Uranus in the Gate of Blessings

Well halleluja! Uranus is about to move from the Gate of Shock to the Gate of Blessings. I’m sure many of you will be singing and dancing in celebration. It’s not that we haven’t benefited from Uranus’ time in Gate 51, but the ongoing shocks have been stressful and we can probably take some time now to reset our adrenals. Or can we? Because although Uranus will be shifting into the delightful sounding Gate of Blessings on 16th April 2016, Pluto is lurking beneath! And Pluto must always be taken seriously. He’s just that kind of guy.


This is the planet of freedom, novelty and the unexpected. The immature Uranus is a rebel. He knows what he doesn’t like but hasn’t really considered what he would replace it with. Because complaining is much easier than stepping up and claiming his unique genius, with all the responsibility and hard work that entails. At his best, Uranus is a profoundly innovative force for change, advancing in unexpected leaps.  Uranus symbolizes the urge for freedom from the existing paradigm, not just a better working version of the paradigm.

What does he look like on the ground? Well on the days your Uranus is activated you might really really want to quit your job. Or leave your marriage. You might suddenly have an amazing new idea that can change your life. That’s how Uranus rolls in your life.

The Gate of Blessings 

This is Gate 42 in the Sacral Centre, just if you were wondering. It sounds pretty positive, and it is. Whereas the best you’ll get from the Gate of Shock is a kind of transcendent appreciation for the benefits of everything that happens in your life and a profound ability to roll with the punches, this new Uranus activation has the capacity to bring incredible opportunities.

As an outer, transpersonal planet, Uranus tends to influence our lives through external events that impact on us, rather than as trigger from within. You might say, surely not everyone in the whole world is going to get these great opportunities, that just doesn’t make sense. But yes, that is what I’m saying. The gift of this gate is to see the opportunities and act on them. And the opportunities will be there for all.

The symbolism for Gate 42 is a pot filled to overflowing. Hillary Barrett refers to it as superabundance. The key to working with this energy of superabundance is to BE the cup, RECEIVE the flow. The trick is in HOW to be and do those things. The I Ching gives us some vital clues.

Hidden in the shadows of this gate is a grasping fear that wants to hold on to what we have and buttress ourselves against change. We don’t want anything to complete because we feel ever so slightly terrified that nothing will come along to replace it. This Gate is half of the format channel for cyclical energy, which simply means it’s where the cycles of your life come to be born and die. Beginnings and endings. As I write this, in early April 2016, you are probably already noticing how much is ending. People are suddenly ending relationships, moving house, shifting jobs. There is a pressure to finalise things that may have been sitting incomplete in your life for a long time. They may be large or small, but they are all important. We are tidying up and getting ready for the new.

As we begin to feel the first stirrings of a new beginning, it’s important not to grasp, build expectations or hold fast to a plan or direction. Uranus brings feelings of excitement but we must move gently and gradually, even amidst sudden change. One of those great Gate of Shock benefits was, if you remember, that we can be present to shifts in each moment and move with them. We will need that skill of presence and flexibility to navigate the next few years.

Here is what Hilary Barrett has to say about this Gate:

Increase simply flows, without limit. There is no need for restrictive frameworks to contain it, but only for tools to work with it. When you are blessed it is good to respond with purpose and movement. Participating in the increase, pouring more in, you receive more in return. Let yourself imagine where you want to be, and take the first steps that commit you to going there. This is how you keep momentum. 

You need a willingness to receive more and become richer. Each phase leads into the other, moving in a cycle. 

Because Neptune is heading to the Channel of Doubt (not my favourite name for that channel but it will do for our purposes), you might be feeling unclear. That’s fine, it’s just your mind trying to grasp the unfathomable. We’re not working with our mind here, but with the intelligence of our body.  And this is where Pluto comes in.


There is a relationship between Uranus in Gate 42 and Pluto in Gate 54, although it’s not apparent at first glance. I’ll take you through it step by step. Gate 54 is astrologically opposite, or the programming partner of Gate 53. Gate 53 is the other part of the channel with Gate 42. You can see from the diagram below, that the only thing that sits between Uranus in 42 and Pluto in 54 is that Gate 53. Anything in Gate 53 affects 54 and vice versa. So even if there is no planet in 53, Pluto is still impacting on that gate, and therefore on Uranus.

