.

Uranus and Haumea in the Channel of Custodianship will bring a rush of new technology – social, environmental, financial, health, agricultural, energy, spiritual – to support humanity in creating a new kind of society.

It might not quite feel that way today. Its as if we dressed for a party and arrived at a disaster! You might be wondering how is it possible to do enough to make a real change? How can one person, or even a group of people, make any difference to the apparent headlong rush of humanity towards extinction, taking our planet and all her beauty and diversity with her.

We have to pass through the Quantum Ring-Pass-Not.

Quantum Ring-Pass-Not

The idea of a ring-pass-not was made popular by the theosophist Madame Blavatsky. We cannot pass to the next level of consciousness until we complete this level. It’s just like a video game. You have to collect the golden key to unlock the portal.

The golden key is what I call the Quantum Ring-Pass-Not – there are two specific keys we must ‘collect’ before we can go through the portal.

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The first quantum key

We have to begin to live in accordance with the quantum reality. We might already realise intellectually that everything is connected, that we are all entangled in this participatory universe and uncertainty opens up new possibilities for creation when we trust and explore. But living it, that’s where we are right now – learning what it means to live that way.

The quantum reality is not our destination, simply a learning space for the next level of universal human consciousness. When we grasp the quantum reality we will realise what is beyond it.

The second quantum key

The second golden key in the Quantum Ring-Pass-Not is morality.

Charles Darwin was clear about this – human evolution is a moral journey. We came to the end of our physical evolution about 50,000 years ago (here). Since then we have relied on language, culture and multiculturalism to continue our evolution.

In Darwin’s book about human evolution, The Descent of Man, he discusses the idea of survival of the fittest twice. He talks about love 95 times, about moral sensitivity 92 times.

The Channel of Custodianship is the home of our communal value systems and they are about to get an upgrade. We cannot go to the next level of co-creative mastery if we are still wired to do harm. This is the current stage of our evolutionary journey.

Taken together, these two keys strip away the old outworn ideas the patriarchy has used to enslave humanity. We are not here to endure life, but to enjoy it, to dance in the abundant wonder of it. The benefits of the military-industrial complex, of prime amazon membership. of inedible food-like substances and cheap disposable everything will come to seem ridiculous – how did we ever crave those things? Food, sex and all forms of enjoyable experiences will break free from their constraints.

Uranus and Haumea

Haumea is about to teach us the power of living in the quantum realm, where we are no longer individual objects, but flowing process in communication with universal intelligence and earthly delight.

Haumea opens us to new levels of conscious connection. Uranus is our higher mind. Together they give birth to emergent peer-to-peer networks, where everything is our peer. This is, after all, a participatory universe.

It’s about the emergent technologies, and new ways we can interact with them to create even more life – the subterranean life of mushrooms, the emerging science of spontaneous order, the flow of synchronicity, the fourth phase of water, regenerative ‘green swan’ economics, and more. There is so much vital regenerative technology about to burst upon us.

Our struggles with peak oil and authoritarianism will seem quaint in a few years time.

Photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash

A new kind of custodianship

Ra Uru Hu called this channel – Preservation: a design of Custodianship. I prefer Custodianship.

Preservation is only one side of the story. We should preserve everything that is of value going forward, but if all we do is preserve we end up drowning in what is no longer viable. Which is exactly where we find ourselves. Old technologies flood our world with unnecessary waste, breaking down the gentle threads that hold it in harmonious balance.

Custodianship differs greatly to the Old Testament’s gift of dominion. Custodianship is actively engaging with, and using our conscious awareness to explore, life at the next level of possibility.

There are two gates in this channel – Nourishment (Sacral) and The Cauldron (Spleen).

The Gate of Nourishment (gate 27) is what we hunger for, and how that hunger motivates us. It’s all the processes and structures that maintain and sustain nourishment. It’s what we take into ourselves and what goes into circulation as we digest it and give it out again. It’s about creating a harmonious balanced cycle of mutual nourishment. Yet this growth will eventually outgrow the framework that sustained it. (paraphrasing Hilary Barrett’s I Ching)

Rachel Carson, author of the book Silent Spring which first broke the idea that chemicals were entering our ecosystem and poisoning it, has her Venus in Gate 27.

The Gate of The Cauldron (gate 50) is the vessel for transformation, the alchemy and ingredients for creating the stable and robust foundations of a new life. This is the home of our shared moral codes, the values we consider ‘normal’.

Leonardo di Caprio, who set up a foundation dedicated to the protection and wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants, has his Mercury in Gate 50. Notice it’s about protecting and ‘preserving’ wildlife!

This is a tribal channel, but it is about to get a cultural makeover. Tribal beliefs, practices and laws crumble before the transformative power of Uranus. Expressed through the genius of humanity connecting with and applying its higher mind, the flashes of Uranus allow us to see through to the other side. There is no going back once we have seen the truth, that the old structures are done. The new seed, previously hidden in the shadow of the old form, is now free to grow.

Our very sense of tribal is shifting. It’s clear that, before the notions of control and ownership of patriarchal religion and economy overtook humanity, we lived in sharing and caring communities. The civilising influence of colonialisation and imperialism was simply a ruse for grand theft global. Uranus is about to change all of that.

Uranus has no use for those who will not transform. For those who will, there is no suffering or death, but a metamorphosis, a whole new adventure. This is the underlying excitement you’ve been feeling as you covid-cocoon.

Chiron, Makemake and Rewilding

At the same time as this is happening, Chiron (healing) is sitting in Gate 17, opposite dwarf planet Makemake, which is about sustainability and the rewilding of life, in Gate 18, also in the Spleen Centre (wellbeing). This brings an added energy around correcting humanity (gate 18) repairing our relationship with overall wellbeing (Spleen) through reconnecting with flow and synchronicity (gate 17).

