Vesta represents your capacity to be open to your own sacred nature, to see yourself as divine and to connect with the creative force of divinity in everyone you meet. The position of Vesta in your Human Design chart shows how you can keep your ‘inner flame’ alight.

Vesta is a strong indicator for career or calling. She represents an area of life you feel passionately drawn to. Her position in your Human Design is a powerful indicator for what you must do to keep your inner flame shining brightly. She can also show where you may be unconsciously keep alight the flame of others while your own splutters and dies.

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Vesta was the Roman Goddess of the hearth fire. Her Greek counterpart is Hestia. The Greek Hestia’s vestal or hearth fire was earth based and had no sacred function. It signified stability and long term security for the family.

The Roman Vesta marked out the boundaries of the home – this is where we live. According to Cicero, Vesta represented the vital force at the root of the life of the community.


If we go back in time, ever so slightly, we find a different version of Vesta, in the form of the Vestal Virgins. Originally the vestal fire was absolutely sacred. Vesta’s fire was found in her temples, guarded by her priestesses – the Vestales. If the fire was ever extinguished, it was said, Rome would die.

The Vestales had a very high status within Rome, and were freed of the usual social obligations to marry and bear children.

Even earlier, the Vestales were not virgins, and were owned by no man. They were the holders of the sacred sexual rights of union between men and women. They used sacred sexual expression to bring the sexual nature of the goddess into contact with humanity.  “Virgin” births were often used as a way to reinvigorate genetically exhausted royal blood lines.

Vesta is the spark of fertility, the sexual and fertilizing power of the goddess brought to earth. Vesta brings to us the importance of women owning the rights to their own ‘inner flame’ and sexuality.

She also represents the place where we touch the actual BODY of the mother goddess. The role of the Vestal Virgins was to renew the connection between everyday life and the sacred, especially through the physical act of sex. There is a strong ability to transform in the gate where Vesta sits in your design.


Vesta is a minor planet, orbiting in the Main Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. These main belt planets act as intermediaries between the inner planets (our inner self) and the social planets – Jupiter and Saturn. The inner planets are about you as an individual.  

The social planets represent our society, culture, religion, economy.  Vesta reveals your personal role in creating a link between the two. She brings self-control, disciplined effort and is modest, simple, and creative.

Main Asteroid Belt

Vesta tends to show a place where you seek to be of service to something bigger than yourself whilst remaining firmly grounded in your own ‘inner hearth flame’.  It’s shadow aspect can bring a sense of slavery or submission, as if contained within the boundaries of another, or perhaps working to keep someone else’s flame alive.

In it’s true energy, Vesta represents an area of life where you feel passionate, where you naturally transform life to something more sacred.


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