What is Pluto adding to the mix? Firstly, you can read more about Pluto in Gate 54 here. Here is a summary:

…we are moving beyond struggling to survive and into a time of manifestation as a pleasurable experience.  This means we have to move out of all our conceptions of linear time and into a more liminal space where physical density is only one aspect of our reality and creation means more than making widgets on a production line.  It’s time for the human race, or at least a certain critical mass, to begin creating at higher levels of intention and love. 

You can see how Uranus in the Gate of Blessings will support Pluto’s mission by bringing opportunities for novel and innovative shifts that are paradigm busting.

They are aided and abetted by two powerful dwarf planets. Eris is in Gate 42 with Uranus and Haumea is in Gate 32, making a channel with Pluto. These planets have large orbits and move slowly through the gates. They will not be moving for years so they will be present for the entire Uranus / Pluto  hook up.

Eris will be working with Uranus to draw out parts of ourselves that we have been ignoring, or people who we haven’t been able to recognise as being of value to us. (Not to complicate things too much but Chiron in the Gate of Wounded Brightness (36) is also a big player in this process). Eris can represent the times we go it alone rather than work together with others, she shows how we can tend to isolate and see ourselves as different, the outsider. But Eris is only protecting her true self, at heart she is the very best of team players. She teaches us how to hold a clear sense of positive possibilities, how to make a choice for centropy rather than entropy in all our connections with others – to move from destruction to creation.

We are being called to let go of our sense of scarcity, particularly in terms of people. The most common issue I deal with in coaching is not a lack of money, but people who have an unconscious belief that there are not enough of the right people in the world for them to make a success of their business. Eris and Uranus are about to bring that belief to the light and shift it.

Haumea is like a daisy chain of life. She is the part of us that is continually birthing ourselves into more sacred form, our purity and divinity increasing. With Haumea we develop a strong foundation by allowing life to nourish and support us. This is consistent simplicity that allows us to find the good in everything and open to it’s nourishment.

Can you see the theme repeating? Uranus – opening to blessings. Pluto – creating at higher levels of intention and love. Eris – holding a clear sense of positive possibilities as we discover new people and situations we can connect with. Haumea – giving birth continually by opening to the inexhaustible nourishment of life.

Embodied Meaning 

As I write this post I am putting together the curriculum for the Emergent HD Coach Training Program. One of the most exciting things I am including is the idea and supporting processes for finding embodied meaning. There’s a whole lot of research and scholarship behind this idea, but basically it is simply this:

Our bodily experience and the way we think are central to how we construct meaning and make sense of experiences.  The idea that what we think about is outside of us is so widely accepted as to be unquestioned. We think a tree is a tree, but it depends who’s doing the thinking about the tree. A tree surgeon, a logger and a radical environmentalist will think ‘tree’ and come to very different places within themselves. As will a child looking for a higher vantage point, a mother setting up a shady picnic in a park and a photographer waiting for the light to shine through the forest in just the right way. A tree is never just a tree.

Why is this important right now?

I believe this is the most profound part of this transit event. So stay with me here. Uranus has this strange quality (shared with Eris) that he is an individualist. He knows he has this genius inside him and his greatest fear is that it will get lost in the collective. But, oh poor Uranus how to deal with this inner conflict!, he also thrives in groups. His biggest and deepest desire is to find his people and be recognised for his genius, to be a part of but not consumed by.

Between now and 2018, Uranus and Pluto are working in partnership with Eris and Haumea to bring us to a place of embodied meaning. We will gradually learn to let go of externally imposed reality. We will learn the conscious skill of reading our bodies to find our unique and personal meaning of life. We will, though this experience, be able to find and quickly heal buried somatic trauma that is still impacting on our physical systems. We will stop thinking a tree is a tree and begin to experience what trees mean to us, and we will have that experience not just in our minds or our emotions, but as a coherent felt sense that combines all aspects of our being.

This is not just you having a better time of things. This is the counter-balance to the breakdown of externally imposed cultural meaning and rules. So, yes, it’s big. And it’s the future arriving on your door.  Uranus is bringing your genius, and he is doing it via your felt sense that you will access via your physical body. You are probably already feeling the purifying effects of Haumea, wanting to eat better, lose weight, move more.

And there is one more part of this, which is likely to start the ball rolling.