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Your Health

On a personal level, 28 November 2020 to 2 March 2021 is a profound period for your own health and wellbeing. Chiron and Makemake are rewiring your DNA through the Gate of Correction (18), and Uranus/Haumea are blowing up your old values and beliefs about what nourishes you.

You will find yourself spontaneously exploring your own unique needs for what nourishes you, and how to create a personal ecosystem that supports your wellbeing. Old ideas about food pyramids and exercise requirements will fall away as you tap into your own instincts. You are likely to discover alternative therapies and health benefits to support you through the shifts.

Important Dates

  • Haumea will be in the Gate of The Cauldron (gate 50) from October 2019 till October 2025.
  • 28 November 2020 – Uranus goes into Gate of Nourishment (gate 27).
  • 11 January 2021 – Mars joins Uranus in Gate 27
  • 2 March 2021 – Uranus shifts out of Gate 27 and moves into Gate 24 with Pluto in Gate 61 (but Pluto shifts to Gate 60 soon after, on 16 March 2021)

The most active time for the Uranus Haumea connection is the period when Mars joins them – 11 to 23 January 2021. Anytime Mars and Uranus get together we can expect fireworks and there is likely to be some pushback, but also tremendous progress.

What’s Your Role?

I see about 4 people each week for personal sessions. The main topic right now is – I feel this sense of something stirring but can’t see how it fits with the big picture, or even if it does!

If you’re wondering about your role in building this new world – and yes you do have a very specific role to play – you can book a personal session with me to explore what’s coming up for you.

I'm Kim Gould, founder of Love Your Design. I have been innovating and taking Human Design to the next level since 2003.

Beyond Type and Strategy, beyond the keywords and rigid rules, there are Asteroids, Dwarf Planets, Multidimensional Human Design and Holographic Human Design to explore. Come join me!

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13 thoughts on “Uranus, Haumea and the Quantum Ring-Pass-Not

  1. i already sent you a request for a session, even before i read the post. 🙂 and exactly the same reason.

    i have already initiated something, that has only 2 tenets. and they are a form of what you said in your post: quantum reality, and love/community values.



    1. I have been following your work for about 9 months. This particular blog seems timely, as I self initiate (as I have many times previously). I believe it is time for me to consider a session with you as well. I will be curious to see what we discover.


  2. Hi Kim,

    Just finished holding a class where we were exploring the physiological pathways this is going to move through. And now reading this post. Sync!

    Our session is panning right out, the last tribal threads dissolved the moment we finished that.

    Glad to have your voice with us through this. Thank you! x

    1. Its such an exciting time Lindsay, and your work brings out a deep rooted wisdom. We need the return of that higher body intelligence now, its imaginative and creative capacity. Right in your sweet spot 😍🤩

  3. Hi Kim,

    I was drawn to your blog to see if any new post was there before it arrived in my email, and hurray, this beautiful message was sitting there just in time for a very early morning read. I just realized that one of my roles at the moment is to share your messages with my group that meets on the new and full moons. I share information re: the astrology/human design energies of the lunation cycle and suggest a protocol for a shamanic journey based on those energies. Tomorrow I will do my best to express the activation of the Channel of Custodianship with Uranus and Haumea. I was also surprised and amazed to read what you shared about Darwin’s mentions of survival of the fittest versus Love and morality. It reminded me of Tielhard de Chardin who said the way we will find solutions to our environmental problems is through consciousness raising. I wrote a paper about Chardin for an Ecology class in college and my patriarchal professor called me into his office because he thought I was trying to put something over on him. In the end I convinced hm I was sincere but he just didn’t get it. Thank you so much for lifting my spirits and reminding me that even when things still feel oppressive, there is evolutionary shifting taking place. Your clear sighted interpretations of the energies are a beacon for optimism and positive action on behalf of the whole collective.

  4. Margery I find the lunation cycle in HD so interesting, because we don’t have that circular structure. We do have transits like this one, that don’t show up in astrology. I was showing an astrologer how Uranus in 24 was making a channel with Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in 61 and it blew her mind. It just wasn’t a thing in astrology and yet it was world-changing. I’m glad you sailed beyond your professor!!! Those ‘stats’ come from David Loye, his book Darwins Lost Theory. Say hi to your group!

  5. I would add to the list of new technologies the brilliant ground braking work of Kate Raworth with her Doughnut Economics. This book is possibly the most important I have ever read. Laying bare the falsehood of 20th century economic thinking and how it has lead us to the point of destruction, while eloquently proposing a new model – one based on moral values and what it takes for humans (and our life giving planet) to thrive. I thoroughly recommend her book. It is eye opening, inspirational, witty and intelligent. Kate’s truly sustainable economics for the 21st century could be the springboard we need to fix our worlds broken growth based thinking. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doughnut_(economic_model)

    1. Linda just popping in to say thank you for this comment, and I totally agree about the Donut Economics (Doughnut, is she American or English?). Amazing work and it will begin to take off over the next few years I’m absolutely sure of that.

  6. Your posts are so helpful, insightful and informative, Kim. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I have been feeling this transition for a couple years now. It’s been very interesting for me in how it’s manifested. And even more interesting is that you used the language: “Expressed through the genius of humanity connecting with and applying its higher mind, the flashes of Uranus allow us to see through to the other side. There is no going back once we have seen the truth, that the old structures are done. ”
    I’ve been having flashes of what I call seeing through the Illusion (based on Ainslie MacLeod’s works). It feels like I can suddenly and clearly see through the matrix of these old constructs that have become so outdated they feel ridiculous. And once I started seeing through that veil my entire perspective was able to more fully shift (and continues to do so.)
    So fascinating. Thank you, again.

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