Uranus in Gate 2 – the Receptive

Uranus, harbinger of the French and American revolutions, has begun its journey through the gate of patience and receptivity. I suspect it won’t be an easy time for him there! To add to the sense of discombobulation, traditional Saturn will spend most of the next year in the Gate of Revolution. 

This is a time of great unfamiliarity. We don’t recognise ourselves, our cultures, our world. We are in a period of meta-evolution

Uranus in Gate 2 – The Receptive.

This is an era of individual mutation. Uranus is a transpersonal energy that sits deep within our psyche, waiting to burst out and create sudden powerful change. He is a thunderbolt, smashing our comfortable reality and waking us up to new possibilities. He brings a desire for rebellion, novelty, the unconventional. Rules we once accepted easily begin to feel like an affront to our individuality. 

We’ve seen the bursting forth of the sovereign movement since the Saturn-Uranus squares of 2021. The rebalancing of the relationship between Uranus (freedom) and Saturn (traditional structure) is still underway. But this is not a simple adjustment to our existing society. We are in a deeper and more profound process than we can possibly imagine. 

We live in a participatory universe, but our participation has been captured and put to the use of the mega-wealthy. We have, in a sense, lost our living. The old methods of revolution won’t work anymore. We can’t storm the Bastille or throw tea into Boston Harbour. Well, we could, but it won’t be enough this time around. This shift is global, melding into galactic. 

Uranus brings great change to how we think and what we can imagine. He is our conduit to higher mind and its creations. When we act in alignment with our Uranus energy, we join our personal consciousness with greater cosmic forces. We begin to truly participate in creation again. 

Gate 2 is part of the Knowing or Individual Circuitry, which empowers us to live as our unique selves. The Individual Circuitry blends intuitive knowing with emotional awareness. Its end game is the kind of wisdom that comes from lived experience. The KNOWING of the Knowing Circuit is not a life-long accumulation of facts, but a hard-earned knowing of how to live as yourself. 

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Uranus will be in Gate 2 from April 2022 till May 2023 (these dates are approximate, exact dates are at the bottom of the post).

Earth and Heaven

Gate 2 is Earth. It is supreme yin, the quantum field, pure potential. Uranus was the Sky God, but his most important relationship was with Gaia, his mother and lover. Gaia is Earth, the original divinity, and creator of all natural law. 

The primary qualities of Earth are patience, perseverance and generosity. She has no fixed agenda, no predetermined outcomes. She set the field aeons ago, and now she watches as we play within it. It’s tempting to think of her as passive and inert, but this is just the extreme yang perspective. Her true nature is to take the untested naivety of yang, with its questing linear focus, and bring it into context of time and place. Straight lines become complex patterns – snowflakes, beehives, ocean waves.

What can we learn from Uranus in Gate 2?

Without the awakening thunder, Earth is inert. No one draws on her generous gifts, her field lies dormant. 

When heaven’s thunderbolt hits the earth it awakens life. The new seeds stir. But this can’t be rushed. Yin works gradually, imperceptibly, building true wisdom through experience over time. In this way new patterns become deeply established, the stable ground on which everything stands. 

This is a time when the earth quakes, because thunder strikes again and again. Life will be like this until 2025. Between now and 2025, Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune will all pass through the Channel of Initiation (initiating new conditions). Pluto will spend this time in the Channel of Mutation, literally transforming the field, evolving the very rules of evolution. Saturn in the Aquarian gates revolutionises your beliefs and behaviours around what you take responsibility for. 

Uranus in Gate 2 reminds us that nothing is permanent. Life is change, a dynamical system, it is process rather than object. Uranus is an idealist, but nothing ever happens if we get stuck in abstract notions. It’s not just Saturn who’s the stick-in-the-mud! Gaia gives context that allows the ideal to settle into useable form. 

Gate 2 is the dark womb, deep transformation, letting go of what no longer serves us. Our focus on linear growth and the cultural illusion of an objective world has made these experiences difficult, but they don’t need to be. In a truly creative and participatory process, life and death are inherently complementary. The Earth is where the dead go to be reborn. The Earth is where the abstract idealism of Uranus will meet with reality and temper into the wisdom of galactic mind. 

The Individual Circuitry

The one skill this time asks us to learn is the ability to be present, and to respond authentically, coherently. We may find ourselves in unpleasant circumstances. Accept them, let them be what they are. Don’t try to change them. Be patient. Don’t collapse into disappointment or woe. Don’t rush to find solutions. 

Uranus is an idealist, and he has a vision, a connection to galactic mind. But if you bewail your circumstances rather than modestly entering into the moment, you won’t gain the wisdom on offer. Make use of your time in situations where you would usually try to escape. Nurture the small shoots of the new as you notice them. Let what is no longer needed fall away. 

There is a great difference between knowing and understanding. We are so accustomed to acting on our knowing and never understanding. Knowing becomes understanding when we connect to the field, and find our place within the greater cosmic creation. 