Inequality of Wealth 

I expect we’ll find the outer manifestation of this transit first coming through via issues relating to inequality of wealth and lack of transparency in the global financial scene. We’ve already seen the Panama Papers just this week (April 2016), the largest ever leak of commercial documents. Some people are all ho hum! about the Panama Papers, but their timing tells me they are very significant.

If you haven’t been watching the news, and don’t know what the Panama papers are, let me fill you in.

It is the biggest corporate leak in history – over 11 million documents and 2.6 terrabytes of data, the ‘papers’ provide detailed information about more than 214,00 offshore companies, and shine a light on the inner workings of the wealth of the rich and influential, including 12 current and former world leaders.  The  Prime Minister of Iceland has resigned. UK PM, David Cameron, is under fire to be more transparent about any potential benefit he will receive from offshore (and tax free) family trusts. The Panama Papers are a wedge in the movement towards more transparency in the global financial system.


Where is money being hidden? How is tax being avoided as schools and hospital’s close and ‘ordinary’ people work 2 jobs just to stay afloat. In fact, where is all the world’s money going? This is the world of dark money, revealed to the light of day. 
Like all powerful shifts, this move towards transparency is not being orchestrated by any one person or group, but is arising naturally, supported by shifts in the way we communicate. I’m talking about the internet. And how it leaves no where to hide, no matter how wealthy you are. And I’m also talking about the growing power of grassroots movements that the internet facilitates.

Although this leak happened as the Sun activated minor planet Chaos in the Money Gate last week, it’s deeper driver is Uranus.

This gate very specifically deals with inequality of wealth –  we must decrease what is above so as to increase what is below. This “fills people with a sense of joy and gratitude that is extremely valuable for the flowering of the commonwealth. Undertakings are possible, and even difficult and dangerous enterprises will succeed.” 

Uranus is bringing us one huge message – stop holding on to your past and take hold of the opportunities coming your way.

Learning to be conscious of our body’s intelligence is one way we can stop holding onto our past, as that is where most of our trauma is stored. Personally and collectively through morphic fields. On a personal level, the hidden wealth is there, in our body systems. Our capacity to open up to them with a capacity for positivity, with an ability to be nurtured rather than punished with pain, this is our own equivalent to the Panama Papers. Here is where our ‘dark abundance’ is hidden.

The issue of inequality is driving issues like ongoing war induced starvation, climate change and a global refugee crisis of unprecedented proportions. As global corporations become the de factor ruling powers, we are all being given an opportunity to awaken to our capacity to really feel our own experience, because that way leads to truth. Not any learned objective external view of truth, but our own subjective internal experience.  Much of this largely underground corporate activity is predicated on the idea of freedom – free markets, freedom of speech, freedom to desecrate and eviscerate. But these so-called individual freedoms are just for the rule-making few. That is not freedom, but privilege.

And here, Uranus is at his most exalted. As we disconnect from giving up our power to the groupthink, to inherited collective ideas of how we can become ‘special’ we can find our own pathway to uniqueness and the dark abundance will begin to break down. Until it does, we are trapped in poverty while our ‘common wealth’ is drained from our bodies, our homes, our very souls.

It is imperative between now and 2018 that we begin to tune into and trust our own personal awareness. In particular, in December 2016 Jupiter will shift into Gate 32, joining Haumea and Pluto and bringing amazing positive change to our experience of being in our bodies. Here are the rest of the dates for Uranus in the Gate of Blessings.

16th April 2016 – Uranus in Gate 42

13th June 2016 – Ceres in Gate 42 until 2nd July

1st July 2016 – Sun and Venus in Gate 53

7th July 2016 – Mercury in Gate 53

29th July 2016 – Uranus goes retrograde

29th October 2016, Ceres retrogrades back into Gate 42

9th December 2016 – Uranus retrogrades back into Gate 51

29 December 2016 – Uranus goes direct

20th January 2017 – Uranus returns to Gate 42 (Jupiter in 32 and Pluto in 54)

20th May 2017 – Uranus shifts into Gate 3

5th August 2017 p- Uranus goes retrograde

24th October 2017 – Uranus retrogrades back into Gate 42

7th March 2018 – Pluto shifts to Gate 61

11 March 2018 – Uranus shifts into Gate 3

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible wisdom and talent of communication of the now energies of the program. I deeply respect and trust you.

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  3. Oh Kim, this is RICH RICH RICH RICH RICH! Your translation of this into usable information is one of the things I value the most out of the coaching I’ve done with you. Once again, incredible contribution. Thank you!

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