The strategy for the Individual Circuitry is to wait for the mutation to spontaneously arise, to wait for the pulse of knowing to inform your actions. Waiting is not passive, but an active engagement in understanding the significance of each moment of your precious and sacred life.  And then, everything changes.

Magnetic Monopole

At the heart of duality sits the Magnetic Monopole, guiding the relationship between the poles. Gate 2 is the form principle and the home of the Magnetic Monopole. As we learn to consciously accept the guidance of the yin pole, our yang energy aligns with our true life geometry. Our soul meets our physical body and understands that it can make a home there for a while. 

We cannot take the next step, from global to galactic consciousness, until we have completed this one. The true transformation comes from the synthesis of unconditional love with Earth-based density. 

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Important Dates

There are no major transit events for Uranus in gate 2. It will be most active when the Nodes shift into gate 2 (north node) and gate 1 (south node) from 31 July to 27 November 2022. The North Node (our emergent edge) is in gate 2 with Uranus, so it’s definitely about rebalancing the yin polarity!!

On 1 August 2022, Mars, Uranus and North Node will be in gate 2 line 6 with minor planet Albion. Albion catalyses major zeitgeist changes, supporting a kind of emancipation from cultural rules that don’t align with natural law, building new bridges between social groups, particularly using technology. Some significant asteroids join them in gate 14 (making good use of your skills) Pandora (shame/gifts), Atropos (endings) and Proserpina (transformation).

Here are the main dates:

18 June 2021 – Uranus shifts into gate 2

25 October 2021 – Uranus shifts back into gate 24

8 April 2022 – Uranus shifts into gate 2

14 August 2022 – Uranus shifts forward into gate 23

4 September 2022 – Uranus shifts back into gate 2

9 May 2023 – Uranus shifts into gate 23 and doesn’t return again to gate 2. 

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12 thoughts on “Uranus in Gate 2 – the Receptive

  1. Wow Kim!! Your writing, your knowledge gets more and more fine tuned every time I read your blogs. They are so potent they touch me to my bones—my cells; they resonate with my entire being… Years ago I had a human design reading and afterwards I came up with a term for my existence which was “active receptivity”… I feel like I’ve been “waiting “all my life and your writings help me to understand what it is I am doing (or not doing) and why it is I am feeling this way. Thank You 😊

    1. Hi Lucy! It truly touches my heart when I receive compliments like these! I am delighted to know how my emails affect you. Thank you so much!
      Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if there’s anything we can help you with and we’re here to help. Enjoy the rest of the day Lucy 🙂

  2. Your mail is always a gift. The way in which human design is transmitted is both sharp and delicate. A pleasure and a discovery each time. Thank you

    1. Hi Silvia! Thank you so much for your sweet compliments.
      I am glad that you liked my email. You may also get in touch with us if you have any questions or if there’s anything we can do for you and we’ll be delighted to help.

  3. It’s incredibly, indescribably helpful to have insights like these. I have been saying to everyone “Someone has wished me “an interesting life” – I want to find them and smack them!” At least with these insights and forewarning I can find a little more peace of mind that it’s nothing personal, there’s nothing wrong with me (my undefined Ego speaking there!!!), and in some way, everyone will be experiencing this in one way or another, so don’t fall into any black holes.

    Thank you so much – amazing support in these tricky times!

    1. Hi Sheri. I am glad to know how my emails help people.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know.
      With all your support, I’ll surely do more to help and inspire everyone.
      Stay safe and have an awesome rest of the week. 🙂

  4. Looking forward to your next post!

    Excellent take on the situation as all of this resonated deeply with me.

      1. Hi Kim, even though it’s been over a year since you posted this, it is so relevant to my comments and the group conversation today.

        This statement you made: “Make use of your time in situations where you would usually try to escape. Nurture the small shoots of the new as you notice them. Let what is no longer needed fall away.”

        This is what I meant by I had to/have to be ruthless to face into my fears and insight as they arise instead of running away. Of course this is done with compassion and in consideration for where we are on our path. For me, I’m in a place of embracing surrender and learning to trust the Divine Mother more deeply, which gives me the courage and power to actually develop this kind of emotional resilience. Love this post, particularly relates to my 2.6 Purpose in Design Earth. 🙏🏼💞

        1. Valencia, I’m so glad this is relevant to you now. I’m constantly amazed at how the Universe can provide us what we need at the exact time we need it, regardless of when it was created. All love.

  5. Hola Kim,aunque leo tus escritos traducidos por Google,lo que probablemente haya alguna mala interpretación…,aún así me llegan y resuenan como aire fresco que purifica y renueva.Cuando leía a Urano en puerta 2,creía había estaba leyendo sobre el eclipse del 8 de noviembre en que hay una cuadratura (creo se dice así)de Urano,de la Tierra,La Luna y Urano en puerta 2 y otras más…Me resulta extraño que no hayas señalado esta fecha en este escrito o que no hayas hecho un escrito para este importante eclipse que señalan muchos astrólogos.Gracias espero puedas y tengas ganas de traducir este escrito.

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